Arsenal vs Tottenham: NLD Match Thread

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by mpickard2087, Nov 17, 2017.


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  1. Arsenal Win

  2. Draw

  3. Tottenham Win

  4. Match abandoned and awarded to Spurs after Arsenal fail to show up.

  1. panoma

    panoma Well-Known Member

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    He starts the u23s so close. Him reaching old form is another question. A year out is a long layoff
  2. M.I.B.

    M.I.B. Active Member

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    I got neg-repped to hell back in August when we bought Llorente, and questioned it, saying he was nowhere near what we needed.
    I see a whole lot more people questioning now. Pointless signing.
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  3. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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    After the disaster of the first half, we were allowed some respite as they shelled fairly early on and played on the counter. Still, cant say we did any better really, our use of the ball remained atrocious.

    Oh dear.
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  4. SpursDave88

    SpursDave88 Well-Known Member

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    "Tottenham Hotspur you'll always be shit"

    Pathetic performance today - only Sanchez and Sissoko did ok.

    2-0 flattered us massively, Arsenal deserved a bigger victory given their dominance.

    I think you see here why we as a club will probably never win anything.

    Rose on his was out, I expect Alli to leave also, his performance was shockingly bad, his pass completion must have been less than 50%.

    We lost because we couldn't do the basics of controlling the ball or passing to team mates, especially amongst our forward players.

    Arsenal in contrast looked very solid at the back and fluid going forward - we never looked like scoring a goal at any point in the match.

    I think in the context of the game, we did very well to lose only 2-0.
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  5. SugarRay

    SugarRay Well-Known Member

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    That’s why I’d be delighted if we could nab Lanzini off West Ham in January. He and Eriksen would have a field day.
    Would also be nice to have another attacking midfielder that won’t guarantee a loss of possession when he receives the ball 75% of the time.
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  6. theShiznit

    theShiznit Well-Known Member

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    When he wants to be...
  7. jolsnogross

    jolsnogross Well-Known Member

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    Bollocks. That was about as shitty as we get. Static all over the park with and without the ball. I don't know why we sometimes play Arsenal as though they'll be complacent against us. Really frustrating. Probably a one horse race this year for the league unless teams start roughing City up.
  8. Archibald&Crooks

    Archibald&Crooks Aegina Expat Admin

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    Bah, not a good weekend to be a Spurs fan. I guess what goes around comes around, today its our turn to suck it up.

    I don't take it as hard as I used to and I do but at the same time don't envy those of you for whom it's still life and death.

    I'll have a pint of special brew mixed with gold label tonight and pass out blissfully whilst the resulting coma causes the shit and piss to dribble out of me. Again. :D
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  9. hellava_tough

    hellava_tough Well-Known Member

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    I think we should probably be a bit more negative/defensive and play on the counter

    Sure pundits and opposition fans will moan, but we'll have the last laugh by picking up more points including the odd win
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  10. Gaz_Gammon

    Gaz_Gammon Well-Known Member

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    Best team won and by a country mile, many a punter has said that we are punching above our weight and i tend to agree. There is only a certain amount of success a team can get by motivation, and hard training, but without the skill and strength in depth needed at thee very top to win against the best around, we will always be the almost team.
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  11. markiespurs

    markiespurs SC Supporter

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    As poor as we were, Mike Dean's decision to give Arsenal a phantom free kick was a game changing decision.
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  12. ravenspurs

    ravenspurs Active Member

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    That’s the most disappointed I’ve been in us since we mailed in the remainder of the season after The Battle of the Bridge. Just awful.
  13. ljinko888

    ljinko888 Well-Known Member

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    We have a real problem with teams who press.

    The inability to make passing moves is dire and it's no wonder why we are diabolical in these away games.

    It might be worth just parking the bus and hope Kane bangs one in from 30 yards as I'm sick of every away big game having the same script
  14. alfie103

    alfie103 Well-Known Member

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    Eriksen and Alli were absolutely garbage. I don't think I can remember such a rubbish performance from Alli plus his moaning doesn't help when he playing that badly.
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  15. thinktank

    thinktank Hmmm...

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    I seriously doubt he does, mate, tbf.
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  16. Fidget

    Fidget Member

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    Deserving a complete bollocking is deserving a complete bollocking, no matter how it is dressed up.
    They get more pay in a month than most of us get in a lifetime. Losing is one thing but not even bloody turning up for that money is sackable
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  17. thebenjamin

    thebenjamin Well-Known Member

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    Main issue today was physically. We looked like we were carrying injuries all over the pitch
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  18. riggi

    riggi Well-Known Member

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    As per...
  19. SirNiNyHotspur

    SirNiNyHotspur Member

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    Me thinks Dean is a Utd or City fan, use to give us all the calls when scum where chasing the pack, now vice versa since we’ve been on top
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  20. ilikeost

    ilikeost Falcao, goodnight.

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    Feels like Poch is slow to adapt quite often. How many times did we have to watch us get destroyed by Liverpool before he thought maybe not playing a high line against the quickest and most agressive team in the league would be a good idea? I love him but he isn't flawless. We should have played the same way we did against Liverpool, Dortmund and Real today.
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