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Aug 25, 2011
Friedel 6
Walker 7
Gallas 7
Kaboul 7
Benny 6
Sandro 6
Parker 7
Modric 7
Bale 7
Ade 7

Saha 6
Livermore - did he do anything?


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Jun 27, 2004
Friedel - 6. Didnt come out when he shouldve on one occasion. Otherwise, not much to do.

Walker - 6.

Gallas - 6.

Kaboul - 8. Solid display and marshalled the defence well.

BAE - 6. Shaky moments at times.

Sandro - 5.5. Didnt look confident and some wayward passes.

PArker - 7. Solid again by the England captain.

Modric - 7.5. Bossed the midfield at times.

VDV - 7. Nice passing play to keep the team ticking, but a tad too slow at times. VIP for Spurs.

Bale - 7.5. Looked dangerous everytime he had the ball, but quite wasteful at times.

Adebayor - 8. MOM. Skilful, brilliant holding of the ball and caused problems throughout. Would love to see more of this from him.


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Jun 22, 2008
Friedel 6.5
Walker 7
Gallas 7
Kaboul 7
Sandro 6
Parker 7
Modric 7
Bale 7
VDV 6.5
Ade 7
Saha 6
Livermore 5
Jul 26, 2008
Friedel - 5. I know he doesn't come for crosses but would have been nice of him to at least move for Mata's free kick.
Walker - 7. Pretty solid at the back, got forward well as always, could have done better with the shot into the side netting.
Gallas - 7. Did well considering played so little but struggled with long balls down the middle.
Kaboul - 7. Solid enough but as above worrying how simple long balls seemed to cause us a lot of trouble.
BAE - 6. Had a mad 10 mins in the 2nd half which gave chelsea momentum and created pressure.
Sandro - 5. Thought he was poor today, lacked composure on the ball and struggled to get involved in the game prob because he hasn't had enough playing time this season.
Parker - 7. Covered well when our fullbacks had pushed on. Solid.
Modric - 7.5. Good performance. Good to see him back in the middle.
VDV - 7. Did ok, worked hard struggles with lack of pace when forced to play out wide and should have scored just before HT.
Bale - 7.5. Unlucky with the header that hit the bar and decent free kick but few poor shots when could have looked to pass.
Adebayor - 8. Hold up play good especially in first half when had little support. Worked hard, should have done better when went round keeper.


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Aug 8, 2005
Friedel 7 - Not a whole lot to do. Once or twice he could have come out for the ball, but overall a solid performance and did what he had to do.

Walker 8 - His defending is coming on leaps and bounds and he never stopped going forward.

Kaboul 7 - Looks much more comfortable at left centre back.

Gallas 9 - Near faultless game. Won everything that came into the box, organised everything around him and lead by example.

BAE 7 - A couple of "sleepy" moments, but was good overall. Would have liked to have seen him offer more going forward, but I can understand why he might have been a bit defensive.

VDV 6 - Bit difficult to rate. Crowded things by coming in more often and Modric seemed more influential when he went off. Missed two great chances just before the half too.

Parker 7 - Patrolled well and was always there when he was needed.

Sandro 7 - A bit rusty but done his job.

Modric 6 - I'd probably give him a 5 for the first half, a 6 for the second when VDV was there and an 8 when VDV went off. Wasn't easy in a crowded area, but a player who we value at more than £30 million should have more influence throughout the match.

Bale 6 - Got better when the game opened up. Unlucky with the header, but he needs to cut out the 40 yard shots and, obviously, work harder when we don't have it. One other thing I noticed is he didn't get involved in any counter attacks. When we were I kept thinking to myself, "Bale should be coming now", but he was nowhere to be seen.

Adebayor 8 - Great outside the box and back to his best at that. Shame he can't finish.

Saha 6 - done alright considering he was out of position
Livermore 7 - I guess the biggest compliment I can pay him is we were no worse off in midfield with him in there.


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Jun 13, 2008
Friedel 6 - Cant recall him having much to do.

Walker 7 - Good game in attack and defence

Gallas 8 - Impressive, saved Kaboul on a couple of occasions. Adds leadership at the back.

Kaboul 7 - Did well but caught out a couple of times.

Ekotto 7 - Pretty good apart from a dodgy 5 mins.

Sandro 6 - Helped having the extra man in the middle, but I thought the game passed him by at times today.

Parker 7 - Solid performance

Modric 7 - Grew as the game went on, I too think he looked better when VDV went off.

VDV 6.5 - Worked hard but missed a good chance. Whilst he retains possession excellently I have to admit I do find him a bit of a 'tempo-killer' at times and the game has to come down to his pace.

