“Either I can work or not” – Tottenham’s Paulinho hints at exit

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 21, 2014.

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    Tottenham’s Brazilian midfielder Paulinho has hinted that his future may lie back in his homeland after failing to establish himself in the first-team squad under manager Mauricio Pochettino.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 21, 2014.

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  1. bigspurs
    This guy's lethargy on the pitch is disgusting. We all know that he's better than this, but he obviously can't be bothered (like the rest of our side apart from Kane and Lloris). The big question though should be, isn't Poch supposed to be great at getting the most out of players?! On the evidence I've seen so far, this is clearly bollocks.
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  2. Block D Spurs
    Pauli has not adapted to Premier League, so his attitude has to be questioned. If he wants to play, Poch. should give him a chance to prove he can show his talent as a player in training, and then in pressure games. If not then adios in January.
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  3. ClintEastwould
    To be fair, he's not bad mouthing the club or the manager. I also don't think he lacks passion or whatever as it was plain to see during the World Cup that he was a leader in their squad. He just looks lost in this league whether that be because of the language difference (he is the only Brazilian left) or because of the style of play in the league and is generally not a very good all around footballer and a few goals doesn't mask that.

    Just a poor all around purchase. We've been missing a quick thinking forward passer in central midfield since Modric left and buying Capoue and Paulinho last season as well as Dembele the previous summer was just utterly unfathomable in terms of addressing our needs for that and actually compounded the dilemma.
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  4. Kendall
    Whilst people berate Naughton for being a limited footballer, that is all he is. He puts in 100% in every game, always shows for the ball and runs himself into the ground. He just suffers from limitations which are not his fault.

    Paulinho is a talented footballer, what he has served up is almost fraudulent. I've never seen a player with such a lack of bollocks in all the time I've been watching the game. He is a hider, a waster and a woe is me character.
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  5. Kendall

    He was atrocious and hid. That's why he got hauled off early in games and dropped altogether eventually.
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  6. ClintEastwould
    In terms of his play, yeah for sure he was pretty woeful. But in all of their per match huddles etc he seemed to be the main character leading them. Like I said, he's just not a good footballer unfortunately.
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  7. whitesocks
    This is a shame because he does get goals. He is a good player.

    I think he understands this AVB style football better than most - do nothing in possession - pass backwards if anything for 85 minutes.
    But when that meaningful transition finally comes and we are on the break, drive into the box and finish clinically.

    He should be one of the first on MP's team sheet, but unfortunately he has never been given the chance. I'm very suspicious why that might be.
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  8. scottlag10
    It might be that he cant run, cant tackle and cant pass, so if that's your definition of a good player ?!
  9. longtimespur
    Seems out of his depth in the PL . Came to us and everyone was heralding a great player along with 6 others.
    Oh well, very spursy how it's all gone sour.
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  10. E17yid
    Such a frustrating player as he has had a handful (just a handful) of really good performances.

    He just can't seem to replicate it on a consistent basis, fuck knows why?

    I'd show him those Swansea and Stoke games form last season (at home) and tell him that is the level we need from him, all the time (well, most of the time)

    He showed real desire and energy in those games so it's fucking annoying that he strolls through games after showing such promise.
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  11. yido_number1
    Probably one of the worst finishers in the squad who needed about 10 chances to score!
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  12. whitesocks
    Measuring him on that last 10m to get in the box, he can run better than any other midfield option we have.
    No, he is not a solid DM, but good enough to play there against most teams while still offering goals. He certainly does tackle - unlike Lamela or Eriksen.
    He can pass - mostly backwards granted, or into the back of the net.

    OK, his stock is low at the moment after a poor world cup, but to say he is not good enough to get time in this midtable team is ridiculous.
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  13. scottlag10
    No he definitely cant tackle! Its ridiculous to say that, he runs like a donkey, passes like me wife, and Jason Dozzell scored goals!!!!!
  14. yido_number1
    lol for someone that scored goals he missed so many easy chances!!
  15. LexingtonSpurs
    I think you mean: Adeus amigo!
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  16. Gaz_Gammon

    He can score though. Not that we need that at the moment. I mean we don't do we?

    Your question regarding the definition of a good player, well you can write a very short list of these at Spurs and Paulinho should be near to the top. Because he, Soldado, Lamela, Verts, Chiriches, are in the same category. Well respected and proven at their previous club and also Internationals that have come to Spurs to have their International careers shortened.
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  17. slartibartfast
    To be fair, can't believe I'm gonna say this, it MAY be that its hard to judge how good any of these players are because frankly I dont think we've had a good tactical/ man manager since we got them. And still haven't.
    I mean, can it really be that Soldado, Paulinho, Lamela, Erikson, Capoue etc are all super shit since joining us.
    Can it really be that ALL of them are 'just not suited to the PL?'
    I'm not so sure.
    I still think if Pulis came in or Harry came back, shit even Moyes, just someone who can actually communicate and motivate them, I think we'd improve instantly. Not in 6 months. But instantly.
    As we did when Harry came in and the team suddenly remembered how to play football.
    Personally I have no idea where we are going now...
    Actually its more I've no idea what we need to do to turn us around (I know where we're going :( ). It will require, imo, a major u turn by Levy. Drop DoF. Get experienced MANAGER (not a f in coach) and stop interfering in transfers ie buying players when we haven't even got a Manager.
    Thats not gonna happen though and I do think we should stick with Poch for time being but Ive no confidence to be honest so cant see things improving. DOOM lol.
    Hope he proves me wrong.
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