A New Dawn


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May 26, 2004
I think that's the key aprt, Levy messed up, but was quick to man up and rectify it.

BMJ gave us back self respect... but when players started to leave that never should have (like Carrick) I started to fear that BMJ would never take us on into the top 4.

But I still liked the man immensely.

His time with other clubs will only strengthen his managerial skills and experience and I would love for him to come back one day a better manager into a better club!

I love Redknap and am sure he will do us proud and after he has retired, lets bring back the bald one.



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Nov 16, 2006
Let's hope that the reports on Spurs Odyssey and Harry Hotspur that claim that 'Arry was interviewed for four hours by the police this week, and that he is currently out on bail are untrue. To loose 'Arry right now would be a disaster, after the 'Triffic job he's been doing at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
Welcome back, Ally!


Jun 29, 2003
How we've missed your column Ally. Welcome back. Great comeback too.

Apparently Jol is on Levy's list for when Harry eventually goes. He'd be my first choice.
May 28, 2004
As many have said, it's good to read your articles again. It was those post match write ups which also got me hooked to SC. I hope you have the time to submit more, but we understand you now have an elevated status!

It's interesting to know you had that time with MJ and his family. That must have made it all harder when he got sacked. He seems pragmatic about it, but then he would have to eh? Ode to MJ is a great book, thanks for that.

Let's all look forward to beating the Ar5ena1 eh?


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Mar 18, 2004
I even enjoyed the Season before with Pleat as caretaker , the 3-4 against Man City and Michael Brown scoring the goals to keep us up . Praying that the Ginger Pele would be fit .

Can remember roaring "We've got a manager" repeatedly in the car when Santini was appointed after so many months without anyone at the tiller .

The influx of new players Arneson brought in like Pedro Mendes , Taino and Stalteri and marvelling at Freddie Kanoute jumping over 3 feet in the air to catch a ball on his velcro chest .

And who can forget the swan song for Super Simon Davies who has beaten the injuries and is playing so well at Fulham .

All great times and with plenty of emotional highs and lows which being a Tottenham supporter is about .

Not so under Ramos , I only enjoyed two of his matches , the first one being his only emotional high during his tenure - the final .
Aug 20, 2006
Ally, It very rare that I register a post but your article hiot the spot. I still miss Martin and feel very strongly about how badly he was treated. And when King Harry was crowned I had concerns but for now they are on the back burner.

In Harry we trust but one day, one day in the future, I hope Martin returns!:beer:


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Jul 16, 2004
Your articles are always fantastic, i often use to think why are you not writting for a big news paper.

however i feel depressed right now and really miss Martin Jol :(

They were good times, 3 fantastic seasons.

And to the guy who said Martin was tactically rubbish up yours i dont personally belive that at all.


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Apr 15, 2004
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And who can forget the swan song for Super Simon Davies who has beaten the injuries and is playing so well at Fulham.
Simon Davies was always a favourite of mine. I remember thinking the double signing of him and Matthew Etherington from Peterborough would turn out to be one of the bargains of the century. In a way it still wasn't bad, we must have made a good profit.

Davies, while not quite on the same level, was another Darren Anderton for me. A player with the potential to be a top top player, but knocked back by so many injuries. Wasn't it shin splints that kept Davies out for so long?


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Jan 20, 2006
Despite Jol's tactical shortcomings, I cannot help but love the big man. I must admit, I miss him stood on the touchline scaring our players into playing well! It wasn't until after he went that I appreciated how much of a top man he was (and is).
You say, 'tactical shortcomings', and one could indeed criticise him for being too cautious and employing tactics that weren't 'the Spurs way' (although you arguably have to be into your mid-30s to have witnessed that). You would hardly accuse HSV of being a cautious side last season, though, especially if you'd watched them over the previous couple of seasons. The fact is, Martin made the best of what he had—we didn't have the players to succeed 'the Spurs way', but we could play well-disciplined if largely unexciting football that pushed us into a top six place, and almost the CL. No-one expected too much of the 2005-2006 season, and, sadly, unforeseen success bred unrealistic expectations, not just amongst fans but at board level.

Like Ally, I was somewhat dubious about Harry, but virtually anyone would have been better than an overhyped Spanish journeyman who'd somehow won us a cup but been an ocean-going disaster in the league. And yet here we are, just over a year on, pushing for a top six (maybe even a top four?) place in what promises to be the most open EPL season in many years, playing 'the Spurs way'—great going forward, but dodgy at the back.