Article on Klinsmann from the Times

Discussion in 'General Football' started by DoublePivot, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Seems to be very confident. I hope his managerial career works out for him. I like the fact he wants to take responsibility for the whole first team, since his head is on the chopping block. Would love him to come to Spurs (even to visit once in a while!!)
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    He sounds exactly like what we need to invigorate our whole set-up. Unfortunately, Levy probably won't dismantle the continental set-up for any particular coach/manager.
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    Very interesting article.

    The fact that Chelsea were approaching a manager to replace Jose last April is certainly eye-catching, but for some reason wasn't plastered all over the papers. Even as a 'Oh, right, so Chelsea did it first. And most other clubs probably do, too. Sorry Spurs for causing a shitstorm.' type article. :|
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    I definitely agree with his vision and I have to say I thought we had a similar thing being built at the Lane, but I've lost an awful lot of confidence in our current setup this season! I'm not yet convinced Comolli has the knowledge, experience and vision to see the whole picture the way Arnesen probably did.
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    I really believe that Jurgen is indeed a true visionary and someone who will be successful wherever he goes.He has always been a very, very intelligent player,he has saved us from relegation not once but twice and turned a German team of no-hopers into a lean mean lightening quick machine!
    I really,really like Martin Jol but this guy is just different class.
    If Martin does decide to leave because the board have treated him so badly then there is, in my opinion, only one man for the job,forget Ramos,Mourinho,Hughes,Capello or Lippi,just get Jurgen Klinsmann no matter what it takes.
    He will build a Spurs team that will reach heights that we have only dreamed about!
    It would probably mean the end for all the coaches we have at all levels and the end for Comolli as well but if Levy really wants Champions League football,be better than Arsenal and build the finest stadium in Europe.He needs to be ruthless and believe in the vision of Klinsmann.
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    Great article. Jurgen was my first real footballing hero growing up, absolute ledge. So glad he rejected Chelscum
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    Interesting article :up:
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    I know our lot have talked to him. He was here for two days and remained unspotted.

    Thing is, what about DC? He says in the article that he needs to be in control. Fair enough, but where does that leave our French friend?

    Nice article though, thanks.
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    I accidentally ended up at the end of the General Football articles and saw this thread.

    Thought I would bump it for no other reason other than Jurgen should never be at the end/bottom of any list
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