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Aug 23, 2006
I didn't know that :D Just goes to show. But you couldn't point at that stat and say it means we don't (at times) give the ball away too cheaply and too often. Last night at 1-1 you wouldn't have believed that stat but at 4-1 you would. Its when the pressure is on that we seem to falter.
Yeah it's a mentality and tactical issue imo, I think in some games where we give the ball away a lot cheaper and fail to keep it it is when we have a weak midfield that is dragged out of shape, composure and initiative are lost - the mentality we show sometimes compounds the tactical issues. Sometimes all you need to do is say 'boo' and our team goes running to the hills, we were on our way last night until VDV struck.

It kind of relates to the point I have made a few times that when we are good, we are very, very good and the equal of the top 2 - but when we are bad, my god we are bad, much worse than the top 2 and that shows in our league position.

Games like Newcastle home/Norwich away and then Arsenal away/Norwich home, is this the same team?


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Mar 17, 2005
I have lost count of the times when Lennon gets the ball................goes on a run.................you are on your feet...............go on my son..........................oh FFS!
Jun 28, 2009
When we were getting pinned back for those first 15 mins of the second half, the only way I could really sum it up was we lacked a leader. Its in those sort of spells you could do with somebody offering some composure and correct decision making.

We are too easy to rattle, and when we lose it we lose it big time. Its been a big weakness for way too long.
Isn't this the job of the String Puller Supreme i.e. Modric?