“Chelsea is a better club than Tottenham in every aspect," says Willian.

Discussion in 'General Football' started by Makkaveli101, Sep 12, 2013.

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    The Mirror:

    Brazilian star Willian last night claimed he always wanted to go to Chelsea - because they are a “better club” than Tottenham.
    Willian joined the Blues in a big money move from Anzhi Makhachkala after a last minute change of heart as he had already had a medical at Spurs.
    But Willian, in an interview with Brazilian paper Globoesporte, said: “I always wanted to go to Chelsea. Chelsea presented an offer and it was always my dream to go there.
    “Chelsea is a better club than Tottenham in every aspect. I have spoken with my fellow Brazilians at the club, especially David Luiz. I am also happy to play for Jose Mourinho. That was definitive in my decision.”

    I'm glad this little 4ft gobshite isn't at our club. He's clearly morally bankrupt. This is very disrespectful towards AVB, who chased him for over a year, disrespectful to the club who were prepared to smash their transfer record for paying his high wages, and disrespectful to the fans who would've been singing his name if the transfer had gone through.

    An over priced mercenary, who can't get in the Brazil squad and whose goals and assists record is actually very poor. Lamela has the potential to be ten times the player this lowly scum is. He will now hopefully miss out on a place in the Brazil World Cup squad. I don't think he's pissed off another clubs fans before, so this little shit who is built like a 12 year old - can be sure of a reception at the Lane like he's never had before.
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  2. onthetwo

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    he clearly has no class at all so he chose the right club in the end!
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  3. TaoistMonkey

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    Perfect fit for Chelsea.
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  4. TheChosenOne

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    Willian made his bed in a nest of vipers.

    Now he just lies in it.
  5. ecce_tottenham

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    Paulinho / Sandro double smash

    What a ****
  6. spursontheloose

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    What a gimp. Clearly has no idea!!
  7. Blackcanary

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    Particularly when you consider he's supposed to be a friend of AVB. One to strike off the christmas card list, Andre.

    I understand why a player would want to choose Chelsea over us - CL, more money, etc - but...class is free. He's shown none.
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  8. mpickard2087

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    Well apart from Class, he probably has a point.

    I'm sure that when you are winning trophies and getting paid £150k a week, other people thinking you, your team mates and your club are a bunch of ****s is not really going to bother you in the slightest.
  9. michaelden

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    yeah his wife likes Terry too
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  10. Kendall

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    Chelsea won the CL a couple of years back, they've won the league 3 times in the last 9 years, they've won multiple domestic cups in the last 10 years, they're playing in the CL and they're challenging for the title.

    On the face of it, he's right, especially as a foreign player looking from the outside, but if you're actually wanting minutes on the pitch as a player, then I don't think Chelsea is the right club for him.

    Personally, I prefer Eriksen and am glad we're sticking with Chadli.
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  11. Gassin's finest

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    That's funny, 'cause Erik Lamela is better player than Willian in every respect. Fuck you very much. Get a haircut.
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  12. chinaman

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    Wait till we beat the shit out of your lot next month.
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  13. Geyzer Soze

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    Good. He chose the right club. I hope Sandro hears about those and owns the little **** when we play them

    Must abuse him ALOT!!
  14. Rocksuperstar

    Rocksuperstar just a child getting older...

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    I hope Terry balls his wife, mother, sister and any pets he has - as said, classless little bastard. Wait til Sandro flattens you, I'll make a gif of it and laugh at it every day
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  15. class of 62

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    sure he'll have a lot more to say after he's got used to pulling splinters out of his arse from his
    long term bench warming duties.
  16. riggi

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  17. Japhet

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    He nailed his colours to the mast when he went to Anzhi for the money. He'll be in his element at Chelsea and his comments show that he already has the necessary lack of class to fit right in (probably on the bench).
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  18. UncleBuck

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    Silly, silly boy. Total lack of class, we've moved on, obviously he's still got nagging doubts otherwise he'd be letting his football do the talking....
  19. Wick3d

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    Stay classy Willian...:ROFLMAO:
  20. absolute bobbins

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    Willian did actually not say
    It is what those in the trade call a lie (something John Cross and the Mirror know a lot about)
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