“Negotiations are ongoing”: Quality winger confirms talks with Spurs


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Apr 1, 2005
YouTube can tell you a fair bit about a player. And what this video tells me is that in the entire sequence I saw lots of flashy skills, 3/4 goals that were repeated close to 50 times and very few chances created for his team mates, a few over hit passes and a few not so accurate crosses.

Now anyone who knows more about this player please can you tell me that I have that all wrong and the video wasn't an accurate reflection of his strengths and weaknesses.
I think 21 assist last season says he creates for his team mates.


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Dec 13, 2003
Dembele on acid! though I mean the Dembele we had in his first season. That ball control is amazing and sometimes at speed also he is tall and very agile and quick off the mark - I think he would suit the EPL