81,978 - record home league attendance - the stats

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 1, 2018.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Dougal
    I say we stay at Wembley and add another tier.
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  2. Gassin's finest
    Looking forward to breaking this with at least 85k next weekend.
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  3. mil1lion
    I await the 'it's unfair for Spurs to be playing in a stadium that big' excuses after the Wembley curse bollocks went up in smoke
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  4. garryparkerschest
    I believe it will be a restricted attendance (70,000) due to it being a London derby.
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  5. shelfmonkey
    You're probably right, if so.............

  6. Gassin's finest
    Didn't stop them last night.
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  7. davidmatzdorf
    It's been awhile since I saw one of those posts that used to pop up every few weeks in the New Stadium thread: about how we wouldn't be able to fill a 55,000-seat stadium, so we shouldn't make it any bigger than that.
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  8. bigspurs
    It wasn't a London derby that's why. Although most of the Man U fans there last night were probably Londoners, so technically you're right! ;)
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  9. Gassin's finest
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  10. Speedy
    It’s probably worth mentioning at some stage that I’ve had 15 seats around me empty all season. I’d expect it for Swansea and West Brom but Real, Dortmund, Liverpool and now last night... they will be empty for arsenal as well. There is a very good chance the record will be broken but I suspect every block has 5% empty seats, maybe more.

    No big deal, just a thought
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  11. greaves
    Take a shower?;)
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  12. Lilbaz
    Wow. If each block was 5% empty and there are 20 blocks that means the ground was 100% empty.
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  13. Sweetsman
    Man U have always had a sniffy, patronising attitude to us, embodied by Ferguson's half time comment about us. Well, you got it dished up ice cold, didn't you?
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  14. chico
    Brilliant last night, but 2hrs 10 each way was a little painful. Weekends we make a day of it, but evening games trickier with work etc. I will be missing Newport next week simply because of the travel. I respect all those that make the effort but I'm sometimes one of your 5%. Although I will be sneaking out early for the Juve game!
    I had a statto moment and checked out average attendances in Europe. Dortmund, Bayern, Mancs and Real are the only 4 clubs with higher average attendances this season than us! :)
    Superb effort from all the fans I reckon!
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  15. Speedy
    I think it means the ground is 5% empty. Unless Karl pilkington is doing the maths these days
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  16. Lilbaz
    It was a joke.
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  17. Speedy
    I can’t tell anymore. That petr cech miskick has really messed me up, its like he’s been watching videos of spurs from 2003
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  18. Spurs1961
    That's so true, I'd forgotten about that!
  19. SirHarryHotspur
    Can someone explain this to me a ground that is supposed to have a capacity of 90000 , attendance against Man U almost 82000, so where were there 8000 empty seats, a few roped off seats either side of Man U fans and odd seats empty in some blocks but that doesn't make 8000.

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