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    I have just emailed this to Daniel, Harry, and various press factions of the club, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to get this our into the open world as well so that people can vent their opinions and the club can see I'm not just one ranting lunatic. (If I am, feel free to tell me, but do so nicely :grin:).

    I am hoping that the club takes note, because I have to voice some grave concerns.

    I am 23, and my first season ticket was for the 97/98 season, since which I have renewed every year. I sit in a seat, next to my father, which has been in my family for 30 years. Before I took up a season ticket, my uncle sat next to my father. He is now in the family section in the north stand with his two sons. Basically, we are Spurs through and through, we have sat through the good times, bad times, and down right atrocious times, and the club has made more than it's fair share of money out of us. The majority of our friends our Spurs through and through, the people we sit with are obviously Spurs through and through, and we know and love and understand the club.

    However, the club this Christmas seems to want to spit in our faces. How you can even consider bringing a player like Bellamy to Spurs is beyond me. Apart from the fact that he is one of the most hateful characters in world football, ranking along the likes of Robbie Savage and Alpay, he is a distinctly average footballer. He has no particular skill, barely ever finds a pass, and in recent years has the goalscoring record of a fullback. He has, in a long career, had one good top flight season, with Blackburn. That aside, he has never been anything beyond mediocre.

    Forgetting the fact, for a moment, that he is a striker who doesn't score goals (even Robbie Keane has scored more this season), he is also 30 years old and very very injury prone. I thought the days of signing injury prone pensioners were behind this club when we brought in Arnesen, but clearly I was mistaken.

    Levy, I appeal to your business sense here, do not spend millions of pounds on a player who is a big injury risk. Do you remember the money the club lost because of Ziege? Dean Richards? Even the free transfer that was Jamie Redknapp? Do not repeat these mistakes.

    Redknapp. So far the fans love you. So far I love you. I guarantee you that this will not continue if Bellamy comes. You will be known as the manager who signed satan. The entire stadium will wait for the first opportunity to sieze on a Bellamy tantrum, or error, or sending off, and rub it in your face and criticise you in every phone in and write in. The fans can hound any manager out of a club, and just because you have done well so far, you are no different.

    Have some ambition for goodness sake. Mourinho has stated that he will let Adriano leave. Podolski is itching to get away from Bayern. Defoe (and I know his girlfriend well) is itching to get back if you can get past this stupid rule L19 or whatever it is. Even if these are not possible, how about a young, on form, likeable striker who plays a similar role to Bellamy, like Kevin Doyle. Or how about Ligue 1 top goalscorer Cavenaghi, who has stated his willingness to come to us already. He is far more what we need anyway, He can hold the ball up, bring others in to play, win aerial battles. He has a touch of Sheringham about him. Bellamy, on the other hand, has one tool, pace, and even that has diminished in his eternity on the sidelines of recent seasons.

    Lastly, how do ou propsose to accomodate Bellamy? Do you sacrifice Lennon or Modric, by far our best players and the only ones remaining with whom the fans identify. Or Bentley, a player who was signed for a huge fee and currently has significantly diminished resale value, and likewise with Pavlyuchenko and Bent. I hope I am far wide of the mark there.

    I implore you, I beg you, on behalf of all Spurs fans, be they armchair, season tickets holders, foreign, old and young, do not drag our club through the mud by exposing us to the indignity of having Craig Bellamy in our pure white jersey.

    I thank you for your time

    Elio Pyliotis, west stand upper, block 5, row 18, seat 127
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by BringBack_leGin, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. engcanspur
    Well said!!!...Hope they read it and listen to you, cuz lots of fans agree.
  2. Real_madyidd
    Open letter to Spurs:

    Dear all,

    Merry Christmas.

    Just to let you know BBLG doesn't speak for me. I don't think being 30 makes you a pensioner, I don't think Bellamy is Satan, and If Harry Redknapp (who has been in management about as long as BBLG has been alive) wants him, then you should back him.

    Have a good new year,

    (and thanks for the reduction for the Friday night game! Bonus beers on you!)
  3. DanNolan
    Gosh if they read that, and we're about to sign him, there is absolutely no chance we'll buy him! They'll think this lad knows much more about football than us and call it off immediately
  4. JonnySpurs
    Well I totally agree with you LeGin, I just doubt it's gonna matter much in the end, we're just gonna have to hope that Spam price him out of a move and go for someone else like Adriano (praying) and Cavenaghi or even Doyler who I actually rate very highly, my housemate is a season ticket holder at Reading so I've been a lot and seen him play plenty, he has the talent to be quality in this league, even if he didn't show it whilst Reading were in the prem.
  5. spud
    Whilst I agree with your opinion of the odious Bellamy, I can't agree with the tone of your letter.

    First, you are reacting to a rumour. I understand that it is not a particularly palatable one, but a rumour nonetheless.

    Secondly, you threaten the manager - on behalf of all fans, no less - with being hounded out of the club. You do not even give the Chairman or Manager the courtesy of addressing them as 'Mr'. Your arrogance is breathtaking.

