5 Brands Disguised as Spurs Players

Discussion in 'Columns' started by E.L.Strict, Jul 8, 2013.

  • by E.L.Strict, Jul 8, 2013 at 10:47 AM
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    5 Brands Disguised as Spurs Players

    For some Monday morning fun here are some brand logos altered to include the names of Spurs players. How easily can you identify them all?

    Hint: You're not you when you're injured​
    Hint: PAIN!!​
    Hint: Makes the passes other midfielders can't reach​
    Hint: Shake it to wake it? (OK, no more jokes about him being lazy.)
    First person to identify all 5 may win a special prize, but probably won't.​
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by E.L.Strict, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. kitchen
    Show Spoiler
    1. Snickers
    2. Nurofen clearly
    3. This was hard. I had to look it up. Butterfinger
    4. Heineken
    5. Orangina
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  2. TaoistMonkey
    I think kitchen is right. Butterfingers was hard one. Damn you American
  3. absolute bobbins
    Sandro as a painkiller? Isn't he a pain giver?
  4. midspur
    sorry, I've got work to do!!! couldn't get the Butterfinger one;)
  5. guiltyparty
    Got them all bar Butterfinger, but it's kind of ruined when someone just Google Searches all of them and posts the answers in the first comment.
  6. Armstrong_11
    Got all but the 2nd one.......

    And I bought a pack of nerofen less then 24hrs ago.... Utter failure. Lol
    Then again... Everything else is food... And before cellphones became smart and popular. U will actually take time to read labels of the stuff u were eating and drinking. :)
  7. kitchen
    Hey! The only one I google searched was butterfinger. Is that even available in the uk?
  8. E.L.Strict
    kitchen, I've taken the liberty of spoiler-tagging your original post with the answers in. Hope that's ok. (y)
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  9. guiltyparty
    Dunno. I've never seen it

    Just a general point on the thread, rather than a criticism of you. If you ask everyone to do answer in spoilers, it saves the competition being ruined
  10. Misfit
    OMG, I haven't had a butterfinger in yrs. I think it's high time I put in an order on cybercandy.

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