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    Whilst lacking the disappointment of our Carling Cup capitulation mid-week, this weekend saw us lose yet another match where we had no answer to the opposition.

    The first half, just like in the last few games, we played well, we pressured and we were even starting to frustrate united with our play. A dive in the dying seconds of the half and a well-taken penalty moments later saw us go into the dressing room 1-0 down despite what had been a decent, solid performance.

    That was to be the end of our performance for the day though. We emerged after half time a completely different side and unfortunately for us, so did Man Utd. Whatever Sir Alex said to them in the dressing room had the desired effect and we were torn apart in the second half, admittedly helped by some of the most incompetent referring from Paul Scholes’ dad.

    Not many of us expected to get anything from the game in terms of points but what I’m sure many of us were hoping for was a performance to lay the mid-week result to rest and focus on climbing the league. The first half gave us that performance but 45 minutes of ok football, followed by another 45 of absolutely dire play isn’t good enough.

    As we’ve seen all too many times before, change for the sake of change is not the way to progress. Swapping managers whenever we have a dip in form is not the answer. However, I can’t help but feel that we need something to freshen us up, something needs to change. We are left with several options and I’ll outline my thoughts on them below.

    The Manager

    More and more fans are calling for Jol to leave but that would set us back firmly at square one and can’t possibly be in the best interests of the club. We do however have the structure in place to bring in a new manager to work within our Director of Football system which could possible ease the transition between managers. There are choices out there if we were to go down that route, such as Seville’s manage who we’ve been rumoured to be interested in. There’s also the impressive Clive Allen who’s coming through our own managerial ranks who I imagine may be being groomed to eventually fill the WHL hotseat. I personally don’t believe this is the answer and Jol needs time to do his job.

    This nicely brings me on to the next possibility.

    Director Of Football

    Whatever the spin we put on it, Comolli failed during the transfer window to do his job. His claims that we don’t require a left midfielder despite everyone knowing that’s what we’ve needed since Daveed moved on are beyond belief. This must just be PR spin after we realised there was little chance of securing anyone after missing out on Young. However, there are more and more rumours emerging about a rift between Jol and Comolli. The cause, Comolli’s inability to fill the positions that Jol believes we need to strengthen whilst at the same time paying what’s beginning to appear to be an extortionate amount for the disappointing Zokora. Is it time that Jol was left to do the whole job? As it’s Jol’s head that’s on the line if results don’t go our way, it is beginning to make sense that he should be able to bring in the players he feels he needs and not be forced to play players who he has no interest in.

    Fresh Blood

    With the closure of the transfer window there’s now obviously no chance to make any large personnel changes but we do have a lot of young, unproven players who it might be worth throwing in the deep end. Pekhart, O’Hara, Barnard et al are certainly young enough and eager enough to be in consideration. This would be one last throw of the dice by Jol but have we reached this stage yet? I’d like to see these players slowly brought into the team, not all at once by any means but bringing on Barnard or Pekhart would make much more sense then persisting with Keane/Defoe up front when Berbatov and Mido are unavailable.


    More rumours, these ones denied by the club, are surfacing the Paul Kemsley, Levy’s right hand man, is looking to launch a takeover bid of the club. If these rumours are true, this could be just what we need. Kemsley is seen as a non-nonsense, maybe even arrogant figure but it could very well be this sort of shake up that we so badly need. From the top down there is something wrong with the club, through the ticket office, the stadium, the management and the team. An internal takeover of this nature would minimise unnecessary disruption and allow Kemsley to address the real problems that the club faces.

    Jol Out? Comolli Out? Levy Out? Give the kids a chance? Where we go from here is unclear but we’re all certainly hoping that the only way is up.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Rob, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Paxtonite
    Spurs youngsters historically have never been good enough to make the step up to the first team and have often been sold to the Norwich's of this world (no disrespect). I can't see who in the reserves is ready to come through but of course we have bought youngsters like Defendi and Taarbrat so maybe we will see them soon. I'm not convinced this is the answer though, much like getting rid of Jol isn't the answer.

    Here's a thought though. What has been the one constant at the club since the Gross days? Answer Chris Hughton. Now i know he is a WHL legend and i have nothing against the guy. I quite like the fact that we have a true spur on our coaching staff. But there may be something in it. What does he write on that pad every game??
  2. Chedozie
    Jol in, Levy in, give the new blood a season to settle in and with a left winger we'll be top six no problem.

    This is a hard season for our young players and they will be better for it, Jol will know who can and can't cut by the end of season, talent is great but Winning Mentality is not so easy to buy, this will sort the boys from the Men, next season we'll be the nuts.

  3. dontcallme
    I'm getting very worried about suggestions on this board about Chris Hughton. When Levy implemented our new system there was a major overhaul from the coaches to the physios to the players to the manager. The one constant was Chris Hughton which suggests he is a great coach.

