A Familiar Old Story

Discussion in 'Columns' started by dav3j, Dec 16, 2013.

  • by dav3j, Dec 16, 2013 at 1:55 PM
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    Anyone else get that feeling we might have been here before?

    Having not written in ages, thought it was deserving of a blog as the dust settles following AVB's sacking.

    Link here: http://wp.me/p2ytlh-2x

    Comments would be gratefully received.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by dav3j, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. coldasice199
    Nice blog; well written.

    I did you a favour and shared it on FB for you.

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  2. spud
    If you can't be bothered to post it on here then I can't be bothered to read it.
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  3. striebs
    I wasn't AVB's greatest fan but his departure is a failure of the clubs manager selection policy , not AVB's failure .

    As someone else said , Spurs got him too young .

    Sometimes AVB made me cringe because he talked like I did when I was in my late twenties / early thirties but I can't hold that against him .

    Perhaps AVB leaving is the best for all concerned .

    Perhaps also ENIC don't have the patience required to let a younger manager make his mistakes and become older and wiser and mature into someone who can create a dynasty .

    If so , then I would at least hope Daniel Levy does not repeat the mistake by signing another very young manager and goes with someone with a bit more experience of life under their belt .
  4. buckley
    when you employ a foriegn manager it can be a lottery for every wenger there is untold santinis ;ramos;s; or a gross.arsenal to some extent got lucky with wenger.instead of anger against levy you should remember other chairman such as sugar and the previous chaiman to sugar whose name escapes me had a terrible record in the attempt to get a top manager even in the days of nicholson the chairman i believe was richardson emloyed t.o.niel oh dear it is a failing many times over by many chairmen to employ the correct manager in my 65 years of supporting spurs we have only got this problem right 3 times;a.rowe;w.nicholson;k;burkenshaw;and twice a little bit right in venables and redknapp;;so please get things in perspective ; im sure all the former chairmen wanted a nicholson but havnt had the luck because no matter how you look at a mans c.v. it does not guarantee success otherwise every team would have a top manager;being a spurs man for as long as i have i know that the people at the top are trying for the best man for the job but as i say its not an exact science ;you just need a slice of good luck;please put your name here anyone who can say we as in spurs had important good luck in getting the right man
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  5. Durbs
    Only thing I had about AVB was this was a short term project for him.
    We now need to find the right man (that's been said each time we are looking), have the same initial goal as AVB but turn it into a long term goal. A manager that stays for a long time i.e Ferguson or Wenger and now looking like Rodgers at Liverpool.
    They need to WANT to be at Spurs!!!!
  6. Lilbaz
    Think Sherwood and Ramsey will do the job well. Top 4 this season.
  7. dav3j
    Thanks for the feedback all. My personal opinion is that Levy will go for the more safer, proven and established option when he picks our new manager, in the same way we reverted to Prem-proven 'Arry after our brief time under Ramos.

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