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Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by OmarsComing, Mar 24, 2012.


  1. Freidel

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  2. Walker

  3. Kaboul

  4. King

  5. Assou-Ekotto

  6. Sandro

  7. Parker

  8. Modric

  9. Bale

  10. Van Der Vaart

  11. Adebayor

  12. Saha

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  13. Livermore

  1. WhiteHart4Ever

    WhiteHart4Ever Well-Known Member

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    I can agree with this, though if we were to add half points as well I'd have Kaboul down to 6.5 and Walker up to 7.5. I thought Parker as well was better than Modric in midfield worthy of a 7.5. Gallas was great once he decided he was ready to play, first 20 mins or so he looked a bit lost but he really grew as the game went on and will be important in the run-in.

    I can see people being critical to Friedel, can't say he did much wrong yesterday. He was caught out by Mata's free kick, should've come for a few crosses as usual but you guys should be used to this by now. Clean sheets at the Bridge have been few and far between so credit to him and the defence (including Sandro and Parker) for getting us there.

    As for the game: Ever seen two top teams this afraid to lose? Met up with a Manure supporter after the game and he'd fallen asleep watching it. Second half better than a first half that was most likely the most uneventful half of Premiership football ever, and we really should've nicked it. While our previously immense defence has been suspect lately it is certainly our lack of a proper goal scorer that is the biggest issue. We need the limited contribution from all four of VDV, Ade, Bale and Lennon to score enough to be consistent at top level; with the three former somewhat off the (scoring) boil and Lennon out completely the attacking threat is limited.
  2. EastLondonYid

    EastLondonYid Well-Known Member

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    Mom ...Walker, closely followed by Ade and then Gallas.

    It just felt that we were back yesterday, ok we didn't pull up trees in the first half, but its the exact performance that was required considering we wanted to at least keep hold of our 5 point lead..
    I just can't help thinking had Harry played this formation,that we were all crying out for, against the scum, we would still be well clear of them.

    I think we will kick on now and the battle for 3rd is on..COYS!
  3. DEFchenkOE

    DEFchenkOE Well-Known Member

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    Completely agree with this, we were able to create some very good chances in open play yesterday. Especially in the 2nd half, and we were also to get into dangerous positions on a number of occasions and would have been able to create more chances if Bale hadn't been so greedy.

    I just think that a lot of people think that 4-4-2 at home is always the way to go with 2 strikers, but if u listen to what Redknapp said post match, and it was along the lines of we had 3 up front, so for me I see that as more attacking and gives Modric license to get more forward knowing he has more protection behind him. I really hope we play like this until the end of the season.
  4. Wheeler Dealer

    Wheeler Dealer Well-Known Member

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    We played Chelsea at their own game 1st half with our retention of ball and pedestrian pace. 2nd half, once we injected some pace looked the only winner.

    Chelsea are slow and predictable, which give Redknapp some credit set up to counter this.

    With the exception of Lampard's speculative long range effort, i can't remember Freidel making a save.
  5. dynamoSpurs

    dynamoSpurs Well-Known Member

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    What abouyt Harry? 3.5/10? Saha instead of Defoe?! Is he on crack? Saha is shit. No two ways about it.

    And Livermore? Rubbish! Get him away from our squad.

    Why no Rose for Benny after his string of howlers?

    And why Bale edging more and more central as the game progressed?!

    Wrong tactics yet again from HR.
  6. Spurs_Q8

    Spurs_Q8 Well-Known Member

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    as i've always said, sticking with two touch tacklers like Sandro & Parker would be the best thing vs top sides, we were so balanced and give Modric a bit freedom, this performance remembered me our last 20 mins vs Arsenal (H) last season, when we were behind 1-3 and came 3-3 when Sandro came on.

    anyway, well done for the team and Redknapp, if we kept playing like that until the end of the season, we will finish above Goner.
  7. ethanedwards

    ethanedwards Snowflake incarnate.

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    Good trip mate.
  8. Spurrific

    Spurrific Can't stop saying fella

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    He didn't put a foot wrong

    JUSTINSIGNAL Well-Known Member

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    Are you on crack?
  10. Blake Griffin

    Blake Griffin Well-Known Member

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    it's like he's trying to be as wrong as possible.
  11. double0

    double0 Well-Known Member

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    A much better performance from Adebayor well overdue if he can play like that more often his a great player. Modric looked good in the position he occupied. I thought Walker was very good as too Van De Vaart who for me is our Star Player-that player that can win a game.
  12. yido_number1

    yido_number1 Spurs supporter, unlike some.

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    voted king to pick Gallas...
  13. thfc1989

    thfc1989 Well-Known Member

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    not sure if serious

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