Arsenal vs Tottenham: NLD Match Thread

Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by mpickard2087, Nov 17, 2017.


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  1. Arsenal Win

  2. Draw

  3. Tottenham Win

  4. Match abandoned and awarded to Spurs after Arsenal fail to show up.

  1. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne The only way is up

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    Hugo seemed a bit fragile today.
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  2. Streetspur77

    Streetspur77 Well-Known Member

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  3. DEFchenkOE

    DEFchenkOE Well-Known Member

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    Our first 11 is strong but we don't have enough options off the bench or if Kane isnt fully fit. Difficult to win the league like that.
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  4. Paceyjg

    Paceyjg Active Member

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    D Sanchez was superb today, so glad we signed him...

    No one else seemed up for it, maybe Davies..

    Kane and Ali should have come off a lot earlier, if for no other reason but for the next run of games.

    As for chases balloon come to mind. He has no end product, his driving run which led to neither pass nor shot nor cross is the perfect example of why he's so limited..

    Mike Dean was superb for Arsenal!
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  5. yiddopaul

    yiddopaul Well-Known Member

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    So what. They’re still behind us. We’ll still finish above them. They won’t put a performance in like that all season. Neither will we.
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  6. nightgoat

    nightgoat Well-Known Member

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    Dier's pretty spot on with this;

    "I thought our performance was good from the beginning, we did what we wanted to do. We were playing a very good side and both teams will have their periods in the game. We are disappointed to concede the goals we did.
    "I don't need to say anything [about the referee]. In big games there is too much on the line for mistakes like that. It put them in front and changed the game."

    At least Mustafi can admit he was offside, although clearly the decisions didn't end up a draw...

    "I was happy the referee did not blow the whistle for offside. I am lucky to get away with it. That is football, you get things for and against you, at the end of the season the decisions end up as a draw."
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  7. Cruyff

    Cruyff Active Member

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    What a predictably shit starting centre midfield that turned out to be...
  8. rupsmith

    rupsmith Well-Known Member

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    I think we were ok. The ref cost us the game and also the typical ponderous play we have when Dembele is playing - I am simply not a fan of him. Our movement becomes so much better with Winks or any ball playing midfielder. I’ve posted the following before.

    It's the channels. With Dier/Winks sitting deep, driving and distributing, Sissoko can run the channels, provide an outlet for the wing backs and create space centrally for Eriksen, Kane and Ali/Song. He works the channels - it isn’t central midfield play.

    Demebele and Wanayama simply don't do that. Their primary focus is ball retention and control. So with them, while it appears that we have control of the game, we are too central and not penetrative/"creative" enough because our creative guys don't have space. They are not very quick distributors either so our play is ponderous with them in the side. With sissoko - even though he clearly does not have the best touch - our side looks mobile and more attacking, as he always looks forward in his play. With Dier/Winks holding - and holding well - it's a much more balanced looking side.
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  9. SpursDave88

    SpursDave88 Well-Known Member

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    Dude it couldn't have "easily gone the other way" in truth Arsenal were unlucky not to score a couple more and took their foot off the gas at 2-0.
  10. muppetman

    muppetman Well-Known Member

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    I'm not sure you'd get any of those for £30M in today's market but I accept your point. I still feel that if we have a full squad of fit players (in particular Toby - to free up Dier, Dembele (who looked crocked today to me), Wanyama and Lamela we don't play Sissoko in any important games at all. In fact without Sissoko I'm not sure who would play in midfield with our current injuries - Eriksen with Son further forward?
  11. ravenspurs

    ravenspurs Active Member

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    Back off the ledge. We were as awful today as I’ve seen us in a long time. But we’ll recover. We always have as long as Poch has been manager. We have a long run of games after Dortmund against sub par opposition. It’s a chance for us to get healthy and we’ll kick the shit out of these fucks when they come to Wembley in a few months.
  12. Fidget

    Fidget Member

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    Why is it that some matches you just know we are not gonna turn up. And most of all, what is it with Alli?
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  13. THFC_SWE

    THFC_SWE Active Member

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    He has been as bad in other games, and then he gets one chance and score a goal. Sissoko willk not do that, even when he's good. I never thought we would get something out of this game after they scored their 2nd goal. But at least had a glimpse of hope. When Kane and Alli was substituted, I had no hope left. Sure, Son have some goals in him, But other than him?
  14. Garbob

    Garbob Member

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    Always is against gooners for some reason
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  15. WiganSpur

    WiganSpur Well-Known Member

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    I can only assume Winks was not fully fit to play today.

    Dembele not being himself anymore is causing a lot of problems with Wanyama's injury. Dier is far better at CB and Sissoko is Sissoko. We're only left with Winks who is good enough to start there all of a sudden.

    If Wanyama isn't coming back anytime soon then we need to sign somebody there as Poch doesn't trust Onomah.
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  16. mpickard2087

    mpickard2087 Fantastic Member

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    A large part of the problem is that our pass and move still isn't at a standard it could be. Too many of our players are just not tuned to playing at one or two touch over and over and over, then as a collective our movement, playing little triangles etc, could be better. I don't need to name names, we have a lot of ability in the squad but we all know which players, and there's a few of them, that struggle to control a ball and need that extra touch or two (or three, four, five...) and enjoy holding onto the ball.

    People like myself often point out after matches when we see lots of this, when players are holding the ball too long, we're not moving the ball quick enough or linking that well in large parts of our general play - but then we usually play bus-parkers and do show enough quality moments to eventually win - and so other posters just go 'ffs stop being so negative, enjoy the win'... Well that's why I mention it, because we have to be better in the weaker games and have better standards. If we're a bit slow in those games, it will definitely get shown up in high intensity games where teams put the squeeze on us - and yet again a team that presses us, as today for the main part of the match, we cant handle and look lost.

    We've got to strive to pass and move better whoever we're playing.
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  17. truebluespur

    truebluespur Member

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    I think Winks would of been better from the start today instead of Dembele. As much as Dembele is a fantastic player he does tend to have those few extra touches on the ball in the midfield, giving the opposition a few seconds extra to reposition themselves. Winks is like a metronome, gets the ball and looks to play it immediately, that would've helped us.

    Son should have been brought on much earlier as well...
  18. Hazardousman

    Hazardousman Audere est Facere

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    We have been for seasons now but people refuse to acknowledge it because of our overall improvement from where we were before Poch.

    The thing is, games like Real Madrid are some of the best experiences I have ever had as a spurs fan and make me believe we could win a trophy but then games like this make me question if this side have the ability to win a title or a trophy.

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  19. ajspurs

    ajspurs Well-Known Member

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    To be honest from very early on, even after 10 minutes we didn't look in the game at all but I was hoping that was just a phase and not a trend for the whole fucking match. I wouldn't argue it was small margins at all, just think we really got outplayed today. Only thing I would say is that sometimes you play shit and still get away with something hence why I was initially annoyed about the free kick decision but I feel wrong to sit here and say Arsenal despite being better only won by small margins.
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  20. Armstrong_11

    Armstrong_11 Spurs makes me happy, you... not so much :)

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    Hate to say it...

    But the Europa league team were better then the champions league team tonight.

    They manage the game better, was focus and everyone played their part in a really good performance.

    It happens. Dissapointed... But life goes one.

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