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Bring back Juande Ramos :p
Jul 3, 2006
Friedel 6 - should have come for the cross which they scored from. Decent save from Frimpong.

Walker 6 - good tracking back, terrible deliveries when attacking.

Dawson 6 - not a lot to do but who was he marking for the goal? nobody! Same old wasteful long balls.

Kaboul 7 - decent game, looked our best attacking player!

Ekotto 7 - did what he had to do well.

Lennon 6 - quiet.

Bale 5 - piss poor performance. Shooting was damn right awful and I don't recall him spending more than a few mins on the god damn left wing!

Parker 5.5 - looked out of sorts.

Modric 7 - scored and kept plucking away.

VDV 6 - decent in patches, getting in Adebayor's way the rest of the time.

Adebayor 5 - poor game.

Defoe 6 - 1 decent half chance, other than that - didn't do anything.

Rose 5 - pointless substitution, one chance to cross and hit the 1st man.

Redknapp 5 - strange tactics re Bale and Kranjcar/Pava should have come on. At worst, Kaboul should have been pushed up to give us another aerial threat in the box.


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Aug 9, 2008
Adebayor was terrible will look forward to seeing someone else play instead of him. Defoe should've started instead of VDV.

Modric was immense and Walker did so well bombing up and and down, despite a lack of end product. Bale worked his socks off, but should have got a goal today, although Adebayor didn't help his cause.


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Jun 11, 2006
Friedel 6 - Should've come out for their goal

Walker 6.5 - Unlucky with the ref's corner decision.

Dawson 6 - I hate his hoofing and nearly got caught out as the last man after our goal.

Kaboul 7 - Good game

Ekotto 7 - Did well but does get too casual at times.

Lennon 6.5 - Not at his best.

Bale 5 - Poor game Gareth.

Parker 6 - Poor passing.

Modric 7 - Good goal but not influential enough today

VDV 6 - Didn't influence proceedings enough

Adebayor 6 - Worked hard, not offside for his disallowed goal (again). Some good hold up play but ineffective for the most part.

Defoe 6 - Thought his shot that Hennesey saved was poor by his standards. Did nothing else.

Rose 6 - Didn't understand why he'd have to come on.

We're shit at defending corners and crosses. We're shit at taking corners and free-kicks. I don't get it.

Overall, our performance wasn't a disaster like some people are making it out to be but we do need to play better if we're going to finish in the top 4 this season.


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Jul 26, 2004
Friedel, 6 didn't have much to do. one Frable Fennis shot that he made look hard.

BAE, 6.5 bit slack at times (strange to sub him for Rose though?)

Kaboul, 6.5 also a bit slack, and clearly not as comfortable at going forward on the left as his use of the ball there was poor.

Daws, 6 Looked rusty today.

Walker, 6.5 created some chances but took a couple of stupid risks which could have cost us.

Lennon, 6.5 kept some width which no one else was offering, but didn't do much with the ball he saw.

Parker, 5.5 Poor today, dwelt on the ball, seems to take too long to see a pass, which against a team intent on defending can cost you.

Modric, 7 tried to open things up scored and knitted well but too many around him let him down.

VDV 6.5, one of those days where it didn't really happen for him.

Bale 6, poor today, poor shooting, poor movement and passing, little understanding of the role he has been given means he didn't really get into enough areas to hurt Wolves.

Ade 6, was also a bad daw for Ade, had opportunities to set up players around him today but poor touch/awareness cost him, also unable to shoot first time it seems.


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Jun 13, 2008
Friedel 6

Walker 6
Dawson 6
Kaboul 6

Lennon 6
Parker 5
Modric 7
Bale 5

Adebayor 5

Defoe 5
Rose 5


Ledley's Knee!
Aug 25, 2005
Freidel - 7 2 good saves

Walker 5 - hes so overated for his attacking play which is terrible he flys forward with his head down then runs at the corner flag like a crazy puppy thats chasing a stick then if he does whip a ball in they are usually dreadful he has no end product whatsoever people say hes great going forward sorry for me hes overated hes not awful going forward compared to benny or even somebody like micah richards!

Dawson 5 - Played great wednesday didnt hoof it once then today he reverted back to old style dawson 1 great ball aside the rest was hoofball im sorry daws lad i love you but if you want to play hoofball fuck off to stoke or wolves and also learn how to mark from corners

Kaboul 7 - good i love it when he goes on a lil run but play it simple your not messi younes apart from that well played trys to drag the team forward to much!

