30 Minutes Each Way ??

Discussion in 'General Football' started by Krule, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Interesting stat from Burnley and West Brom and a fair point raised....


    With the amount of admission fees these days then it would be nice to know you will see full value for your money every game.
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    It was you who started the thread...
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  3. Krule

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    Senility is a terrible burden Dougal....:(....my apologies.
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  4. jamesinashby

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    Mind you, compared to test cricket, I suspect their actual % for that game will be in single figures. LOL

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  5. Riandor

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    Stupid idea.
    Frankly I am amazed they don't take the easy route and simply have the ref ask/or stop the clock himself each time there is a pause for an injury or a substitution. Don't need it for throw ins, corners or goals.

    Still play 45 minutes and have zero extra time that is arbitrarily applied with often little consistency.
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  6. WalkerboyUK

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    Does make you wonder... How long would a game last if the clock was stopped every time the ball went dead etc. like with US sports?!
    We've gone to ice-hockey games, which are 3 x 20 min periods. Clock stops whenever the puck is dead, but you're guaranteed 60 mins of actual hockey. Even with 10-15 mins between each period, more often that not, a 7pm start hasn't finished until 9.15/9.30
    That's effectively anything from 30-45 mins of stoppages per game.

    Besides which, I thought the ref did stop the clock (effectively) for substitutions, injuries and so on.
    Stopping the clock for every incident will actually drag the game out even more, which might be horrific for some low quality games!
  7. L.S.U.Yiddo

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    Sensible ideas. You obviously don't work for Fifa, Uefa or the FA.

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