And it's goodbye from nobody in particular, just another disillusioned fan

Discussion in 'Columns' started by greaves4FR, Sep 1, 2014.

  • by greaves4FR, Sep 1, 2014 at 11:55 PM
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    I'm looking on the bright side. There'll never be a better opportunity for a true fan who wishes to retain his sanity to make a break for it.

    I 've held my peace up to the last second, oo-er missus a&c, but that's it, I'm outta here. Cold turkey/cockeral for me, no spurs, no football at all until levy has made his profit and fucked off. It's been nice knowing you, and thanks to the many SCers who over the years have provided entertaining company in my despair, but Levy is a disgrace and i'm not prepared to watch my hopes and my club betrayed by him on a regular biannual basis any longer.

    Only the blind can now avoid the obvious truth that Levy has for some time had no real ambition to push the club forward, get top 4, or come to that to that to actually get a stadium built. His only ambition is to make as much profit on a sale as possible, which is, he now calculates, is best achieved by investing as little as possible into the club while keeping it poised where it is, a club on the verge of possible success, and so a tempting proposition for a moneybags buyer who wants a quick bang for his buck. He's just pimping us out, paying for a bit of make up and a few cheap knock-offs, while all the while pretending to us we're really a classy proposition and there'll be designer brands just round the corner.

    He'll smooth the way to a stadium, so it looks like an easy ride for the punter who he hopes will actually pay for it to be built, but will find any way possible to delay the moment he has to pony up himself, the latest being sacking good architects and scrapping a good design in order to do some more fiddling and not have to put the the job out to tender. Any hare-brained pie-in-the sky scheme that will provide an excuse to delay the process, a much too late olympic stadium bid, american football, will be milked for as long as he can.

    The shameless way he shafts managers again and again, persuading them of his ambition,(we've got a long-term plan alright, he just doesn't tell them quite how long-term it is) then failing to back them with the players they need, before sacking them to deflect attention from his own failure is too painful to watch.

    You can argue he's a shrewd businessman, a tough deal-maker ( he's not. He's missed so many glaring opportunities to make a modest investment that would have achieved top 4 and a gear-change not just in success on the field but in long-term profitability, and he's now finding himself regularly laughed from the table by every half-way competent football executive from here to south america ) but even if that myth were true, when a chairman/owner's agenda conflicts so obviously with the real interests of a club and it's fans, and is achieved at thier expense then he's nothing more than a two-faced opportunist shyster and should be called out as such.

    There has never been any solid evidence for the "be realistic the money just isn't there" argument. All the actual indications point to the money being there but Levy choosing not to risk it. Having had his fingers burned on early attempts to buy success (bent, bentley) he lost his nerve and decided to take the most conservative route to his personal profit, and then only listened to the yes-men like sherwood who told him he didn't need to buy, and has only wanted to spend money on young players who'll turn a profit for him, but aren't ready or good enough to do the job we need.

    Any pretence of lack of funds has now been comprehensively blown out of the water now anyway by Everton. If a club who have for years had significantly less resources than us and been models of cautious pragmatism are now outperforming us in the transfer market as well as on the field, (while also planning for a new stadium) then something is badly wrong and there are no more excuses to hide behind.

    There will always be suckers, and inveterate optimists who'll fall for this year in year out, and good luck to you. And of course there will now follow a short but nasty interlude from the dear bsodl, who for want of a putin or an IS to swear allegiance to will settle for a second-rate bag-carrier for his uncle Joe, who has extremely grand plans....for his own retirement in florida.

    Spurs since 1969, over and out.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by greaves4FR, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Bobbins
    Well, I think you've missed the point in some parts, and been a but creative with others, but overall I can agree with a lot if the frustration and have a similar 'done with it' feeling after seeing the likes of Daws, Sandro and Holtby all go in a week. God forbid we have any personalities at the club! All about toeing the official (site) line.

    But I'll never walk out on Spurs, even if I don't really care very much anymore.
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  2. bigspurs
    And thats the key to being a happy fan: Try not to care, life is too fucking short!
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  3. ItsBoris
    Let's see how our new signings work out first. For all we know, Davies, Fazio, Dier, Yedlin, and Stambouli will all be brilliant signings. If they all turn out to be crap I'll be a bit discouraged, but still want to see how it goes.

    We have no chance of finishing in the top 4 anyway, so I don't understand why people are so upset. Just watch us play football without the pressure of requiring results, it really makes it far more enjoyable. Hopefully we also try to win the EL this season as well.
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  4. parj
    Man utd are a much bigger brand than Spurs. They can easily cover debt repayments to that level. Yes businesses run debts but bigger brands can manage them.

    They also have a stadium twice the size of ours so gate receipts will help cover debt repayments.

    They also regulars in the champions league and winners of it, which again covers those debt levels.

