An open letter to Gareth Bale


Jun 29, 2003
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Dear Gareth,

This is an open letter to you via the Spurs Community website. Fellow Spurs fans might add further comments and messages to you below.

I have been a Spurs supporter since 1961. In that time, I am lucky enough to have seen not only some wonderful individual footballers wear our shirt, but some of the game’s greatest entertainers too; from Greaves, Gascoigne and Ginola, to Ardiles, Hoddle and Waddle.

And you rank in that pantheon. In fact, you may well be my favorite Spurs player of all time. Your individual performances last season were as thrillingly effective as any I can recall in 50 years.

Whatever happens, you have given plenty to Spurs and I for one will always recognize that. I would never begrudge any desire you may have to live abroad, to make a fortune or to grace the European stage. You seem like a model professional and a genuinely nice guy.

If you leave, I hope it turns out for the best for you. Obviously, if you stay, another season or longer, I hope it turns out even more happily! Whatever is the exact truth, you have been the victim of appalling media manipulation this summer.

And that, I’m sure you will understand, is what our esteemed chairman cannot succumb to. This entire campaign has been about trying to buy you cheaply. For less than you are worth to us. Whether it’s Pounds or Euros, 80 or 100 million, or spread over 4 or 6 years, is beside the point. It has not been about hard negotiation. It has been about lies. It has been about making you unhappy and trying to make people like me unhappy with you. In my case, it has failed.

Sadly, bullying tactics often work. But sometimes they fail because the bully misjudges the victim. For our club to give in now and sell your Spurs contract but on Madrid’s terms would not only be wrong in this situation. It would also be wrong to encourage them to continue to behave like this in future. They should put up. Or shut up.

Nothing will ever take away moments like Inter Milan, West Ham and the rest, and I would like to thank you for every single one of them. I would love there to be many more.

Good luck,



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Jan 30, 2011
I think he's been told to shut up. I wonder what happens when he turns up to Spurs Lodge. When someone talks to him, does he stick his fingers in his ears and go "La La La"?


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Oct 25, 2005
Front page news? Really. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I wasn't sure Gareth Bale logs on here, so there's a very small chance he may not even see this letter.:unsure:
This is the "Columns" part of the site and your post is the exact opposite of what we want when trying to encourage users to post articles etc.

Not even sure why you posted?


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Apr 16, 2005
My Uncle took me to my first Spurs game in 1965. I have seen players come and go, and don't really give a shit what Bale decides to do.

I support Spurs and the players proud to wear the shirt. Bale and the like come and go but the experience of that first fleeting glance of my Spurs on that summers day in 1965 embedded in my heart a vision of a team and not that of a single player.

We have lost good players in the past and will likely lose players in the future, but forever we will have a team. Though that team may not now be good enough for players like Bale, that very team is more than good enough for me.
Aug 1, 2013
great post. couldn't agree more. fingers crossed we get another season out of him, we are building something special here. please stay and be part of it gareth


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Dec 10, 2006
I am about the same vintage as you. I would agree that Gareth Bale could be the best Spurs player ever. But he is still a long way from being my favourite of all time. Starting with Dave Mackay and working downwards it is quite a while before I get to Bale.
I even have a print of Dave Mackay grabbing Bremner on the bedroom wall as well as Jimmy Greaves scoring against Man U.
Sad old fart over and out.


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May 14, 2007
Hmmm in 2 minds how to take this, again its all depends on how much we really know about whats going on. Are the stories of huffing and frustration true? Are the injuries coincidence? Is Bale truely happy to stay the extra year? We cant really know for sure until after the transfer window. I hope he stays, I hope hes happy to stay but if he really is kicking up a stink over this move having signed his contract exstension and took the money he will have really went down in my estimations, not that he cares I am sure. All will become clear enough by September or earlier im sure.


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Nov 14, 2003
Very well said (although me being me, I couldn't have helped but try to be more selfish and more persuasive in trying to get him to stay!)

Bennys LOL

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Aug 18, 2012
Super letter, and i would like to add...

Gareth, i urge you to listen to your fellow professionals who have been hustled by Real Madrid like Owen and listen to their experiences, you only have to look at what's happened to Modric, one of our best players now warming their bench, they turned his head with the same rubbish they are telling you.

Real might be making you feel like your the best thing on earth right now but in a years time you'll just be a player to them and they will be chasing the next big thing. They are mercenary and will use you then dump you when they have finished with you.

Going to Real and having nailed on CL football every season or staying with your beloved Spurs and helping us build to a title and being a legend in your own league.

Your relationship with AVB was great to watch last season, how you ran to him and celebrated was like watching a drama unfold on stage. Us fans can see a title in AVB and you would be pivotal in that happening sooner rather than later.

Ultimately the decision is yours and like all other Spurs fans I wish you the very best.
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