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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by CosmicHotspur, Aug 9, 2008.

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    I thought it would be fun to start a thread on different aspects of the history of Spurs.

    If you have any old documents, photos, newspaper articles, etc you can post them here.

    This is my first contribution and I will post many more as time goes by (especially when I get my new scanner up and running as I have some quite old pics and articles).

    I found this one on-line and thought it was interesting reading. It was printed in the Tottenham Herald in 1921.

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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by CosmicHotspur, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Houdini
    Why on earth have you done this Cosmic......eh?

    This means a trip to my attic......and that means I'll have to get my food sent up to me........oh well, i haven't looked through my Spurs memorabilia for quite a while, i just hope the mice ain't been at it all!
  2. CosmicHotspur
    Get up there, brush off the cobwebs and get some good stuff posted! :wink:
  3. Houdini
    Seriously, i think i'm going to enjoy it!:)
  4. CosmicHotspur
    Don't blink or you'll miss this very short, rare old piece of footage of the 1901 Cup Final against Sheffield Utd at Crystal Palace. We drew 1-1 and won 3-1 at the replay held at Burnden Park, Bolton.

    We were the first non-league club to win the FA Cup.

  5. PT
    As promised I'm going to sticky this as it's gaining momentum. Thanks to all who have posted stuff in here so far and please keep going!!

    By the way, that 1974 piccy reminds me of the semi final League Cup match away to Newcastle Utd which we lost and I was recording it on a cassette off the radio coverage at the age of twelve, when I was first seriously aware of what suporting my team meant.
  6. BOLT
    Shame to think that CJ attended the same 'self-help' sessions as my estranged Brother-in-Law
  7. CosmicHotspur
    He's well over that problem now and has been for many years thank goodness. (That's a real ITK response btw).
  8. Dougal
    Quite recent history but some pics I took around 1994...

  9. TheChosenOne

    I can see one of my mates in the 1974 piccy but I am not saying who or where this time around, that pic was taken where we used to stand in those days.
  10. TheChosenOne
    I remember the Park Lane being like that because of a throwing incident of some sort.
    Eventually the temporary blocked off area became built with a gap behind the goal for a few years till the hoolies calmed down.
  11. Jack2
    Great stuff!!! Thank you!!!!! :bow:
  12. CosmicHotspur
    The 1901 final clip was a bit short, but here's the 1921 final - a bit more to see this time (except the quality of the film makes it look like the game was played in a real pea souper). Nevertheless, a nice little slice of our history.

    We beat Wolves 1-0 at Stamford Bridge with a second half Jimmy Dimmock goal.

  13. DC_Boy
    great stuff

    I'll catch up on it at the weekend hopefully - was talking to this pretty young girl at a pub garden on sun - her first Spurs visit - she was american I think - very much an ABC1 upper/middle class 'princess' type - was with some uni friends - had her spurs shirt on - I was thinking this is very different to when I first came to the Lane in 63

    'Enjoy' she said when I wished her well for her first game - 'you too' - hope she still pays the occasional visit in 2053 - i'll probably be dead by then - but the spirit I hope lives on - one generation to the next - continent to continent - and eventually planet to planet?
  14. Mr-T
    Nice one Cosmic, some excellent stuff...
  15. padgateyids
    This thread is a great insight in to the clubs background. Can anyone share there stories from going to games and grounds years ago for example what was it like to see us win the Cup winners Cup, the double and uefa cup etc.
  16. TheChosenOne
    As well as the "highs" there are the "lows"
    It is all part and parcel of supporting Spurs like I have for 40 odd years
  17. spursphil
    I love threads like this, and as i have followed spurs for 40 years i do like the old pictures!
    Here's one of "The Leader of the Band"

  18. TheChosenOne
    Nice post Spursphil.

    I think it is just a sad fact that all the years of going to Spurs myself and my mates never had cameras/camera phones/whatever
    to capture the moments. (Working class and all that)

    We usually only saw pictures in the press or weddings etc.
  19. spursphil
    I know mate and your right, mind you we never thought much about it then did we!
    Some of my fondest memories was crowding round the radio to listen to spurs play away in Europe, my brothers and i going mental when we scored, and my dad having the smile on his face while telling us to keep the noise down.:razz:
  20. CosmicHotspur
    We never really thought of taking photos in those days as you say. There were photos taken by other people at various times but I never got copies, I'm even on Cliff and Joan Jones' old cine films from the 60s when I was in my teens and they did lend the video to me to watch but of course I gave it back.

    The press often took photos when friends and I went to meet the returning coaches at the Lane or went to watch the players training at Cheshunt but they were unpublished pictures and archived somewhere, filed and lost and very likely discarded after some time.

    I know I'm right on that centre line, down by the metal fence with the alphabet letters for half time scores in many photos too, but too far away to be seen.

    At least I found the one of us at the gate when the European Cup Winners Cup was passed along and that was just by sheer chance.

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