Ekotto 7 - Classy good game why was he took off?

Lennon 4 - Thought he was awful usual touch and zip wernt there he always takes ages to get over injurys tho

Parker 5 - Think his form has came and gone

Modric 8 - Tried harder than any other player on the pitch to make something happen

Bale 4 - Shocking not himself at all!

Van Der Vaart 6 - Stop taking corners tho please some great bits of skill

Adebayor 5 - Lost his mojo also

Defoe - Touched the ball once i think?

Rose - Why bring him on?

These are the games you need to win if you want to be serious about winning the title or finishing fourth this was the first spurs of old performance all season!


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Apr 10, 2004
Friedel 6.5 Should have claimed the ball for the goal

Walker 6.5 - Penetrating runs, nothing to aim for or outcrowded in the box by wolves

Dawson 6 - Tussled well with Fletcher, it was a tie.

Kaboul 7 - Good defenisvely, should leave the attacking to BAE

Ekotto 6.5 - Solid

Lennon 7 - The only player to get behind Wolves constantly, don't know why he was taken off

Bale 6.5 - Not bad but not great. Average game and had nothing to aim for in the box

Parker 5 - Ventured forward destroying our shape forcing modric to hold. Misplaced passes under no pressure, wrong decision making when attacking and I cannot remember one single tackle he made today. The only thing he did well was clatter Frimpong. Over than that for the person supposed to add steel to our midfield he shirked his defensive responisibility

Modric 7 - Good strike, kept things ticking well, but parker's lack of disicipline restricted modric getting forward and influencing things more

VDV 7 - Crowded out by wolves, hacked and pushed at every occasion but retained the ball well. Wolves shut down all the avenues at times today so not many attacking options to aim for.

Adebayor 6 - up for the physical tussle but wolves seemed to have an extra man on the pitch he was so outcrowded

Defoe n/a.

Rose n/a

Redknapp - Bad selection in choosing a clearly unfit parker. Should have kept livermore in. Also the team looks very unfit at times, with people struggling to get back into position or to press.


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Jul 26, 2004
yeah you wonder sometimes...

During the game the commentators kept saying that's not like Parker giving the ball away.

didn't clue on to the fact they'd already said it about 3 times in the last 90 minutes...


Pull my finger
Jan 7, 2004
Friedel 6
Walker 6
Dawson 4.5
Kaboul 7
Ekotto 6
Lennon 6
Bale 6
Parker 5.5
Modric 7
VDV 6.5
Adebayor 5.5
Defoe 5.5
Rose 5


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Nov 8, 2004
Motm for me was Walker. Tried to drive us forward in the 2nd half when the rest had run out of energy and ideas

Daws was poor and Kaboul not much better. We are not the same side at the back without 1 of King or Gallas

One week without both and they look pretty lost on there own


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Nov 24, 2006
Motm for me was Walker. Tried to drive us forward in the 2nd half when the rest had run out of energy and ideas

Daws was poor and Kaboul not much better. We are not the same side at the back without 1 of King or Gallas

One week without both and they look pretty lost on there own
Thought Kaboul did ok, he certainly wasn't poor.


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Apr 10, 2006
Friedel 6.5
Kaboul 7.5
Dawson 6
Walker 7
Bale 6
Modric 7
Parker 5.5
VDV 6.5
Ade 6
Defoe 6
Harry 6 Feel that he picked not quite the right the right side here. Livermore and Defoe would have given a bit more energy which was needed to overpower a tough Wolves side. In the event Parker struggled and have been withdrawn on the hour


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Feb 13, 2004
Modric gets MOM...but largely by default.

He absolutely was not at the races in the first half at all (anyone that thinks differently should jsut watch that half).
he was pretty good in the second half - much more his usual self. But it isn;t really right to give MOM for one half of a game.
Kaboul would have been good if not for the fact that he threw most of our good positions away by firing one off in his shorts in excitement (what used, in more genteel times, to be called having a nose bleed). Methinks Hell-Boy should be taking him to Yoga classes.

VDV was okay, nothing more.
Walker quite good but nothing more.

Adebayor was frustrating and Bale was having one of thosse listening to hus hype way too much these days games :roll:

Lennon was better and unfortunate to come off.
Hell-Boy was okay, nothing more.

Dawson was quite poor.
BAE was okay without being at his best.

