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  • by Geez, Sep 25, 2017 at 11:34 PM
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    We’ve a few absentees for our UEFA Champions League Group H fixture against APOEL in Cyprus on Tuesday night. Here is our team news ahead of the 7.45pm (UK) kick-off.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Geez, Sep 25, 2017.

    In that case, maybe:

    Toby Sanchez Foyth
    Aurier Dier Winks Davies
    Sissoko Kane Son

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  2. t-baggins
    Eriksen's injury highlights the need to push on with Barkley's signature in January!

    Spurs currently have no player to fi the void when Eriksen doesn't play, runs out of steam, or has a rare off day.

    The match will offer Winks the opportunity to showcase his talents - I am chomping at the bit for this match tomorrow!
  3. Chris_D
    We are down to the bare bones as a former manager often said. This game is massive, they will lose most of their matches so we've got to get our six points or else our rivals with and we'll need to gain points in other games, which won't be easy in this group.
  4. yid-down-under
    I'm not sure about foyth. We need a left footer in the back 3 if we play that formation.

    We could drop Davies back and put kwp on the left?
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  5. ravo
    Yep. Davies has played there for Wales
  6. yid-down-under
    How about

    Trippier, Sanchez, toby, Davies
    Dier, winks
    Son, sissoko, gkn
  7. Jadon Benjamin
    Our biggest game of the season thus far. Next one will be Dortmund away. Nothing but a win will do! COYS. Even if it's the ugliest 3 points we've ever seen.
  8. shelfboy68
    The need to sign competition for that position was there in the summer but we was unable to get anyone in.
  9. browndchl
    Aurier has to start this one as he's suspended for the next PL game. Trippier needs to be on the bench and only used if there's an injury.
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  10. Hoopspur
    Not saying it will be this, but there is another option...

    Toby Sanchez Foyth
    Aurier Dier Sissoko/Winks Davies
    Kane Llorente Son

    Mind you talk this morning is that it will be Winks for CE.​
  11. newbie
    looking at our injury list/ suspended it must be nearly 400 mil worth of players in the current market

    Ali £100 Mil ?+
    Mousa £30- £40 mil? (injuries a side)
    Eriksen £100 Mil
    Lamela £30 Mil if fit
    Rose £50 Mil
    Jan £50 Mil
    Victor Wanyama £30 Mil
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  12. guiltyparty
    Alli and Jan are suspended, not injured
    Eriksen is ill

    So 140m injured on your maths. Which sounds loads but is only 4 players, two of whom have been out for a year so not quite time for the violins yet
  13. newbie
    i meant out for the game.
  14. Spurs1961
    Aurier Toby Foyth KWP
    Dier Winks
    Son Sissoko GNK
  15. WalkerboyUK
    Just as well this isn't one of the Madrid games... :nailbiting:
  16. 2bearis2do
    This game is a tough one: heard a stat that said APOEL have won 11 of their last 13 European ties at home, Drawn 1 and lost just the 1.

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