Alex Ferguson and Mauricio Pochettino meet for lunch

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, May 10, 2016.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, May 10, 2016.

  1. max cady
    Morleys or Wendys:sick::sick::sick::sick:
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  2. max cady
    if you are facing your first season in champs lge with little or no experience who would you turn to for advice..............the man who has done it all Fergie.......move on nothing to see here.
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  3. dagraham
    Wouldn't it be great if Fergie came to work for Spurs as a mentor to Poch and to spread the word around the world that we are the place to be?

    Not gonna happen, but I could imagine the Utd fans reaction :).

    Far more likely he's tapping him up for the future unfortunately.
  4. nailsy
    Poch only announced his contract extension a couple of weeks ago so he's clearly not going anywhere soon. The meal was probably just a chance for Poch to get some advice from Fergie who has often offered advice to young managers in the past.
    There's also the possibility that they spoke about players in which case Poch would have made it clear that Kane isn't for sale. I wonder if we have some interest in one of their players though? Scheniderlin would be an obvious one.
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  5. Sir Henry
    Why did you have to comment on his nationality ?
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  6. TPdYID
    Lighten up lad, who are you the PC police?
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  7. John48
    They've used SAF before to tap up people, certainly he sounded out Moyes before he went there & I believe he spoke to LVG & Jose. The guys status is such that he can get his foot in the door, where as some no mark wouldn't get the time of day.
  8. teok
    I'm amazed people think this is some sort of friendly chat.
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  9. bigspurs
    I'm hoping that there's nothing going on here, but until Poch comes out and rubbishes any chance of him leaving, the press will draw their own conclusions.
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  10. TaoistMonkey
    Probably asking for advice on how he controlled Roy Keane without losing his edge.
  11. ostrov
    Who needs press when you have fans like that.
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  12. Mullers
    They met for lunch, so what? Ferguson is the greatest manager ever so if I was a manager, I'd want to get as much advice from him as possible. But even if there is something to it I am not at all worried about him going there.
  13. cliff jones
    I'm not bothered about this at all. Think Poch will keep his word and still be in charge when we move into the new Lane.

    Longer term, I think he might well manage United. If their stock, and his, remains high, that is....
  14. Sir Henry
    Stfu you english knob.
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  15. TPdYID
    Have a day off. Another frustrated Chelsea fan posing as a YID. Go put your Lampard shirt back on... :sleep:
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  16. chico
    I'm nervous. He tapped Carrick and Berbatov. He effectively unsettled Modric and put him into play transfer wise. They sniffed around with Bale and made a late bid. Even if Poch was just "seeking advice" you can guarantee SAF was wooing like a teenager on heat at his first school disco. He's got form ffs.
    Hopefully Levy will just sweeten the terms considerably, whether we like it or not modern football is all about $$$$$$. To think that a new ground will sway him or the chance to continue working with our young squad vs a possible £5-£6m pay rise per year is hoping rather than being certain.
  17. TottenhamMattSpur

    Nah. You're alright ta.
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  18. dannythomas
    Regrettably I agree with this. At the end of last month Poch said " I will sign Tuesday or tomorrow " . So what happened ? The meeting with Ferguson appears too coincidental but if it was a tapping up meeting it doesn't show the greatest of respect for the club to hold it in a public place.
  19. Sweetsman
    It seems they haven't as yet, so they may know this is crap. It may well be that Poch wants to build an empire at Spurs, and so who better to ask than the Sun-King himself. I'm sure Fergie suggested that there was a seat waiting for him, but it's a very wobbly throne since he left.
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  20. Sweetsman
    Ferguson was originally thinking of coming to Spurs before ending up at ManU.

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