Arsenal Vs Tottenham: Match Thread


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Mar 17, 2005
Dembele had an awesome first 30 min, great dribbling and that tackle on the german must of made Rose proud
The only real worry about Dembele is, he tires doesn't seem to complete 90mins, maybe adrenaline will see him through today, desperately need him for 90 (unless of course we are out of sight by the 75th min)
Sep 28, 2004
He's just a kid, and a brilliant kid learning his trade.
It's actually a compliment to him that folks are fogetting he's come from L1 and almost view him as an experienced PL player not playing up to scratch.

He'll be immense for us; just needs to learn when not to put bells and whistles on things and play it simple.

He's the kind of guy that thinks simple is too easy (lamela has a little of that too), but he needs to learn that simplicity is the essence of the game.


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Aug 25, 2012
Whatever happens in the next 45 minutes...

We are on to something, Poch is on to something, this team is one to get behind.

We are a work in progress, there will be ups and downs, but I can definitely say that I am with this team and manager 100% for the ride.
It always was about binning the sherwood and ferdy nonsense and committing to having a decent cdm. We already had the full backs. Now we have Dier we only need the front four to keep firing. Great balance to the team right now. Poch is doing a great job!


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Jan 27, 2011
Two things from sky half time coverage.

1) even liking Terrance Henry

2) G.Souness has won 23 trophies as player and manager. Have any of these been as manager?


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Apr 22, 2005
Fuck me, that half seemed to last about 12 minutes. In terms of energy and aggression we've been good, rattled a weakened Arsenal team (and I don't just mean their right side, I think Cazorla is a clever little fucker but he doesn't like it up him and you can rattle him out of his a game) who just don't seem at it so far.

Composure wise we have been shockingly awful (they have been just as bad to be fair). We must have had 15-20 situations on the counter with their defenders backing off shitting themselves and blew every single one of them with over excited fuckwittery.

I still think Mason out there would have given us a bit more composure on the ball. Dembele's been good defensively, but has got caught dawdling on the ball twice already in CM and forced to give sloppy passes, you won't get away with that with this lot too often because if they get into the counter situations they do have players who won't get it wrong as often as ours do.
Dembele has been fantastic, don't try and vindicate your opinion that Mason should have started. Poch got the game plan bang on thus far. Give mason 20 mins when legs start tiring.


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Aug 13, 2005
Wenger brings on flamini. An obvious change. He's too good a manager to let us dominate the second half like the first.


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Jun 7, 2004
I think the fact that we are ahead has caused some revisionism and even Gary Neville is at it. The first 15 minutes were all about containing Arsenal and we did that OK, preventing them from putting any meaningful chances together, but not seeing much of the ball. Once Dembélé and Alli started to see the gaps in midfield, they started to dominate possession and we managed to hang onto the ball for longer.

A lot of the reason we controlled the last half hour is because the pressing has been continually ratcheted up - with every 5 minutes, we have harassed harder - and no one has been moer responsible for this than Lamela. I just wish he had stopped showing off for long enough to see Alli, because that cost us a great chance.

Campbell started off giving Rose a hard time, but Danny settled down after awhile and his ball for the goal was beautifully weighted, timed and directed.

We have been good, but not as good as people have been saying.

I hear that Flamini is replacing Cazorla. Wenger has been paying attention.