Parker showed signs of what made him so effective before his injury - but seemed tactically confused into trying to swap roles with Modric (perhaps why Modric sood in the centre circle looking bemused for the first half). And he still looks tired despite having a rest.

JD had one of his largely anonymous games - differentiated from the others by the fact that he didn't even score.
Danny Rose...mmmmm...I understood the theory - but it was one of those ones where they were sitting so deep that benny was pretty attacking anyway. The type of thang that is an attacking move with a very open game. Mind you, if Bale actually went down the left wing occasionally it might not have seemed like an attacking move.

Referee :cry:
Oct 19, 2004
One of those days I guess. You can't fault the effort, just the execution.

Quality wise this game became an ever decreasing circle. I thought we played really well in the first half despite a vigorously hard working, pressing performance from Wolves, who were incredibly lucky to score with their only foray into our half from a set piece that should never have been in the first place.

Our approach play was very good at times and despite Wolves resolute work we were still fashioning good situations. Problem was this was one of those days that we haven't had at WHL for quite a while. The decision making and final ball/finish just never matched the approach, or wouldn't roll our way, on some occasions both, typified by Bales's goal bound shot, needlessly tapped in by an incorrectly flagged offside Adebayor.

A mockery of three shams.

The level of effort didn't really drop, but the quality certainly did. Passing became sloppy, more good situations were spurned with poor decisions, people trying flicks instead of making sure with a pass, Adebayor blocked another shot destined for the goal, Bale flitted about ineffectively and Modric gave the ball away more than I have ever seen him do it before and on those rare occasions when we did get it right it just wouldn't roll our way.

I don't like Bale and Lennon in the same 4 man midfield, I wish we'd stick with the 433, especially games like this, I also thought the decision to keep Lennon left for so long in the second half was counter productive, but it wasn't really why we didn't win.

We didn't win because the quality of our end product wasn't good enough and when it nearly was we just didn't get the rub.

Oh, and can we practice set pieces next week please Mr Redknapp, because ours are diabolical. Possibly the worst in this league.


Friedel 5 - You want a keeper that doesn't leave his line this is the down side. A keeper like Gomes comes and gets something on that cross all day long.

Walker 6 - Just isn't doing it for me. Gave the ball away 20 times, a couple of bad ones like in the closing minutes that could have cost us dear, defending is hit and miss and if he's there for his attacking then we are in trouble because for all his willingness to bomb, there's very little quality.

Dawson 5 - humped endlessly and just looked wobbly and very poor all day, and this wasn't even a testing game. When he plays we lose a footballer from our game play. Anyone who thinks this bloke is top quality can only ever experience football through the medium of teletext. Very Bambi on ice today.

Kaboul 7 - Saw an enormous amount ball and tried to drive us forward. Covered Dawson's arse a couple times too.

Ekotto 6 - Deserved his booking for bottling the tackle. Always involved, but gave the ball away too much today.

Lennon 6 - His decision making process really needs to be better at times as he wasted three or four good situations by needlessly relinquishing possession with a stupid flick, a poorly executed pass or over running the ball. Was in the game more today but we really need a player with some guile to balance off Bale's power and pace. Passes 35/41.

Parker 7.5 - was excellent first half, did tire second half but not surprising considering he was holding together a 4 man midfield consisting of Lennon, Modric and Bale. P 50/59.

Modric 7.5 - Plenty of effort and a cracking goal but gave the ball away more times that I can remember him ever doing. 63/79.

Bale 6 - Drifted about, and several times I noticed him standing motionless in the D taking Adebayor's space. Got involved but provided very little intelligent end product. There's freedom and then there's taking a liberty. Bale definitely straddles the two at times.44/53

VDV 7.5 - Superb first half but noticeably faded second half, but our football got sloppy and more direct second half too which didn't help. His movement is vital to us when teams dig in because he poses them a dilemma, does someone follow him etc, and was at the hub of most good things first half. Once again was our joint top passer. 63/75

Adebayor 6 - Effort but ultimately one of those days when things just didn't come off. We really could do with an option to bring off the bench to relieve him some games. 29/37.


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Jun 17, 2008
let's go and sign Samba for fuck sake. we have no obvious targets at set pieces, imagine we could bring on or push forward CS as an auxiliary striker in these situations where teams are sitting back and basically just defending. they even had the nerve to bring off jarvis for elokobi (spl?), cheeky fuckers!