Alessandro Del Piero - What a legend....

Jan 7, 2007
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I'm not ashamed to admit it but he is without a shadow of doubt my fav ever non Spurs player of all time. As a Juventine aswell I have been lucky enough to have seen him many a time play in the flesh. How fitting it was for him to score in his last league appearence for Juve yesterday which also meant they finished the season undefeated. God it's gonna be really odd seeing a Juve side next season without him :cry:

Anyway this was his goodbye letter to the fans...... A class act to the end I'm sure you will all agree is Il Pinturicchio!!!


Than eight Scudetti.

Than a promotion from Serie B.

Than a Coppa Italia (let's hope two).

Than four Italian Super Cups.

Than a Champions League.

Than a European Super Cup.

Than an Intercontinental Cup.

Than a goal scored against Fiorentina.

Than a Del Piero style goal.

Than a goal in Tokyo.

Than my tears.

Than a goal in Bari.

Than a back-heel volley goal in the derby.

Than a goal for the Avvocato.

Than a tongue stuck out in a game against Inter.

Than an assist to David.

Than goal number 187.

Than a goal in Germany.

Than Berlin.

Than a goal scored against Frosinone.

Than a top goalscorer title in Serie B.

Than a top goalscorer title in Serie A.

Than a standing ovation at the Bernabeu.

Than 704 matches in the black and white jersey.

Than 289 goals.

Than a free-kick scored that meant the Scudetto.

Than a goal against Atalanta.

Than any record.

Than the No 10 jersey with the name Del Piero.

Than the captain's armband.

Nothing, but...what you have given me in these 19 years.

I'm happy that you have smiled, cheered, cried, sung, shouted for me and with me.

No colour will ever be brighter for me than black and white.

You've made my dream come true. More than any other thing, today I just want to say THANK YOU.

Always by your side


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Dec 31, 2008
What a legend, I like that he also asked the No.10 shirt not to be retired - "I dreamed as a child to wear the number 10 for Juventus and I want other children to be able to dress up and dream of one day crown all this. "
Jan 7, 2007
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you can use it here i have resizd it

why were Juve wearing pink in their last home match?
Are you sure it's the correct size?

Juve have worn pink, their away kit this season, quite a few times at home this season. I can only assume it's to shift a few more shirts as I cannot think of any other reason.
Jan 7, 2007
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As if I didn't love & respect the bloke enough, he goes and says this....

Liverpool reportedly made a late offer to sign Del Piero last month after Sydney made their initial attempt to sign the Italian legend.
Reds boss Brendan Rodgers was in the market for attacking reinforcements after failing to bring in a replacement for Andy Carroll during the transfer window.
However, Del Piero, who was available on a free transfer after leaving Juventus, revealed he rejected overtures from Liverpool out of respect for the Heysel tragedy.
"Why I said no to Liverpool? Negotiations with Sydney were already advanced and then I thought about what had happened at Heysel," Del Piero told Gazzetta dello Sport.
"Juve and Liverpool were able to rebuild the relationship, but for many people that tragedy is an indelible memory. I thank all the clubs which wanted me, but I'm convinced of my choice.
Del Piero is settling into life in Australia, but he admits his departure from Juventus still wrangles with him after 19 years with the Turin giants.
"One month is not much to make judgments, but the beginning is comforting from every point of view," added Del Piero.
"The farewell to Juve still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. One year and a half ago I would not have imagined that this would happen, then things change. I still have the great satisfaction of having given everything I could for Juventus".

Some things are NEVER forgotten by Juventines unlike the majority of the English press and LFC.....


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Dec 2, 2006
"The farewell to Juve still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.''

Why? What happened?

And why did you post a picture of the Milan fans Omar? Is that 'You are all my life' message to Del Piero from the Milan fans?