“Either I can work or not” – Tottenham’s Paulinho hints at exit

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 21, 2014.

  • by mawspurs, Nov 21, 2014 at 8:24 AM
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    Tottenham’s Brazilian midfielder Paulinho has hinted that his future may lie back in his homeland after failing to establish himself in the first-team squad under manager Mauricio Pochettino.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. scottlag10
    I will only judge them on what they do at Spurs....and Paulinho is near the top...top of the flops!
  2. yankspurs
    It is laughable the amount of hate he gets on here. It's embarrassing really. He is not a bad player at all. Got a couple of key goals last season, and not only that, there were a few games that he was probably the best player on the pitch, the game vs Stoke where Charlie Adam injured him and AVB's final game where he got an atrocious straight red for a boarderline yellow, come immediately to mind. There were other good games as well. Saying he is not a PL player cannot be any more off the mark.

    It is also laughable the amount of games he has played the past couple of years. An absolutely absurd amount. This minimal time he's gotten this year should be good for him. I'd like to see him reintroduced into the squad before we give up on him.

    There is a good player in there. If we can get a good price on him(aka money back-£17m-or more), then sell. If not, keep him. Simple as that.

    Same with Soldado. Money back(£13m) or more than sell. Lower, then keep.
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  3. scottlag10
    I don't hate him, I just don't rate him because the majority of what he has done in a spurs shirt has been poor, very poor. I want him to be a success but I just don't see anything in his game, even the odd goal, to indicate that he is a top player.
  4. stemark44
    Jumping out of the way of a freekick tells me all I need to know about him and Adebayor.............don't let the door hit both of you on the way out.
    Both would NEVER have worn our shirt again for me.
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  5. Everlasting Seconds
    That's such a narrowminded and worn out argument. He was among the few players who regularly was able to position himself well in front of goal. Yes, I would have loved his conversion to be higher, but the fact that he can get to chances is something all the other players should learn from. "Buhuu he misses so many chances". Well at least he is able to get to them.
  6. Dennism
    The problem is recouping some of the money we wasted on him. Clubs will not want to pay anywhere near what we did. We are paying the penalty for our disasterous player selection. Everybody keeps saying what Paulinho can do. Unfortunately he doesn't do it for us and never will do.
  7. CheeseGromit
    Paulinho was a risk from the very beginning His previous experiences in Europe did not bode well.

    He had success in his home country but that did not mean he could translate that success into the prem. I think he can be a good footballer but not really suited to the prem. He should be of the standard of Ramires of Chelski; whether that is what we want is a matter of opinion.

    I think it is just too dismissive of people to say he is not passionate enough of good enough skill wise. He should be but its not working so why.
  8. slartibartfast
    Question for those who want to keep him.
    Where are you fitting him into the starting 11?
    Either Mason Erikson, Lamela or Chadli need to make way.
    He cannot play DM and he will not stay as squad player.
    Not saying he should or shouldn't.
    Just curious on views.
  9. diamondlight

    Ha ha, that tactical description really brings back memories of AVB's spurs :D
  10. diamondlight
    AVB and Poch's spurs remind me of the USSR. All regulation, no responsibility. All men-management, no man-management. All process, no product.
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  11. slartibartfast
    Know what you mean.
    His English must be improving by now so hopefully that will help with time.
    Another reason for our current predicament which isn't Pochs fault is bringing in so many new players a) at the same time and b) more importantly, without 5secs of EPL experience between them. That was frankly f kin stupid.
    Would an experienced Manager (not a coach) have done that?
    I don't think he would have.
    God I hope we play well tomorrow.
    Please God please!!!
    Ive just been up the park for 2nd weekend running to watch my old pub team. They're doing well at the mo and it takes my mind off SPURS.

  12. Chris_D
    So sad because he has got ability. You don't become a regular in the Brazilian midfield unless you've got something. Sadly we're not seeing it so he has to go. He's bound to be on big wages too. It's another Bentley, someone who seems to have talent but falls apart at Spurs. I hope he can sort himself out, football careers are short.
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  13. mawspurs
    Unfortunately I think he is like a lot of our current squad, a talented individual who is too weak mentally. We need to bring a few characters in to gee the whole lot of them up a bit. If they have a bit if grit about them then even better.
  14. bobby soldier
    Once he's gone, the Argentine takeover will be complete. Ship out Sandro and Gomes, never play Paulinho... Well I for one am so glad that Lamela and Fazio are singlehandedly rescuing our season! ;)

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