‘Tottenham used data to tell Harry Redknapp where to play Gareth Bale’

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 17, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. whitechina
    It's interesting all these revelations from DC. Bet we won't find out what's going on now for at least 3-5 years (if ever!)
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  2. db1
    I thought he only got a chance due to injuries and it was a lucky discovery for Redknapp despite his insistence that 'Bale is a left back'. No data involved
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  3. newbie
    This has to be one of the crispest articles ever written, really sounds like a load of bollocks. Data told Rednapp to keep playing Bale on the wing not the fact he destroying teams.
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  4. avonspurs
    Has Commoli written a book? is this why all these quotes are suddenly appearing? Or is he just bored?
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  5. goughie1966
    I thought it was all down to AVB moving him into the middle and giving him a free role to play wherever he wanted that made Bale. Wasn't Harry trying to move Bale on at some stage? And Jol says he was offered Bale for £5m when he was manager of Hamburg.
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  6. Gassin's finest
    Bag of shite. Bale got his chance because BAE went to the ACN and then broke his leg or something. Bale took his chance and then some. Up until then he couldn't get in the team because by his own admission "he was told to stop messing with his hair and focus on training", backed up by Harry saying that he told Bale "to spend less time in front of the mirror and more time on the training pitch".

    Like Harry would use 'data'.
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  7. mawspurs
  8. Krafty
    Just feels like some reputation saving from Comoli. Easy topoint out the horses you backed that won, don't hear about the ones you backed that didn't.

    If anything, this article tells us we shouldn't listen to opinions of players by people like Comoli, instead we should get a statistician to run the numbers
  9. eddiebailey
    The Bale claim is ridiculous; the Van der Vaart claim is absolutely ludicrous.
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  10. elDiablo
    I think Data keeps DC warm at night
  11. DOX
    Oh, crap...


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  12. slartibartfast
    Someone tell this f kin prick to shut his pie hole and piss off please.
    Why I oughta!!!!:mad:
  13. Main Man
    So why did Harry play him on the right?

    I am pretty sure Levy didn't need a computer to tell him the VDV deal was an absolute steal.
  14. onthetwo
    was this the same data that convinced him to spend £100m on Downing, Torres and Carroll?
  15. worcestersauce
    Not sure how realistic this is but I could never understand why Harry had a problem seeing Bale's quality to the point that he seemd happy to let him leave.
    Anyone that ouldn't see how good Bale was must have been blind stupid or too full of their own self importance, Harry must have been at least one of those things and that's when my opinion of him changed.
  16. Kingstheman
    Doesn't he look ever so peeved at being used for something as trivial as to where to play the obviously talented Bale, when he could be calculating the fermion count in the nearby sub-space anomaly endangering the Enterprise and how that can subsequently precipitate the crew's escape, whilst simultaneously trying and failing to learn the simpler points of the jokes required to make under-5 year olds laugh?
  17. tiger666
    You just went maximum overnerd.
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  18. Kingstheman
    I guess I will have to live with the fact that Redknapp will never use me...



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