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    I thought it would be fun to start a thread on different aspects of the history of Spurs.

    If you have any old documents, photos, newspaper articles, etc you can post them here.

    This is my first contribution and I will post many more as time goes by (especially when I get my new scanner up and running as I have some quite old pics and articles).

    I found this one on-line and thought it was interesting reading. It was printed in the Tottenham Herald in 1921.

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Discussion in 'Front Page Features' started by CosmicHotspur, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. CosmicHotspur
    I found this postcard in a box full of them in Barnet Market many years ago. It's early 60s and I knew who owned some of the cars parked there - mainly Spurs players. One of the cars belonged to Terry Medwin and another to reserve player Barry Aitchison.

    It's quite possible that I was around the corner in what is now Bill Nicholson Way talking to players and collecting autographs!

  2. CosmicHotspur

    A rather nice photo of Billy Nick talking tactics at the old Cheshunt training ground with Frank Saul, Joe Kinnear, Terry Venables and Pat Jennings.
  3. CosmicHotspur
    A rare picture of Jimmy Greaves with his dad, Jimmy Snr, who was a train operator on the Roding Valley section of the Central Line.

  4. CosmicHotspur
    I ghosted the article on Mike England. Wish I still had a copy. I also ghosted articles for Tony Book, Joe Kinnear and Jimmy Adamson, among others for this mag.

  5. TheChosenOne
    I remember Mike England signing for Spurs, I was as usual on my 6 week summer holliers in Ireland 1966. The World Cup summer.

    Cossie... I never knew until now that his real name was HAROLD MICHAEL England !!!
  6. cheeseman

    From "Tottenham Hotspur - The Official Illustrated History 1882-1996" by Phil Soar. The caption says:

    The earliest picture of a Spurs team, probably taken before the club's first ever competitive match, a London Cup tie against St Albans on Saturday 17 October 1885. The team was (back row l-r) W.C. Tyrell, F.Lovis, Jack Jull, John Ripsher (President), Hedley Bull (who kept this print), Sam Casey and (front row l-r) T.W. Bumberry, R. Amos, Bobby Buckle, Billy Mason, Billy Harston and Frank Cottrell. The team is wearing its new blue and white strip, after Blackburn Rovers.
  7. cheeseman

    From the same book. The caption reads:

    The first programme known to have been issued by the club, for an athletic meeting in 1891. Note that the date of establishment is given as 1880, almost certainly when the cricket club came into being but two years before football was adopted.
  8. CosmicHotspur

    Pat is 64 today. This pic of him playing with the kids in the street is really charming.
  9. TheChosenOne
    NIce one PJ.

    Street footie.
    Couldn't do that these days, too many parked cars.
  10. TheChosenOne
    Germany thought they would come back in 1940 but the RAF put paid to that.
  11. Reece
    this is a great thread, i'm only 21 its brilliant to see some old skool photos of the spurs!
  12. CosmicHotspur

    Glad you like it.

    I started this thread for three reasons:

    1. For us oldies who like to mull over the memories of days gone by.

    2. For younger SCers like yourself who missed out on some of the glory days and want to learn more of the history.

    3. Because I thought it would be a real slice of Spurs history and it's for anyone with memories and photos to post in or just browse through and enjoy.
  13. Houdini
    :rofl: Brilliant post Kev, Brilliant mate!

    Its one of the very best threads on the site, girl...:clap:, and i would strongly recommend that everyone on here should look in now and again!
  14. Fordy
    Anyone have 70's, 80's pics? mainly of the shelf?
  15. TheChosenOne
    Nobody I knew back then possessed a camera, or indeed the money to buy a film and pay for it to be developed. (Let alone have one in the pocket to get crushed/nicked etc)

    Cameras were for weddings and hol snaps.

    The only fellah I knew had a camera was called Lol, he was from Walthamstow and became one of the press guys behind the goals at Spurs matches.
  16. Fordy
    I bet Lol was a right laugh.

    You not got any Kev?
  17. CosmicHotspur

    An interesting find. A bit hard to read the names, but they are all named with their army ranks.
  18. TheChosenOne
    Lol. - Lol Eek

    No pics whatsoever, shame that.

    I had hundreds of programmes, home and away, don't know where they went to.
  19. spursphil
    Spurs v Preston 1937, crushing due to another packed house.


    11th september 1950 Alf


    Spurs players training 17th jan 1938



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