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Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by OmarsComing, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. whitelightwhiteheat

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    Martin Atkinson's the referee... what can we expect from him? I can't recall any games he's done of ours, though I think he reffed us recently, didn't he? I forget!
  2. JerryGarcia

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    The first team have had a week off now so I fully expect them to be well up for this and ready to go.
  3. JollyHappy

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    I was at that game. It was played at Elland Road and as Spurs had the "new stand" some FA idiot decided it was fair to give Everton the other 3 sides of the ground so it seemed a home tie for them.

    Plus always remember watching Darren Anderton (sicknote) coming out to warm up with one of the biggest bandages on his knee you will ever see.

    Not a happy game to be at!
  4. Abdoujaparov

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    Remember that too - what a joke.

    Reckon that game was one of my formative Spurs experiences as a kid...and not a good one!
  5. NickHSpurs

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    Every game feels so big, I feel nervous and excited before every one now.

    Teams are going to come to the Lane to try and frustrate now and that will be no different today. An early goal would do wonders today, we have to get out of the blocks quickly.
  6. Bobbins

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    That 4-1 game is one of my darkest Spurs memories. I was 14 years old and got trashed at school for weeks afterwards (hadn't helped that I'd been telling everyone how we were going to tear Everton a new one).

    After that what seemed like all our star players left, and so ended the one tiny crack of light I'd seen in my Spurs supporting life until that point. I really felt we were going to be hitting the big time but instead we had nearly ten more years of dross to come.

    Makes you really appreciate how healthy the club is in every aspect these days.
  7. ShelfSide18

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    It also makes you wary how fragile even our strong position currently can be...

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