    Face it if they let Hughton go we fans would not have revolted. None of us have any idea about Hughton but the fact he is still here shows me he must be doing something right
  4. RBlanch
    Love you're enthusiasm, but I don't think a solitary left winger will sort out everything.....Unless you know something I don't - ie Ronaldinho or Robben fancy taking a huge step down and a pay cut?
    Thanks for writing this piece. I do have to diagree with you in several aspects. First
    "From the top down there is something wrong with the club, through the ticket office, the stadium, the management and the team. An internal takeover of this nature would minimise unnecessary disruption and allow Kemsley to address the real problems that the club faces."
    is fundamentally incorrect - the club is being run well off the field. The only real situation in which the finances have impacted the first team was the decision to sell Carrick. The alternative was to let him run out his contract and move on a free. That is a tough, tough call and at the time I'd say the majority would have reluctantly agreed with the club.
    Blaming Como for not getting Young etc. does not seem borne out by the facts. I'm not convinced that he was the top target for the club/Jol and I think Martin has a big hand to play in buying players...unlike when Frank was here.
    Finally you mention the refereeing mistake in passing but I have always believed that football games are determined by key moments. The commentators, rarely Spurs fans, said that Scholes had done more than enough to be sent off by halftime or early in the second half. SO if the dive was rewarded its 0-0 at halftime, we come out with the momentum, Scholes is sent off and things are very different.
    You could also point to 3 good efforts from Berby that on a different day go in and even to two Keane 1 or 1's....
    It isn't a ain't terrific either but we aren't ready for the summer yet.
  6. paxton_soul
    Lee's recent performances will tell you that second season is the time to judge a player - Zokora is struggling with the pace, but there is still the chance he will come good. Given the amount we have invested we have to see.

    Carrick was by no means the finished article at 19 - Huddlestone is going to take time to reach his peak.

    Which means we have a midfield (the area I think is going wrong at the moment) which needs the luxury of time - something it is difficult to give at this level.

    But time is what we have to give and accept this season might be frustrating compared to last if we are going to take a step forward.

    Name me a central midfield leader who is experienced within the premiership who is a) good enough to take us to another level. b) Realistically available and not playing for the top four.

    Going to "Square one" will not solve anything right now and would risk tumbling us firmly back to lower mid-table relegation battles.

    I still believe this team will win the UEFA cup.
  7. Rob

    Sorry I disagree. The ticket office is a running joke. It's a huge mess and one that needs sorting. The stadium/training gound issues are still ongoing and unresolved, especially the failed planning application for the training ground. Ticket prices are becoming absurd.

    I'm not sure I understand this arguement. If Young was not our top target, it surely just means that Comolli failed in getting whoever was. However, Comolli recently stated that we don't need a left sided midfielder. Jol on the other hand is rumoured to be desperate for one.

    The game could have been very different and you'd have a point if it were a one off game that I was basing this article on but it's our season as a whole.
  8. easiman
    Been saying this for a while (and getting slaughtered for it).
  9. shelfside
    Sorry mate, but you live in a dream world. One year from now we will be in exactly the same position, treading water in the 2nd tier of the premiership. With a manager who clearly lacks ambition to play attacking, aggressive football we will continue to be cannon fodder for the real 'big' clubs. Sad but true.
  10. danielneeds
    Blooding more younsters is not the answer.

    We don't have enough experienced leaders in the team as it is.

    We are also seeing what a fantastic job Davids did on the left side last season, He may not have offered too much width going forward, but he protected the fullback and gave our midfield some solidity.

    There is no balance in the center of the park. Huddlestone can pick a pass beautifully, but doesnt offer enough in the rest of his game yet. Zokora looks ill at ease in the premiership, time will tell whether he gets another season.

    As many midfielder as we have got, I can't find a combination that both protects the defence and offers attacking verve.

    It is a shame, that we will probably start next season out of Europe again. The only positives are Berbatov, who will only get better and better, and Lennon. If we build our attack around these two we will not go far wrong.
  11. Wiener
    I don't quite understand your arguments regarding Manager and Director of Football. On the one hand you seem to suggest that having a Director of Football allows us to pursue a long-term strategy when buying and developing players. On the other you suggest that Jol have more control in buying players, which would completely undermine and make redundant Comolli's current role, which I thought you were for.

    Anyway, overall I don't agree with your arguments for change. I believe we have top notch people in place, at every level with exactly the right structure.

    Levy vs. Kemsly is for me an absolute non-starter. Firstly I think the rumours relate to ownership rather than management of the football club. If Kemsly buys control, this doesn't necessarily mean he will replace Levy. Secondly I believe Levy has done a great job at Spurs so far, and takes credit for making all and implementing all the big decisions. I think he has the respect of everyone in football, and a new investor would not want him removed.

    As regards young and inexperienced fresh blood, I don't think this is the answer. We don't lack quality. We lack experience, composure and character. Our key players have to dig deep and deliver. By this in particular I mean Zokora and Jenas. We cannot ask too much of Huddlestone as he is still young.

    We need stability at all levels and we need the fans to remain behind the current set up and to stop panicking. To be fair I think most fans are doing this and only a very small minority want the kind of wholesale changes you mention.
  12. easiman
  13. beuller
    Are you honestly saying that you are unhappy with what Levy has done with the club?

