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Jan 2, 2011
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Cudicini - 3

Walker - 3

King - 3

Gallas - 4

Assou-Ekotto - 4

Lennon - 4

Parker - 7

Modric - 4

Bale - 6

Van Der Vaart - 5.5

Adebayor - 7


Defoe - 3

Sandro- NET


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Mar 27, 2006
Cudicini - 2 wasted all his good work in previous rounds

Walker - 2 Please use your fucking pace to take players on and not pass sideways!

King - 4 better than Gallas but getting to the stage where he is like a punch drunk boxer. Legend. Dont lose that status

Gallas - 3 bullied and scared of Drogba

Assou-Ekotto - 2 useless in possesion. Out of position for most of the game

Lennon - 6 he ran he tried. he had nothing outside of him. At least tried to create chances

Parker - 5 ran around abit.

Modric - 4 absolutley lazy and just proves it doest matter if he is left midfield or central. he just doesnt want to be here.

Bale - 6 where was he? how much more space does he need than the Wembley pitch, but didnt make the most of it.

Van Der Vaart - 6 part of an inactive midfield. unlucky not to score though.

Adebayor - 7 ran but had nothing in support. Should have scored


Defoe - NET

Sandro- NET
Jul 28, 2004
Cudicini - 6

Walker - 5

Gallas - 4

King - 5

BAE - 3

Lennon - 5

Modric - 3

Parker - 6

Bale - 4

VDV - 5

Ade - 6

Harry - a ****


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Jul 3, 2006
Cudicini 0 - terrible
Gallas -1 - worse than Cudicini
King 0 - terrible
Ekotto -1 - equally as bad as Gallas
Walker 5 - lost the ball and they nearly scored but was composed for the majority of the game unlike the zimmer frame brigade of cudicini, gallas and king. Ekotto was on a different planet - marking is awful.
Parker 8 - excellent, tired at the end
Modric 0 - terrible
Lennon 6 - looked dangerous on the odd occasion someone passed to him
Bale 6 - some good runs and he scored, better performance than the Norwich game
VDV 6 - played really well in the 1st half, MIA in the 2nd
Adebayor 6 - good hold up play, skill at times, contributed to the goal

Defoe 0 - terrible (1 powder puff effort)

Sandro, not on long enough. Would of been a 10 if he karate kicked Mikel

Redknapp -10, fucking awful. Resign now or hope Levy sacks him tonight

Atkinson -100, clearly clinically blind!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aug 29, 2006
Cudicini- 3 shit.

Walker-5 some vital tackles thought he handled the big occation well.

King-5 playing with that fool gallas must have been hard.

Gallas-2 shocking. time for him to play in America or China.

Assou-Ekotto-3 a game to forget

Lennon-4 poor selection of pass in promising positions potentially a big game player

Parker-8 hats off turned up in a big game

Modric-4 if you offered the 30M-40M right now i'd bite your hand off, his been atrocious. You have to laugh if modric thinks his better than tottenham not a big time player in a two man midfield against top teams has not shown up when it counts far to many times now for me.

Bale-5 nothing special nothing bad average showed good signs of being a big time player.

Adebayor-5 worked hard but i cant see a big game player in him

Van de Vaart-6 the only big time player in the whole club and harry takes him for to play 442 joke.

Defoe-3 time to move him on now (coming from a defoe fan)...imo his way of playing is history. the games moved on and defoe can only play a certain way.

Redknapp-3 marked down servely for that poor subsituition Defoe 442 for Van De Vaart. that just gave the game to Chelsea and the goals rolled in.

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Mar 10, 2007
Parker was excellent, thought Ade was good too, Bale showed glimpses as did Lennon, VDV tried to get involved and ran the first half for us.

The hard work in the first 75 mins was all lost in the last 15 mins with Harry's awful sub taking VDV off for Defoe who must have had about two touches.

Cost us as were still in the game, once it went to 3-1 it was over, and we knew it. You could see it by the way they played.

We were better than them from about 20mins to the 75th minute, and we're unlucky to go in one down, to an incredible goal. Second half started as it ended with us better, they got a corner and were given a goal that clearly wasn't. Our players were incensed and showed what they were about with Bale getting us back into it. Chelsea took a bit of the sting out of the game but when we had it we still were pushing. Then Harry's genius moment came. VDV, our best and most influential player was taken off for the managers love child, we went 4-4-2, got completely overrun and outnumbered and Chelsea went on to wn the game in the last 15 mins.

