Anybody worried about technical risk this window ?

Discussion in 'Columns' started by Adam456, Aug 27, 2015.

  • by Adam456, Aug 27, 2015 at 10:36 PM
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    The summer we sold Bale and bought 7 players with the money, Wenger made a rather poignant comment about such a number of incomings carrying technical risk.

    i.e. regardless of the individual merits of the signings there was a risk that a sudden influx would upset the balance of the squad, dressing room dynamic, motivation etc. etc.

    We all know what happened though plenty will blame it on the quality of the players.

    Then as if the country was crying out for a further test example, the scousers did pretty much the same thing with the Suarez money.

    With potentially 7 or 8 players coming in and an army going out are we in danger of doing the same thing ? Or will it be different because we have Paul Mitchell and are actually buying good and suitable players.

    Or is it happening again and that's just what we have to accept at the end of a new manager's first season ? Get it out of the way and accept another 'transitional' one.

    (Seems to me that we could/should have got by with only 4 incomings (CB and RB - Toby and Trip), a DM and a rather special forward player with pace but that has been done to death so for the purpose of this thread let's ignore that discussion).
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Discussion in 'Columns' started by Adam456, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Spurger King
    There doesn't seem to be much evidence of squad balance, dressing room dynamic, or motivation right now, so I say fuck it...bring on the influx.
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  2. Col_M
    No. It's no different to the last few seasons.
  3. tommo84
    I agree with the principle but so far we've been lining up with only one new addition to the team (Alderweireld). Whether we see both N'Jie and Son suddenly thrown in may change things, but one of them will be replacing a weak link (right-wing) so that still leaves us with not much scope for disruption from last season. Trippier, Wimmer, Alli will not be starting enough games early on for it to cause much disruption. The only signing which may bring with it the 'technical risk' Wenger refers to is a new DM - but I think we all agree we desperately need one so the 'risk' of throwing someone new in there is no greater than continuing as we are with Dier acting as a square peg in a round hole.
  4. Adam456
    No the point about technical risk is that it isn't simply related to whether you bring in good players or not. It's that the quantity of changes carries inherent risk both on and off the pitch
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  5. tommo84
    I understood that.

    My point about the new DM bringing with it the so-called 'technical risk' on the field is that whoever we sign in this position is likely to be thrown straight into the team in the same way Alderweireld has been (but unlike Wimmer, Trippier, Alli and probably N'Jie), and so that can bring with it disruption to the whole team as, along with TA, we would then have 2 new players in the spine of the team, and therefore a lack of continuity from the previous season. However, as we are already trying Eric Dier at DM - a player who is unfamilar with the role - we have already taken on that technical risk to a degree, although the risk of trying existing players in unfamiliar roles carries less 'technical risk' than throwing in new specialists as they are at least familar with the tactics and philosphy of the coach and the abilities of the players around them.

    Regarding the risk off the pitch (which I understand applies even to those new additions who aren't featuring much and may be affected by some of the departures), every club buys a similar number of players to what we have this summer in almost every summer window, so I don't think we should be any more worried than any other team in that respect, with the exception of Arsenal who have done very little business.
  6. JimmyG2
    We are doing quite nicely thank you
    (5th last season in case you've forgotten)
    with a stream of players young and own produced.
    All the new additions could block the hopes of these
    and have an impact on the team dynamic and cohesion.
    Will Pritchard and Carroll get a proper opportunity
    to do what Mason and Bentaleb have done?
    Will Dele Alli be given the time to settle into a role?
    Are the incomers any better than what we already have?
    At least two (Son and N'jie) are completely untested under Premiership conditions.
    My Granny got a trial with Arbroath
    on the basis of the you-tube video I submitted..
  7. zinzanzee
    In the modern era many are comparing us to what society does, if if is broke throw it away. We live in a disposable society, i think it is called generation now. Already the Internet is trending that our Harry is a one season wonder. I really think that with our emphasis on young players we have to take the good with the bad. Yesterday a legend of Australian Horse Racing died - Bart Cummings. When asked what was the most important thing he replied "patience, it costs nothing". What I and many above have said, we are building up to something big, something that will last because of its foundation for a long, long time after. We are SPURS, we do not support our team because we are trendy, we do not support our team because we are the latest fad, WE support our team because when we achieve Glory it will be done from the basement up, and when we do won't it be good to have been there from the ground up. BTW in relation to Harry always remember form is temporary class is permanent. COYS.
  8. Geyzer Soze
    Dude, that doesn't even rhyme

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