‘This isn’t football, it’s assault’ Spurs loanee hit by horror tackle

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 21, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. waresy
    both filthy tackles, clearly out to stop him from playing. the refs must do better to allow creative players to play. He was clearly not trying to win freekicks or deceive the ref with those.
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  2. bandido
    I didn't see this game, but I saw the Liverpool game at the weekend. Frankly, I thought half of their tackles were GBH - Milner a prime culprit. When he is put out to grass, he can go up to Scotland for a few more years...
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  3. shao
    Fucking dirty ****s
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  4. shao
    Why is fucking allowed but cnuts isn't?
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  5. Real_madyidd
    because the place is full of fucking ****s, and if fucking wasn't allowed it would just look like loads of stars.
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  6. UbeAstard
    I'm surprised he could still play on after the first one. Right in front of the ref as well, he should be punished for not handing out a red.
  7. shao
  8. longtimespur
    You know a lot of Scots don't like the English, seems like that referee was one of them.

    I'm assuming he is a Scot as he's officiating in the Scottish league.
  9. bandido
    Ok, now having seen those tackles, I advise Milner to take up holy orders rather than go to Scotland....
  10. Always Offside
    Obviously we don't want him to get hurt but it's not a bad thing to be targeted as a good player in terms of character building imo. It'll toughen the lad up. Agree the ref's need to protect the players better.
  11. JC-Rule
    They are hacking him down because in some of the earlier matches he has been ripping people to shreds with his skill.

    Same thing happened to Ronaldo, when he 1st arrived.

    Players just hate the embassrassment.

    He'll have to tough it out to stay the course.
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  12. garryparkerschest
    Comparing him to Ronaldo is one hell of a compliment and I agree with you because of the level of football he is playing.

    In a country where controlling a ball with your first touch is seen as showing off, they must think he's Dennis Rodman.

    The guy should have got sent off after 14 seconds, it was a shocking tackle.
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  13. spursfan77
    That first one is horrendous. The Scottish FA should give that guy a 3 match ban minimum. That would help stop it happening.
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  14. spursfan77
    Not if one of the tackles puts him in a wheelchair!
  15. teok
    People wonder why us brits never do well in international football.
  16. newbie
    Well we know his man enough and can handle the premire leagues physical side.
  17. JC-Rule

    This is the sort of stuff the kid is doing on loan @ Rangers.

    They'll be lining up to take lumps out of him, if he continues roasting fellow pros.
  18. Danners9

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