    Simply put, we punch above our weight when it comes to money. Man city and Chelsea spent into the hundreds of millions to buy their league titles. Do you think the Spurs brand will support that level of debt without the stadium?
  5. chico
    Great piece in today's Times which I would love to of posted .... but you have to pay a subscription for it! Anyway, of the ever present Prem teams over the last 3 calender years we have THE lowest net spend, indeed Levy has made a profit on transfers in each season in that time period.
    I'm guessing that Levy is building the cash pile up to part finance the new stadium? We will have to pay more for ours than the Sth London pikeys did for theirs, and we will get a lot less public financial assistance.
    Like many, I'm disappointed we didn't sign a quality striker, but these are still great times to be a Spurs fan. Packed ground, great away support, decent players and an exciting new manager. There's a decent chance we'll sign JRod if he comes back from injury well in Jan?
    Sunday and Monday were 2 crap days in 2014 for Spurs, but there'll be plenty of good ones this season! Keep the faith! Tottenham 'til I die :)
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  6. parj
    As we would have no choice. The books have to be balanced. We just pro's at it already
  7. bern
    You had every other rating but the Optimistic one so there you go!.
  8. Khilari
    How odd. You sounded like a "true fan" at the end, given the length of time you've supported them; more of a fan than me I'm sure.

    But isn't a "true fan" someone who sticks by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club through thick and thin, since the club is nothing without its fans? True fans are my friends who support AFC Wimbledon, supporters of Leeds Utd or Sheff Wed or Utd or Bradford City or Notts Forest or even Man City who stayed with their club despite their troubles (and in some cases, revitalisation).

    I don't know if I'd manage to keep up with my "beloved" Spurs if things went t!ts up and we ended up playing Crawley Town in the 3rd Division... but I know there are some who would and they are the club's real core support. Daniel Levy and his like will come and go, but you, Sir (or Madam) should stand proud that despite the Nethercott years, you stuck by.

    Not everyone's plans work out how they want but it's about the journey you go on together seeing if it does or not. And football is much more fun when you have some vested interest!

    Good luck.
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  9. Gaz_Gammon
    The issue is all relevant. Size of club and ground has nothing really to do with it.
  10. Gaz_Gammon
    If the books have to balance bang goes your'e Man Ure theory.....
  11. MichaelPawson
    Some people on here just won't be happy until we turn ourselves into Pompey.
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  12. TorontoYid
    It isn't as if he said he is going to support another team, rather that he is giving up football all together. I can sympathize as it hurts to see the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd and City buying world class players and we always seem to go for the good but not world class players or younger players with potential.

    Just because we had one season of Champions League football, at the end of the day, we are still a mid table club though looking better than when 10th place was a good season. The best players simply will not come to a club with no CL footy or real likelihood of getting there in one season.

    Hope you come back to the fold as I still believe that good things are going to happen even if it is by accident rather than Levy's plans.
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  13. sickboy_se
    Not too sure about that part...
    That aside though, I get where you're coming from. I don't make the same conclusions you do but I understand your reasoning. And if all deals where only up to us and not also a selling club, agents and players etc I'd probably agree more.

    Anyway though, we might not have the same opinion on stuff but we all have a love for a bird standing on a ball - so in my book you're welcome back to the family whenever you feel like it mate!
  14. spud
    This. Is. Bullshit.

    Analogy: "I love my daughter but her husband is a complete arsehole who is ruining her life, so I'm not going to go and see her, speak to her on the phone, or even think about how she's doing unless she gets a divorce."

    I'm not buying it. You're either in it for life or you were never serious about it in the first place.

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  15. parj
    How exactly? United have revenues to cover all they do. Their takeover debt is not counted in FFP as it was over 5 years ago.

    Chelsea don't have the revenues to match their spending and stay within FFP. Just like we don't have the revenues to match their spending.
  16. mk_spur
    I have every sympathy with Greaves and think some of the comments digging him out are from absolute tossers and ashamed to stand alongside them as spurs fans. Disagree with his stance if thats your viewpoint but ridiculing him is a pathetic response from a supposed fellow fan be it a disallousioned one or not.
    Stop supporting, stop going or simply not buy a programme whatever your personal sacrifice Is shouldn't be ridiculed.
    I stopped going week in week out as I hate the type of sanitised fan that's turned the lane into some type of silent amphitheatre with absolutely no soul and is no semblence of the ground I first went to as a tiny lad in the 70s.
    Hating how levy has run some aspects of the club and sold the family jewels year in year out is treated with derision and a gobby arrogance by certain types on here and it says a lot more about them than the person daring to say a bad word against DL. For all those content with levy and quote sound bites and thfc club rehtoric I counter with this
    "it's better to fail aiming high than succeed aiming low and we at spurs have set our sights so very high, so very high in fact that even failure will have an echo of glory"
    Unfortunately we don't have people like that at my club anymore. This was the club I feel in love with this was the type of people I wanted behind the scenes, real tottenham people not some chancer that used to be an arsenal season ticket holder that's in it to be frugal for his company not the clubs benefit, give false hope and sell to the highest bidder when the time is right without a single thought I would imagine to whom they sell too.
    I hope greaves does come back here one day or the lane, or simply watching on tv as his passion and anguish is worth 10 times the sum some of the arrogant pricks that calls themselves spurs fans.
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  17. absolute bobbins
    Dear @greaves4FR

    You won't be missed.


    Absolute Bobbins esq.
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  18. Redfap
    Isn't this window just what we expected?

    I'm dissappointed we lost fan favourites, Dawson Holtby and Sandro but I can sort of understand why. Did anyone expect us to buy a stack of new $$$ players again after last year? We just need to settle the squad, we've done that.

    Bring on Sunderland
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  19. Spurrific
    Yep. The logic of some of these misers is amazing. They rue the fact that the game is now run by money purely, and then cry their eyes out that we aren't spending exorbitant amounts.

    But, hey - they're the real fans after all.
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  20. Kirito

    So much cringe in OP.
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