    If I was Daniel Levy or Harry Redknapp reading this I would, indeed, treat it as the ranting of an extremist. You do yourself no credit, sir.
  6. BringBack_leGin
    I address all three of your points....

    firstly, it is not a rumour, it is a fact, confirmed by Redknapp no less, that we bid for him.

    secondly, I am extremely arrogant, breathtakingly so, I have no shame in that. It is largely based on the prodigal levels which my mind is capable of reaching, but also on my vast knowledge of the Sport beyond that of all people I have ever encounted, including one on one with supposed famous football experts and ex players.

    thirdly, I am an extremist. once again, this brings me no shame, and I am in fact quite proud that I have the boldness and courage to take extreme measures when I see fit.
  7. Breezer
    Jesus Christ!!!!! Xmas a lonely one this year????

    No problem with making your points but whats all this s*** open letter crap!

    Seriously come on... Have another TURKEY sandwich and knock back a couple glasses of RAKI and i promise you January 1st you will see Bellamy wearing a gleaming white Spurs kit :rofl:

    Levy and Harry obviously disagree with you... Whats the point sending them a letter?????

    We can still play with a 5 man midfield with 2 holding and 3 attacking.

    Bellamy Modric Lennon

    Jenas Zokora/Hudd

    :beer: COYS!!!!!
  8. sebo_sek
    Well said sir.

    That was embarrasingly harsh and BBLG speaks in my name in no fraction of a percentage.

    Bellamy is a very simple player and I don't like him, but the only spitting in the face going on around here is yours in those of a chairman who has improved the club immeasurably, and a manager who has turned the season around.

    Shame on you for putting the rest of us in this light. BBLG of course not you
  9. Coyboy
    This whole letter, the proposed booing of Rednapp, it's a joke right?
  10. Sauniere
    I despise Bellamy and always have. I really don't know what I would do if he were to appear in a spurs shirt. I hope it doesn't happen, the guy is on par with Bowyer and Savage. However I do recall feeling a distinct dislike of a certain teddy sheringham when he played for Forest, I was most displeased when he signed for spurs but was soon converted, not saying he was anywhere near as awful as CB but there was this arrogance to him i really didn't like.

    I obviously have many more years experience of hating Bellamy but if he came to Spurs for the right money and performed well I'm sure it would compensate for his hateful character. At the moment we are barely a premiership football club and bearing that in mind we cannot afford a recruitment policy based on whether we like a player or not based on his personality or character.

    Hope it doesn't happen but if it does, c'est la vie. I don't necessarily agree with BBLG but I understand his frustration.
  11. llamafarmer
    Well said mate.
  12. Locotoro

    I usually understand and appreciate the points you make on this forum. But I cant agree with the letter you have posted.

    Surely for the fans to dictate to the Chairman and Manager who we should and shouldnt sign bring back to square one and into a situation similar to having no individual with complete reign on transfers.

    At the end of Redknapp's reign he'll say I couldnt sign the players i wanted because BBLG wouldnt let me.

    Let him sign who he likes and if we're succesful then great, if we're not then its his fault.
  13. Coyboy
    That's all that needs to be said really.
  14. CosmicHotspur
    You have as much right to voice your opinion as any other Spurs supporter, whether your point of view is right or wrong and you obviously care about the team and its progress.

    However, whatever I may think of any player rumoured to be a possible signing at the Lane is personal to me whether others share my views or oppose them. I've supported and followed Tottenham since the 1950s and can form and state my own opinions and do not need or want anyone to speak on my behalf. I respect your right to speak for yourself: please also respect mine in future and step down from your self-appointed spokesman role.

    Your letter verged on hysterical and I'm sure will not be taken seriously and certainly won't make one iota of difference to Harry Redknapp's or the Board's future decisions regarding new signings.
  15. spiderniall
    santa not nice this year??? speak for yourself mate not the rest of us lot
  16. donny1013
    this letter would have made a lot more sense if the bid had been for Judas but it's a bit strong for Bellamy.
  17. sloth
  18. Henry Percy
    Whilst I dislike Bellamy for his onfield antics he does appear very competitive and combative, something which we lack and I wish Zokora, Hudd or Jenas had more of.

    Secondly I doubt it is to sacrifice Modric rather we need options on the bench and to be able to change our style if needed. Bellamy provides options. If we get him on the cheap I'm OK with the buy. I'd only be annoyed if we pay big money for him.

    I disagree on the Podolski or Adriano coming. The last thing we need is a big money flop. Neither of those players has set the world alight. I'd rather we go after some proven premiership experience as we need players to hit the ground running.

    I would love Defoe back.
  19. JoeT
    I'm not really sure what to make of Bellamy. He IS a chippy little whiner, but IS NOT a dirty least I've never seen him go in for dirty tackles. Can anyone add anything here ?
    It seems to me that there should be a through discussion of Mr Bellamy's faults (and strengths) before such radical action, i.e. 'BBLG's letter should be contemplated. Right now I can't really see why such action SHOULD be taken, unless a discussion can convince me otherwise.
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