‘The rumours are true’ Tottenham’s £25m man wants White Hart Lane exit

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Aug 26, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. 2bearis2do
    THIS - "we have a Sporting Director who does not understand the difference between Italian and English football"

    It's such a fundamental sporting and for Levy; Business point Eddie....I live in Spain these days - and like Italy, it has its two or three big, win every game teams and player's stats therefore look better than they are - as they thump teams 4 and 5 nil most weeks. Players prices sky rocket and then they get welcomed to the Premier League - and they don't know what's hit them. Of course, it's a different brand of football in the EPL - but at least it's competitive every single week. Spanish & Italian leagues are comparatively boring.
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  2. Chris_D
    I don't know what to make of this. At first glance it looks more like his dad isn't happy here and thinks he'll get a small percentage of any fee. At half time against Everton I looked at who was on the bench and thought surely this is the time for Lamela. That Poch waited until late in the game and then brought on Pritchard I think shows how the boss feels about his compatriot. Such a shame, clearly the talent is there.
  3. Spurs 1961
    Not sure Lamela is an impact player for me he needs time on the pitch. I didn't think we needed to make subs until people were tired or like with Pritchard a throw of the dice plus give him a few minutes game time. Of course others seem to think we needed to make changes but overall I thought we dominated the game and all played well
  4. rich75
    Juninho at Middlesbrough was great
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  5. Main Man
    What absolute bollocks.

    How can we blame AVB for what Poch is serving up at the moment?

    That excuse has long gone now. Poch has been here more than long enough to assemble the squad and implement the tactics he wants.

    I think Baldini has to shoulder a lot of the blame now because irrespective of manger our signings have been pathetically poor.

    Where is this infamous high pressing game we were promised? One London derby aside, we press less now than we did under our three previous managers.

    It may be a case of taking one step back to make two steps forward but we are currently playing a centre back in central midfield? That isn't assembling a team is it? We have central midfielders as wide forwards!? Seriously, what the fuck are you smoking?

    Our current team imbalance - let alone squad - is nothing short of embarrassing.

    Poch has successfully broken up the previous squad, and in my opinion in an incredibly unprofessional and naïve manner. But this notion that we are building etc is nothing more than a pathetic excuse.

    We didn't need rebuilding, we just needed fine-tuning.

    Now the whole process is going to have to start again, but now we need a new stadium, chairman, manager and playing squad.

    But of course, this is all AVBs fault - the man who lead us to our greatest ever Premier League points haul.
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  6. Chris_D
    We were the better team but we didn't create a lot, aside that great chance for Kane. In the second half I just felt the game was petering out and we needed someone to try something. I'd hoped Lamela might have made the pass that on another day Eriksen would have made to create the game winning opportunity. Overall we weren't awful, just felt we needed to try something to get the win.

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