    I am fucking embarrassed.
  14. infamousyiddo
    was i the only one who heard when jol said there will not be any major transfers during the window???!!!!!!!!!

    to even think about getting rid of Levy is a DISGRACE, he has done a blinding job since taking over.

    Of course jol will be given more time, we need to back our manager more and get off his back!!!

    Commoli doing great job IMO, berbatov, chimbonda, malbranque NUFF SAID!!
  15. Rob

    Levy has done wonders for us. This is shown even more by so many fans complaining about being in the bottom half now when for many years that was our expected finishing position.

    The point of this article was to suggest that something isn't quite working and that something needs freshening up somewhere. Change for the sake of change is a fatal mistake we've made too many times before and that's certainly not what I'm advocating.

    Do people feel we just need to wait and this season will come good? If it doesn't then what do we do in the summer?

    The team's performing badly and not getting the results. Do we just cross our fingers and hope or seek to actively make the changes we need?

    I don't know what changes will help.

    I don't think sacking Jol is the answer at all. However, Jol does seem unhappy under the current system and not having the players he needs. If this is the case then it's down to Comolli and ultimately Levy but is replacing the DoF structure the solution? It doesn't seem to be working if the manager doesn't have players he feels he can work with but then we're back to square one.

    An internal takeover where Kemsley brings in a large financial backer to invest in the team as well as the stadium and training ground is an attractive possibility, especially if Levy is looking to sell as rumours, spending and share prices may indicate.

    The team itself doesn't have any balance and we're completely impotent without Berbatov up front. I would be very tempted to slowly draft in the younger players, at least to make the current squad show more passion and fight for their places.
  16. db1
  17. Boaman
    I'm hoping it's a 'bad things happen in 3' week

    Man Utd

    and we'll put it right against Sheff Utd.

    I've said this to every poster who makes sweeping statements about various Spurs staff members being sacked and I'll say it again - Why do you think another change will be a catylst for success?

    It never has before. All our manger changes in the last 15 years have got us nowhere, we have only moved backwards each time. And changing the Chairman is just childlike, it took Levy 4 years and 3 managers to get to where we are today and we're in the best position we have been in for a very long time, possibly ever. So another Chairman, another vision, another structure, another change is going to sort out the current situation on the pitch? I really don't think so and if others care to think about it then I doubt they would too.

    I can understand people if they want to question Jol's ability as the buck stops with him for results but to question the chairman who has backed his men and tranformed us as a club is a joke, to question a DOF when we have the best squad we've ever had is laughable and to question Houghton is desperate.

    My opinion is Jol deserves more time, lets re look in the summer and if things have gotten worse and we're not in Europe then maybe he isn't the man, if we've recouped and we're firing then this is a blip and we're wrong to question him. Yesterday we were crying out for a leader, maybe Robbie was a better choice to start as Defoe was no good and Robbie is a leader but that wasn't obvious before the game. It would have been a questionable decision before the match.

    And one last word on big Tone who disappointed me yesterday, he wasn't the worse player as all the midfielder were fairly poo but to me Gardner looks like a player who is saying to himself - 'It doesn't matter how I play I'll be dropped anyway' which is a terrible mentality to have and evident in the way he nearly got back for Giggs goal.
  18. banks_18
    Another article you've written recently Rob, that i'm not sure about! "From top down there is something wrong with the club" ? I'm sorry, but thats just pure rubbish. Yes, we want to know where we are going with the ground situation and yes, the ticket office could be in a better state but since Levy had taken over the club are financially in a very sound state, he has brought in a young Manager who was courted by United and backed him to the hilt in the transfer market, He has laid plans for a new state of the art training facility which unfortuantely is now on hold and just, if not more imprortantly, is a Spurs fan through and through who wants the Club to be back up where it belongs again. Making silly comments like, the club from top down there is something wrong is just folly ! On the pitch we are going through a bad spell, thats very clear but i dont think a bad run of results means we overhall the whole club, do you ?
  19. beuller
    Fair enough, cheers for responding.

    I just think what I am seeing after being turned over by arse and utd is a massive knee-jerk reaction which is really pathetic.

    Playing staff-wise, we weren't in the same ball park as utd! It had nothing to do with tactics. When we buy players, its about continuous improvement. The key players: King, Daws, Lennon, Berbs are at a level to compete but where we don't spend 18 million for the finished article we spend 3, 4, 5 on a few players that we hope step up. Not many have this year compared with in the past where Robbo, Lennon, Daws all did it.

    Yes some of the non-key players will go in the summer, I am thinking we will shed players like Murphy, Lee, Tainio who are all decent players but not quite at the level we need to kick-on. But this in continuous improvement.

    I for one cannot wait for the UEFA cup to start again as I was very young when we beat Anderlecht and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching us play some fantastic football so far.

    Why is everyone losing the plot? I honestly don't think its all as bad as I am reading on here. No-where near in fact.

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