“Spurs will earn windfall of £20m from Real Madrid winning the Champions League”

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 25, 2014.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 25, 2014.

  1. Gbspurs
    Believe it when I see see Daniel Levy massaging his cock with it.
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  2. Paceyjg
    Another £20M for us to waste on in the transfer market?

    For me, every penny we now earn should go towards a new ground so we can one day in the future, cease to be a selling club. We might then be able to hang on to our best players..
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  3. ebzrascal
    Success on the pitch will pay for the new ground not the other way round..

    Success grows our FAN Base around the world which in turn makes us more valuable...
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  4. avonspurs
    Who is Darren Kelly and since when did 'news' articles start being based n his tweets?
  5. dk-yid
    Since he said that we would get 20M
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  6. beuller
    I was pleased to see them both win it. I think they are both special players and it's good to see them win the big one.

    Modric I thought was superb. Roy Keane said he was poor but for me when they were chasing it and needs brave midfielders to get on the ball and drive forward, Modric did that. Great player.
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  7. SlunkSoma
    Crazy. Has this been verified in anyway?
  8. yid-down-under
    On a separate note; congrats to our former favourites modric and bale on the win- I'm both happy and proud that they both recently played with distinction for our club
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  9. onthetwo
    no we wont......CL success wasnt part of the GB deal according to the Telegraph, though it was part of the Modric deal, alongside somw other success related milestones.
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  10. greaves
    I have a picture of him doing this. It looks like it was taken at the training ground.
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  11. Paceyjg
    Unfortunately, realistically success on the pitch is not likely to happen any time soon. We have the demand to fill a larger stadium already so build it and start earning money. We can then pay more in wages, attract better players, play better football and challenge for top honours.
  12. ebzrascal
    The squad needs to be tweaked but we have good players.. what we need is a good manager with a philosophy who can inspire the players. Last season I thought without the ball we were very poor, defensively disorganized and going forward we lacked ideas and were predictable. We also started games very slowly.

    We can`t go to a new stadium with boring mid table football lets see how that works for West Ham

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