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  1. yiddo23

    Korean commentators I need to watch games with Korean commentators, anyone have any clue how?
  2. yiddo23

    CL at WHL one last season destiny?

    This year could really be a darkhorse year for us. With City the only team looking worthy right now, this could be the year for us, if we settle in nicely, to jump into a CL spot. Liverpool are slop, woolwhich transfer policy looks to be catching up to them, Chelsea are nowhere near where they...
  3. yiddo23

    Danny, Danny Rose

    I think he is my favorite player for some reason, a proper yid indeed. We have missed him, really hope poch doesn't make the mistake of not starting him this week. Anybody else share my affinity for danny?
  4. yiddo23

    Tin pot Tottenham

    Lost a customer 2 years running when it comes to kits, not making the away and third kits available in long sleeve? Bogus
  5. yiddo23

    The Beautiful Eriksen

    He's really got this exotic sexy look going on. He sounds really cute when speaking English as well. Hmm let's just rank our players by attractiveness, this doesn't have to mean looks, just overall. Like Hugo has this "most interesting man in the world vibe" going on that is pretty attractive...
  6. yiddo23

    As we embark on this journey

    We all need to remember "If you don't win anything, you have had a bad season." "Spurs have got to be the best in the land, not the second best." "It's no use just winning, we've got to win well." "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our...
  7. yiddo23

    do you even realize....

    The season starts in 4 weeks Shits intense
  8. yiddo23

    the bentaleb number poll donation challenge thread

    All losers donate £5
  9. yiddo23

    purchasing one Hotspur membership problem

    Anyone else have problems? Get all the way to page where type in bank password to confirm purchase then it just takes me back to review order page
  10. yiddo23

    I'm leaving it to you lot, please don't fook me, or do..I'm your huckleberry

    Going to hop the pond for first Spurs match(es). Help me decide eh? Will be getting bronze membership. COYS
  11. yiddo23

    last season at WHL?

    Is this the theoretical last season before tear down? Am making the trip there for first time, will tickets be harder to come by if it is last year?
  12. yiddo23

    I think I figured out why milner us so underrated

    He's the token white guy Think him and nabil could be a true double pivot? He's so consistent its stupid
  13. yiddo23

    we still have something to play for, believe it or not

    As we are almost certain to be in the Europa league, it is in our best interest to finish 5th, thus avoiding earlier qualification play
  14. yiddo23

    I'm tired of Jose saying they've been top since day one

    Blatent lie There has been another team sitting top of the league this year... Tottenham Hotspur Top of the league from weeks 2-3 with a plus (count em) 5 goal difference! After only two weeks, smashing fools
  15. yiddo23

    we are gonna win the league

    Not quite, but if Sherwood does the dirty today and we somehow don't muck up...we can go 1 point off 4th with three games left if we beat city.......we can doooo it
  16. yiddo23

    let's go you west london scum

    Bet my man u buddy 50 for Chelsea to sick of seeing him happy as a result of united somehow winning all the sudden...last few years have been great but that is quickly fading...I'm gonna feel so dirty...and there is no doubt I will be out 50 bones as a result of chelsea pulling...
  17. yiddo23

    its a big daddy thing

  18. yiddo23


    Leaving borussa at end of season, what are chances we get him to work under poch for a bit then maybe move into a dual manger spot with poch if he proves himself?
  19. yiddo23

    who wants to bet?

    Yedlin will take the starting spot rest of year
  20. yiddo23

    half scarves

    I want to smash my face in every time I see them, how anyone would wanna purchase something with other clubs logos is beyond me, yuk.