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  1. SwedishSpurs

    Spurs Community Predictor Thread 2019/2020

    HT: Man City-Spurs 2-0 (Sterling) FT: Man City-Spurs 3-1 (Sterling)
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    Will be really interesting to see how he performs against City. I remember how great he was when he played against them at the Etihad with Lyon. Bet their players are quite worried about him.
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    Max Aarons

    Aarons has signed until 2024 though. Sessegnon only had one year left when we signed him. If Aarons has a good season and Norwich doesn’t get relegated, I can see him go for the same amount of money as Wan Bissaka.
  4. SwedishSpurs

    Team v. Villa

    Does anyone know when Aurier is back? Thought he was training with the squad?
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    Spurs Community Predictor Thread 2019/2020

    I’m in! HT: Spurs-Aston Villa 1-0 (Kane) FT: Spurs-Aston Villa 3-1 (Moura)
  6. SwedishSpurs


    If anything I think it’s strange that they sold him this late, even if it was for decent money. Okay, he may not be the best player in the world but at least he would have given Arsenal som decent depth. Now it feels like they really lack that behind Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe.
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    Paulo Dybala

    Were we ever that close to Isco though? We may have been interested but I think we all knew it wasn’t going to happen. In this case we had agreed with both Juventus and Dybala and it looked like it was actually happening. That’s why this really hurts.
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    Paulo Dybala

    Do we like Lyall now?
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 7th August 2019

    I think Bruno would be a great signing. I feel like people wouldn’t be as disappointed if weren’t linked with the likes of Dybala and Coutinho.
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    Player Watch: Ryan Sessegnon

    Yup, that was exactly the case when we announced Clarke and people were just screaming for Ndombele.
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    2019/2020 Predictions

    Premier League winners ? Man City Champions League qualification (2nd-4th)? Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal Europa League qualification (5th-6th)? Man United, Chelsea Relegation places (18th-20th)? Crystal Palace, Brighton, Sheffield United FA Cup winners? Man City League Cup winners? Liverpool...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 31st July 2019

    So sorry for your loss @Mr Pink. Can’t even imagine how tough it must feel right now
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 20th July 2019

    Nope, that’s why I said it’s not ALL about signing new players. Of course you have to strengthen the squad when needed. Should have been clearer with that in my first post. I think my point was just that you can make the team better by improve current players as well, but yes you need to...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 20th July 2019

    Doesn’t that just prove that it’s not all about signing new players, but a lot about improve what you’ve already got?
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    30 is not that old for a centre back, especially someone as good as Toby. He has had injury problems previously but he played quite a lot last season didn’t he?
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    I wonder how keen Toby is to leave this summer himself? Apart from Roma there hasn’t been mant rumours at all. It really baffles me that United are about to splash £70-90m on Maguire (or whatever it is) om Maguire when this guy is available for £25m
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    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    Remember Pau Lopez? He has signed for Roma now. That must be one of the weirdest transfers we’ve done in the last years. Did he even play a game for us?
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    Ricky Sacks clickbaiting? Who would’ve thought?
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    Dani Olmo

    Is this another cryptic?
  20. SwedishSpurs

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 28th June 2019

    Get in! Just donated a tenner to celebrate the signing (y)