Ajax manager de Boer claims that Spurs have approached him about WHL job

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, Apr 29, 2014.

  • by gusrowe, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:13 PM
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    Very interesting. We seem to have a realationship with Ajax.I feel that this will happen

    Read the full article at The Telegraph
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. chinaman
    Good, so if both Ajax and FdB have said this, there is real interest from all parties concerned. Make it happen, Levy.
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  2. Lufti
    Okay but this time let's give him a full 2 years. Oh, and bring Fischer with you. Cheers.
  3. mark_2017
    If he can sort out Verts attitude out too then all the better.
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  4. double0
    Very poor from Tottenham and Ajax...two games left until the season ends why the F**# now POOR
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  5. Lufti
    Because they've won the league and we have nothing to play for. Gives Spurs fans something to be happy about for a change which is nice
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  6. Donki
    From reading his comments it seems there has been more than contact, it seems like an offer. Again it's much of an unknown, has more experience than AVB but is at the biggest club in Holland. If it is to be him give him time please Baldy!
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  7. Jules77
    Hardly seems worth getting your knickers in a twist about this, given everything else that's happened this season.
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  8. Spur4life
    If he does come will overmars and
    Dennis bergkamp be coming aswell.
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  9. Ginolas_Hair
    Interesting point.

    Not sure how i'd feel about it to be honest
  10. mark_2017
    They wouldn't come and rightly so.
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  11. buckley
    considering berkamp was a spurs fan before moving to arsenal i dont see why he would not come
    as for jaap staam ;why not
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  12. mark_2017
    Definitely can see jaap stam coming, he'll definitely sort our defense out. Just couldn't see bergkamp coming, he has too much respect for arsenal and their fans to join us.
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  13. striebs
    Season ticket renewal time .

    Nothing more , nothing less .

    The club usually leaks details of a tenuous link to a world beating player .

    This time it's a manager .

    As soon as the renewal date has passed this will fall through .
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  14. buckley
    been going to and been a fan of spurs since 1951
    there has been only twice i have considered not renewing my season ticket
    the first was in g. grahams time
    the second was when avb was in charge;even when he had bale i could see we were playing bloody awful football
    if we are lucky and get fdb i am sure we will play a brand of football that will be progressive and entertaining and hopefully winning football
    please let nothing get in the way of this happening
    but being spurs i am not confident there seems to always be something that will turn up to put a spanner in the works
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  15. Lilbaz
    Seeing none of this has come from spurs end. I think you might be wrong.
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  16. avonspurs
    How ironic that this happens the day after Sherwood comes out with his "stop touting for my job" quote.
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  17. vigospur
    As long as Stam brings his boots.
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  18. mark_2017
    Amen, sir.

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