And it's goodbye from nobody in particular, just another disillusioned fan

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    I'm looking on the bright side. There'll never be a better opportunity for a true fan who wishes to retain his sanity to make a break for it.

    I 've held my peace up to the last second, oo-er missus a&c, but that's it, I'm outta here. Cold turkey/cockeral for me, no spurs, no football at all until levy has made his profit and fucked off. It's been nice knowing you, and thanks to the many SCers who over the years have provided entertaining company in my despair, but Levy is a disgrace and i'm not prepared to watch my hopes and my club betrayed by him on a regular biannual basis any longer.

    Only the blind can now avoid the obvious truth that Levy has for some time had no real ambition to push the club forward, get top 4, or come to that to that to actually get a stadium built. His only ambition is to make as much profit on a sale as possible, which is, he now calculates, is best achieved by investing as little as possible into the club while keeping it poised where it is, a club on the verge of possible success, and so a tempting proposition for a moneybags buyer who wants a quick bang for his buck. He's just pimping us out, paying for a bit of make up and a few cheap knock-offs, while all the while pretending to us we're really a classy proposition and there'll be designer brands just round the corner.

    He'll smooth the way to a stadium, so it looks like an easy ride for the punter who he hopes will actually pay for it to be built, but will find any way possible to delay the moment he has to pony up himself, the latest being sacking good architects and scrapping a good design in order to do some more fiddling and not have to put the the job out to tender. Any hare-brained pie-in-the sky scheme that will provide an excuse to delay the process, a much too late olympic stadium bid, american football, will be milked for as long as he can.

    The shameless way he shafts managers again and again, persuading them of his ambition,(we've got a long-term plan alright, he just doesn't tell them quite how long-term it is) then failing to back them with the players they need, before sacking them to deflect attention from his own failure is too painful to watch.

    You can argue he's a shrewd businessman, a tough deal-maker ( he's not. He's missed so many glaring opportunities to make a modest investment that would have achieved top 4 and a gear-change not just in success on the field but in long-term profitability, and he's now finding himself regularly laughed from the table by every half-way competent football executive from here to south america ) but even if that myth were true, when a chairman/owner's agenda conflicts so obviously with the real interests of a club and it's fans, and is achieved at thier expense then he's nothing more than a two-faced opportunist shyster and should be called out as such.

    There has never been any solid evidence for the "be realistic the money just isn't there" argument. All the actual indications point to the money being there but Levy choosing not to risk it. Having had his fingers burned on early attempts to buy success (bent, bentley) he lost his nerve and decided to take the most conservative route to his personal profit, and then only listened to the yes-men like sherwood who told him he didn't need to buy, and has only wanted to spend money on young players who'll turn a profit for him, but aren't ready or good enough to do the job we need.

    Any pretence of lack of funds has now been comprehensively blown out of the water now anyway by Everton. If a club who have for years had significantly less resources than us and been models of cautious pragmatism are now outperforming us in the transfer market as well as on the field, (while also planning for a new stadium) then something is badly wrong and there are no more excuses to hide behind.

    There will always be suckers, and inveterate optimists who'll fall for this year in year out, and good luck to you. And of course there will now follow a short but nasty interlude from the dear bsodl, who for want of a putin or an IS to swear allegiance to will settle for a second-rate bag-carrier for his uncle Joe, who has extremely grand plans....for his own retirement in florida.

    Spurs since 1969, over and out.
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by greaves4FR, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Geyzer Soze
    F*** him


    (Unless he comes back. In which case welcome back, missed you mate :cautious: )
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  2. Lilbaz
    If he didn't get the message of us beating Chelsea/Arsenal and getting to a cup final. I don't think a tweet will help.
  3. Disconosebleed
    What a cry baby.
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  4. riggi
    he celebrated the win against the gooners. You know it.
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  5. Good Doctor M
    Wonder what he's going to be doing this Sunday.

    Gardening... I'm gonna say gardening. Probably do the first mow of the lawn of the year.
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  6. CowInAComa
    What about the 12 who agreed?

    We should do a where are they now feature.
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