Bale 7 - Has his faults as usual, but looked dangerous when the game became more stretched. A good header against the bar but greedy at times with the shots from distance.

Adebayor 8 - I'll ignore not finishing off the open goal. Apart from that I thought he was very good with his hold up play and workrate. Need this Ade to show up for the rest of the season.

Saha 6 - Did quite well on the right, got involved in the game when he was on.

Livermore 6 - Solid enough when he came on, just slotted in and did his job.


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Jul 28, 2004
Friedel didn't really have anything to do and he was steady so can't really complain.

Walker was fantastic, he's on a good run of form and both in attack and defence he offers so much.

Gallas dallied as ever a couple of times, but generally he was a very good presence and kept Drogba at bay well, not an easy task.

Kaboul was pretty good for the most part but I do think he was guilty of ball watching a couple of times in the first half with their hoofs into our area.

Ekotto had a few very good moments, a few shaky moments. Not his best but generally decent.

Sandro was poor in my opinion. Passing was poor, tackling was poor, generally he was sluggish. If Lennon is back I'd have no hesitation in putting him in for Sandro next week, and even if Lennon is out I might put Livermore in instead of Sandro after this performance. Good player on bad form.

Modric ran things in the second half and was key to some of the space and chances we created. My MoTM.

VDV should have scored, but apart from that I was happy with him. He keeps us in possession so well and really spread play brilliantly at times.

Bale was hot and cold, he was unlucky not to score on two occasions and he dealt with heavy marking quite well, but I found a few of his decisions to shoot from long range a little bit selfish.

Adebayor had his best game since Newcastle and really came out of his recent slump. Should have scored after rounding Cech but that aside I thought he was very good.

Livermore didn't do too much but he was neat when he got the ball and helped keep our shape.

Saha played fairly well, some good touches, passes and movement.


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Dec 7, 2006
Parker(7.5) played well in a position that suits him better as part of the back 5.
Solid responsible performance that held things together at the back.
Allowed Modric(7) to get on with the job of feeding the attack which he did increasingly well in the second half.
Adabeyor(7) much better movement though poor first touch at times.
Ekotto(6) a bit frightening at but not in a good way.
Walker(7) another strong performance.
Sandro(6) should have been freed to do more but didn't quite impose himself.
Van Der Vaart(7) should have scored but a lively performance.
Gallas(7) and Kaboul(6) shaky at times.
Bale(7) unlucky not to score twice but some poor decision making at times.

We seemed to be saying 'Come on then show us what you've got' in the first half, and when we saw that it wasn't that much we took the game to them in the second half to good effect.
Oct 19, 2004
Patience is a virtue...

That was in most ways the best performance by a spurs side at Stamford Bridge for a very long time. Of course one of the reason's is that in terms of personnel, we have never played them on such favourable terms, but another reason was we did lots of things right today.

To begin at the beginning, Redknapp dared to detour from his 442 crutch of late, bringing Sandro into midfield and playing the 433 that had proved so inspired earlier in the season. I'm not sure it was inspirational thinking today or just Redknapp deciding to match up Chelsea (I can't understand why it hasn't been used since December otherwise) but it was much better than the predictability of the 442's of late and although away at Chelsea it couldn't be applied with Redknapp's preferred free for all, credit to him (Redknapp) he made sure there was more positional discipline today.

My only major group criticism all day long once again revolved around the pressing. Although it wasn't bad in the first half, it just generally needs to be better, be more intense, which would allow us to utilise the ability of our team and set up. In a very tight tussle, the ability to strip the ball a little higher up the pitch and send someone like Bale scuttling could prove vital.

Two of Chelsea's best chances in the half came from Modric not closing down and pressing and allowing their players to pick clever runs out that, luckily they didn't make the most of. It has and will cost us if we don't learn this simple but effective discipline. NOT BARCA PRESSING - just simple proper closing your man. Busting a gut to make sure he doesn't have time and space (both on the pitch and in his brain) to make a choice. It is one of the main factors separating us from being a genuine contender.

The commentators were grumbling about the first half, but the pressing niggle aside I was very pleased. They want entertaining, we want a result, we got it right. Patience was the order of the day and we showed it in the right measure.

No silly open, gung ho bollocks. We kept it very tight, were positionally disciplined and made sure we had as much ball as them and with the excellent (out of form of course) Parker and Sandro their midfield was never allowed to control the game, get into rhythm or set any tempo. We didn't either but it was a much cleverer tactic than any other we might have employed, because it was a clearly thought out piece of pragmatism. We have the better players, win the battle and hope that they deliver the superior quality to finish the job.