The 'goal' that wasn't a goal didn't lose us the game, Harry's sub did. It may have dented our confidence and our belief and meant we had to really go for it, but at 2-1 we were right in the game.

Harry, if you know 4-4-2 doesn't work , why play it in th crucial last 15 minutes of a semi final? I seriously don't understand it, and I said to my dad at the time that it would effect our performance completely. It was an utterly ridiculous sub.

Hey ho, we lost , we move on, we try and regroup and kick on. It will be tough, but the players have to do it now, I'm not really sure what else Harry can do only tell them they are good players and, and pick the right team. We have a tough game next weekend against a QPR side who are fighting for their lives, we have to perform.

How I wish Dawson was fit right now.


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Aug 5, 2009
only one score for me


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Mar 10, 2007
Can we say Modric was poor?
Yes, we can, and he wasnt great. But that was largely down to our ineptitude in the first part of the game with the ball. We were sloppy. After that Rafa dropped deeper and influenced the game for us. It was hard for Modric because he had quite a lot of tracking back and defending to do too.


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Aug 29, 2006
Wasn't the game for Modric; in retrospect at least Sandro would have been the better partner for Parker.
How many times have I been decieved by a player in a Tottenham shirt only god knows. I really thought Modric was the real deal but he hasnt been anywhere near the form I saw when he partnered Huddlestone since then his been weak in defence poor in assists and very poor with goals corners free kick. partly becasue of the formation I really expected more.


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Jan 31, 2005
I have only just got in and what a horrible day that was! Soon as we got there we waited around for hours outside in the freezing cold, wind and rain. I have to admit I did have a horrible feeling about this game but I was trying to keep optimistic .

Finally we got into the stadium and as we were going up the lifts, there was a nice kinda buzz around the stadium and the atmosphere was good, I was trying to keep positive. As we went to our seats the place was buzzing, the music was blaring around the stadium and what a good view we had.

We actually started well I thought, we looked lively, passed the ball well, was working hard of the ball and was putting pressure on Chelsea. Ade, Lennon and bale were all looking dangerous, Ade was holding the ball up very well and making some fantastic runs, and if ade had got any touch on that ball that hit the post it was going in. Also Cech make a good save. Parker was working hard and putting in some great challenges, we had some decent chances when we attacked, But at the other end it was a different story our defence was absoutley shocking and to be fair they should of scored earlier in the first half (I cannot remember who it was? Mata maybe?) if his first touch was better, and should of scored.

We just looked so sloppy at the back, and Chelsea did start looking more and more dangerous but we just seemed to sit back and let them. Walker kept getting caught out of position and the wrong side as did Ekotto who I think cost us a goal in the 2nd half when
Ramires chipped it over cudicini. Gallas was shocking, what the hell was he doing for the first goal? He just seemed to run back while the long ball was played and let Drogba hold it up and turn him and yes it was a great shot but I think Gallas should of done better. Gallas kept doing sloppy things all game, made some shocking clearences, kept flying into tackles, he was poor IMO and cost us. Walker is clearly not good enough and just relies on his pace to get back, he got caught so many times the wrong side and gave it away. I thought King actually played well and made some crucial tackles.

First half performance we played well and was unlucky to be losing 1-0.

Also another thing is, I think I would of preferred Sandro and Parker starting in that midfield to try and dominate midfield like we did when we played them at there place. We just sat off them, sat back and Mata had so much time and space.

2nd half was horrible, we did not get going at all, Chelsea came out from the start and looked the more dangerous team to be fair, they was not great Chelsea all they did was play direct but they looked more dangerous, our defense was shocking yet again. How the hell the ref has give that as a goal I do not know and maybe that did change the game at a crucial time who knows? All I know is we were sloppy and Chelsea did looked the more dangerous. WE Got the goal and was back in the game but yet again we sat back and gave them so much space, our defending was AWFUL!

We left after the 4th goal went in.

What a horrible horrible day and to top it off I left my programme there which cost a fiver! What a shit day! Hopefully we can concentrate on the prem and getting that 4th spot! COYS!


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Jan 1, 2007
Will Harry grow a pair and drop Modric for the rest of the season. I really don't want that person wearing the Spurs shirt again. I'd rather get fourth without him than with him. Goodbye Luka, take your poison with you.