2018 SC Cheltenham Festival Tipsters Competition.


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Sep 20, 2005
Yeah congrats TCO (y).

A good week for me in this comp, not really reflected in my actual bets.

As they say, it’s a mugs game...... but I love it. Not much else gets the ticker going like a good horse race.


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Jul 10, 2006
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OK, im back....and no matter how i count it up, Kev still has the most points...i mean, everyday he was top...it's never happened before!
We even have an award named after him for coming last...
Anyway, really well done @TheChosenOne ...you won all the way every day.
(Is this for real..it don't seem right o me... it's a dream, yeah, that's what it is a Pina Colada/ Valium/ dihydrocodeine induced dream...)
Second...who got second, ah yes @dagraham well done to you as well...very good form and you gave TCO a run for his money..
Next....was @L-man another who could have nicked it at the death...but didn't so he came 3rd.
As for the rest of us...well it was quite pitiful really...we'll have to brush up on our tipping and do a bit more research into the coming and goings of the equine world of racing.
Thanks all for staying the course, hope you all enjoyed it, and we look forward to seeing you at the next comp...which is what and when TCO?

The Boss will pay the winners when ever he gets the notion or the will...
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Dec 13, 2005
Thanks for the kind accolades folks, cheers for the running of the whole shebang Johnny.

I'm still in a state of 'is this for real' ?

All those Irish winners over the four days - well i can be added to the list LOL - The 2018 SC Cheltenham Tipster Trophy
will be winging its way over land and sea to this South East Coast of Ireland.

I must admit days 3 and 4 were rubbish for and somehow with the penultimate race 'Blow by Blow' sailed in first giving
me those 10 beautiful points to put me just out of reach of the chasers hot on my tale.

Twice today i was glad to see my horse lose - how crazy is that ? But it meant others were denied double bubble on their nap selections or just the ten points they could have got.

I'll get one of those fancy sigs like wot the others have to proclaim my moment of fame.

Next up is the Aintree/Grand National (I think) ... Looking forward to it already.

*If the SC coffers don't hold enough vCash to pay me out I would gladly except a couple of bitcoin if A&C can be sedated long enough to disable his money belt to access his stash.

Great craic lads. Thanks again.
Dec 13, 2005
I was woken up about 6.30 this morning, we live opposite and beside a racing stud with gallops and many outdoor
and indoor facilities and the noise was 3 huge horse transporters being unloaded and after the bang crash wallop and clippetty clop and horses whinnying I looked across into the gallops to see a string of horses being put through their paces
by stable lads.

I've seen it before but I only just realised why - there is a meeting today about a dozen miles down the road at Wexford racecourse. I am assuming the nags had a little rest, leg stretch and poo break before moving off to do their stuff this sfternoon.


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Jan 1, 2008
Well that was a complete unmitigated disaster the last two days - what on Earth happened to Apple's Shakira to perform that badly?! Will have to watch a few of those races again and credit to Native River for getting the better of Mite Bite who I thought would push on.

Congrats @TheChosenOne on a well deserved festival and @Houdini for sorting all the shizz out as per (y)

Oh, and finally, @Archibald&Crooks for putting the mockers on Dresden!