And but for our quality players that plan nearly worked to perfection. I don't think it's belief, players like Adsebayor and VDV have done it on bigger stages and in big games even for us. I think we just needed the rub, even more than against ManU, that rub was cruel today. There were a couple of poor choices made by all our creatives, but they all also made some good ones too. Bale's ball to Walker was superb. Modric's to Adebayor was the best of the game. Adebayor seemed to do the right thing an inch to the right or a little bobble on the ball and we win. Fine margins that we deserved to go our way today, because we dominated the second half.

What we did today proves that tactics matter. Proves conclusively the difference they can make. Not just who you pick or the formation you place them, but the instruction and application of them.

In the end it was just individual moments that prevented us from gaining a deserved win.

If we could get this right more often we have the players to be challenging. I do not think that we are inferior in personnel to ManU and are at least on par with Arsenal and very close to ManC. They just get the coaching and the tactics right more often collectively than we do, especially in the 6 pointers.

I personally would have loved to have seen VDV left on for 5/10 more minutes as spaces were emerging in the later stages (especially after the subs) that he might have been able to exploit, especially as Saha played in pretty much the same places.


Friedel 5 - Needed a blocking off Walker. His reticence to leave his line, even for a ball 4 yards from his line leaves defenders panicking and causes danger.

Walker 6 - Worked hard, has a great attitude but lacks the technique and craft to capitalise on it. Defensively still susceptible sometimes too.

Gallas 7.5 - Excellent game. First choice alongside Kaboul now for sure.

Kaboul 7 - Caught out by the clever movement and quick delivery of pass that was enabled by poor pressing further up the pitch, but grew into the game.

Ekotto 5 - Really poor today in all ways. Gave the ball away too cheaply sometimes, defended badly, was overly fucking casual a couple of times and I hate the way he turns his back on a challenge often. Technically good and sees shitloads of ball but has a casual brain sometimes.

Parker 7.5 - Excellent game. Because of our shape and tactics wasn't overburdened for a change. (433 converting to 451 with everyone working hard) 38/42 passes

Sandro 7 - Good game. Nothing spectacular, but that was why he's there so the opposition don't get the freedom that our chocolate teapot formation usually allows.27/32

Modric 7.5 - Got off to a shaky start, with not much room to operate, but he acclimatised and grew into the game, eventually becoming possibly the most influential player in the game, creating the two best chances of the game. 51/56

VDV 7 - So much goes through him, and he often manages to wriggle himself space from tight corners and get off a pass, sometimes short sometimes it changes direction of play. Unlucky not to score ut put in a decent shift in hard fought quarters. 46/52 (76 minutes). Seeing more ball than any of our other upfield players.

Adebayor 7 - Good shift. Wanted him to press from the top just a fraction better at times but by and large he was good today. Showed up, held up and so nearly scored.36/42

Bale 7.25 - Was actually pretty poor first half. Doesn't like these kind of games where there is no space and people don't give him carte blanche and hates it when he has to work hard defensively, but as with a couple of others, he grew into this game and as it opened up, he did and was more influential than Mata for example. 41/48


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Jan 27, 2011
If you were judging it from the match thread you would have though Bale and Adebayor would get 3s. Bale didnt have the best game but i thought he was busy and created for himself and the team. Ade struggled with his finishing but he was strong,powerful and pacey today and seemed a real handful. He was full of running but started alot of our attacks. I enjoyed watching him today just a shame he didnt score once he rounded cech.


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Jun 27, 2004
Sorry BC I couldnt be bothered to read you post, it was too long. But I did catch the 7.25 rating for Bale. 7.25???? How DO you come up with a 0.25 rating? Do you have some kind of calculator or formula that comes up with scores to the quarter?
Oct 19, 2004
Sorry BC I couldnt be bothered to read you post, it was too long. But I did catch the 7.25 rating for Bale. 7.25???? How DO you come up with a 0.25 rating? Do you have some kind of calculator or formula that comes up with scores to the quarter?
Sorry I couldn't be bothered to read your post, it was three sentences too long. but I am BC.


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Mar 17, 2005
Gallas was our best player today but to be honest I don't think any of our players really played that well however the big difference was that we kept it tight,we actually looked like we had a plan and we didn't play our normal wide-open,gung-ho football.

Every away game should be played the same way,take the heat out of the game,play possession football and hope that our superior front men can take the chances that win's the game.
If not walk away with a draw,job done.

It ain't rocket science Harry!