‘There’s no way I’m leaving’ Vertonghen rejects Napoli and Barcelona rumours

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jun 5, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Everlasting Seconds
    All the negativity this man gets sometime. Top professional.
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  2. whitesocks
    ... so sign a new contract then.
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  3. mark_2017
    Have a feeling he'll have a similar season to what he had when he first joined us next season.
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  4. guiltyparty
    Today he chooses to be, yeah. Don't pretend like he's always like this. People are complex and change from day to day

    Bizarre this kind of online triumphalism, as if there's one answer to everything. He's shown massive unprofessionalism at times, excellent performances at others
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  5. bubble07
    So if Madrid or Barca come calling offer more money & champions league football he will say no I am not interested.
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  6. Everlasting Seconds
    I don't think so, and I've never thought so. I believe he has been largely misunderstood by many fans, especially pretend body language interpreters.
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  7. zepstar
    I happened to see him at a street food festival in Primrose Hill recently. He was with his girlfriend/wife, and she was heavily pregnant. Highly unlikely they would be looking to move out of London at such a time.
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  8. wooderz
    The 100% I'm not leaving line - Buhbye Jan ...
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  9. Chedozie
    It's not his child.
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  10. guiltyparty
    Well, that's your opinion. I've seen him throw strops rather than track back (after he's lost the ball by over-stretching himself) and show enormous petulance on the pitch with my own eyes. But thanks for pointing out that I've just misunderstood him standing with his hands on his hips as we concede when he could have stopped it, shouting at other players.

    Players are humans, they have ups and downs. As ever, you try and keep the players who, largely, the good outweighs the bad, and I'd completely agree that Vertonghen is one of those players. He's one of our best players on his day, and his day has become more and more frequent of late.

    Doesn't mean he's an angel or necessarily misunderstood, or didn't have a period of time where he looked genuinely poor, or wasn't agitating for a move last summer. I tend to not trust a word footballers say, but cling to this latest development if you must, where he manages to say "I think I'll stay" and "there's no way I'm leaving" in the space of two sentences.
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  11. newbie
    I really like verts been really lucky to meet him a couple of times and talk to him he is a really nice bloke, to be fair there are a lot of players at spurs who fall in to this category you would think he is English his English is so good. I think he looks really settled at Spurs these days and happy which is good as when he is happy he is a dam good player.
  12. Everlasting Seconds
    He is an ambitious guy, everybody can see that. He has ambitions for him self, but even more for the team. For certain people, it can be exasperating if such ambitions are squandered. If you are part of a unit which underperforms, or fails to excel for stupid reasons, that can be frustrating. And it is supposed to not feel good. You are not a more professional player simply because you are too OK with bad performances from your self and your team.
  13. tiger666
    Just like Suarez enrolling his kid at school in England.
  14. yidogra
    The baby's not yours, the baby's not yooooours
    Jan Vertonghen, it's Adebayor's

    I jest of course
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  15. Main Man
    Jan is still the same player we bought however many years ago it was now.

    He needs to step up imo, he certainly has the ability to anyway.
  16. chinaman
    Of course he's not joining Barcelona B.
  17. goughie1966
    I hope this doesn't come back to haunt you like toela65's post about Suarez's child being booked into a school in Liverpool
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  18. wolff
    Stalker!!! :D
  19. mark_2017
    More likely be John Terry's.
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