Ajax manager de Boer claims that Spurs have approached him about WHL job

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, Apr 29, 2014.

  • by gusrowe, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:13 PM
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    Very interesting. We seem to have a realationship with Ajax.I feel that this will happen

    Read the full article at The Telegraph
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by gusrowe, Apr 29, 2014.

    FDB's playing record is also a plus.....he has played at a higher dimension than the rest of our merry bunch of spurs
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  2. rupsmith
    Really? AVB did? When?
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  3. rupsmith
    Well his chancer style tactics have got us a heck of a lot of good results so I'm generally happy with them.
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  4. Chris_D
    We would have to back the new guy 100%. That means whoever he wants to bring with him he can. God knows the Spurs job is hard enough without being denied your backroom team. Is De Boer the right man? He's in with a great chance. Not sure Tottenham is so much better than Ajax as a job given how often teams win things but he could have said he wasn't interested but didn't which makes me think this could be a done deal. Poor Ajax, they must feel the same way about us as we feel about Madrid.
  5. chinaman

    As Dim is not out of contract yet, sell him to RM for 10 million pounds.
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  6. Ionman34
    But the article is based on an interview that FDB gave in Holland.

    Give your cynicism a slap mate, his advice sucks.
  7. Ionman34
    Personally I'd love Bergkamp at Spurs, having read what he's had to say on coaching philosophy. The fact that ha used to play for the goons is irrelevant to me. If Overmars has the same attitude and the ability to back it, I'd welcome him with open arms too.

    I really can't see them viewing an appointment at Spurs as 'disrespecting' the goons either. Whilst they will recognize the rivalry, it's not like they will have snubbed them for us.

    Another point to consider. Southampton, after being relegated and struggling in lower league Football, restructured their set up and brought in a largely Dutch set up to restructure their fundamental philosophy. Since then, they have been producing the talent, and the Football, that many have been raving about.

    I said it about LVG, I'll say it about these guys, their philosophy is originally the Spurs philosophy.

    Bring in the Dutch and Football is coming home.
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  8. doom
    I would love to see Berkamp brought in alongside de Boar - it would be pretty hilarious seeing Arsenal's reaction and what they would do with that statue! he was a Spurs fan after all!
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  9. doom
    to be fair de Boar he has been approached but not touting for the job
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  10. doom
    he has the best squad of any Spurs manager since Nicholson and his record in the cups is atrocious
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  11. Gaz_Gammon
    I think i read that post before we appointed Santini, no sorry it must have been Jol...........bugger i meant Redknapp, shit sorry i meant AVB...............or it could have been today regarding Sherwood....:bag:
  12. TottenhamMattSpur
    Last season.

    Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal
    Man United 2-3 Tottenham
    Tottenham 3-1 Manchester City

    Non top four home win over Liverpool.

    Didn't beat chelski but Redknapp did and he beat Liverpool and arsenal away.

    Tim, played the current top four, conceded 15 and scored one iirc.
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  13. JohanTheYid
    Yeah Im sure Frank De Boer agreed to give quotes just so Levy could sell a few season tickets !
  14. DreadySpur
    Of course he is. There were other responses he could have given.....
  15. DreadySpur
    What was AVB's record this season against these teams, without a Bale-inspired Spurs team....which is the same squad that Tim is working with?
  16. myhartlane
    Except, at least we can understand why our players want to go to Real for bigger and better things. Like championships, cups, shit like that.
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  17. Gassin's finest
    I'm excited about this... as for Bergkamp, I'd be delighted to have him coaching our players, he was a wizard of a footballer. But as has been said I think he'd have too much respect for his Gooner legend status to join us.
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  18. WestBelfast Spurs
    Are Ajax our feader club now?

    If Frank does sign apart from back room staff, which playing staff would you like him to bring??
  19. TottenhamMattSpur
    For the record I prefer Tim to AVB.
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  20. DreadySpur
    Me too.....in most aspects anyway.
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