‘Unbelievable’ Nacer Chadli has come good on his promise to Spurs fans

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by elvis7754, Jan 6, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by elvis7754, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. chinaman
    He's more than doubled his value so far, and more superb performances will further see his worth appreciated. Levy can't hide his smile.
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  2. mark_2017
    Very pleased he's showing everyone what he can do, like almost every foreign player coming into this league they need time to adjust and getting a few injuries here and there in his first season didn't help Nacer. But he's done very well so far and hopefully his 1st half season form continues.
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  3. Geyzer Soze
    What a superb athlete & professional is, this guy. He's pretty funny on social media too. Becoming my favourite player at the moment
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  4. jenko
    Loved him from minute one. Always had a good feeling about him.
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  5. hughy
    He's shown what we missed when he was injured. Plenty of assists and goals this season, he's becoming an incredibly valuable player.
  6. MyNameIsNicolaBerti
    Frankly the best of the "super seven" and ultimately more useful than Eriksen, if less showy.
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  7. Spurger King
    Wouldn't say I 'loved' him, but after a few games I thought he showed signs of being a very useful player.

    He's actually more of an upgrade on Dempsey - scoring important goals on a fairly consistent basis, but with a greater range, and with a much better overall contribution to our build-up play and pressing.
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  8. slartibartfast
    Must admit I wasn't overly impressed last season but he did still score goals and as I and others have said previously, we could have made Messi look shit the way we were playing.
    So exciting that we now have a few midfielders who can score. Even if Townsend doesn't score he causes enough panic in defenses it creates space for Kane Eriksen and Chadli.
    If Lamela sorts himself out that'll be a formidable attacking line up.
    Holy shit, optimism lol.
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  9. Spur4life
    He cost us 7m if i am right.good player and scored some very good goals.if only we were a bit smart with the 100m or so and get the right players we needed we would have been flying this season.
  10. chinaman

    I'm sure Levy is now smarting.
  11. Chedozie
    He's fast as well.
  12. parklane1
    Good job us fans were good enough to give him the time to settle.;)
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  13. PLTuck
    Its weird reading this thread, all I ever seem to remember reading on SC about Chadli is that "he's shit".
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  14. ClintEastwould
    That's my boy, Nacer. Nacer Ladli. Go on good son.
  15. gloryglory
    Hands up, I was one of those who would have called time on him last summer. I was puzzled why we held on to him and sold Sigurdsson, who was my favourite of our outfield players last season. I still miss Sigurdsson, but I was wrong about Chadli.

    The one we should have sold is Lennon, given that Poch will still only play left siders on the right and vice versa. Not that the left is Sigurdsson's best position, but we have no cover there if Chadli should be injured - we'd end up shunting Eriksen out there and playing Lamela inside or even bringing in Paulinho.

    On which subject, I still believe Paulinho can come good for us, and Chadli is the example for him to cling to and for Poch to see. Give someone a run of games in their best position, and they can grow in to it. Paulinho hasn't had a run in attacking midfield all season. I thought he was our best player along with Kane in the Europa League games.

    In fact Chadli was the only one of our much vaunted 7 I would have cut our losses on last season - now one of only 2 who look like successes. But they all have talent, so let's keep supporting!
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  16. Springerding
    I think there were a few who saw his potential early on and a few that had him written off, Kane has had a lot to do with Chadli's form and improvement, Kane inspires players. If you look at the 4th against the chavs, Kanes movement parallel to Chadli was giving him the confidence to pass through the two chav players at the right time. Kanes work rate and enthusiasm really does help in more ways than one and brings the best out of the lads. their belief in him has transformed us in to a team again.
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  17. garryparkerschest
    Totally agree.

    A lot of pundits are comparing Kane to Shearer, Klinsmann and Teddy Sheringham but for tenacity I would say he's more similar to the South Americans, such as Tevez and Suarez.
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  18. DiscoD1882
    I liked him before I even who he was.
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