Aurier did not deserve red card - Mauricio

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 23, 2017.

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    Mauricio Pochettino refused to blame Serge Aurier for his sending off in Saturday's 3-2 win at West Ham but admitted Spurs were dominated by the Hammers after going down to 10 men.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Chris_D
    Not sure I completely agree with this. Maybe his first booking was harsh but he'd given away a few free kicks so must have known any transgression could get him in trouble. Then he knew he was on a yellow card and makes a reckless tackle on Carroll. He didn't need to dive in, at 3-1 we looked OK and that made it close. He was like a new Kyle Walker, great pace and energy, at times in poor positions and wasn't smart at the key moments.
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  2. dekka
  3. dekka
    Seems to me that He'll have to adapt to the pl quickly. Walker was a liability when losing players runs in his first years and eventually learned that brains outweigh speed. Maybe too eager to impress early on but I would like to see Poch sit down with him and explain what is required in PL cos it's a lot different than French football.
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  4. jolsnogross
    I like players who play on the edge and bring that aggression, but he seemed a little too far over the edge today, bordering on brainless at times. I don't know his history in Paris to determine if this is going to be a one-off or a style of play to be concerned about.

    Danny Rose is an example of someone who often brings a bit of edge to a game, but is rarely daft about it. And Sanchez also looks pro-active without being needlessly provocative.
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  5. JimmyG2
    Oh yes he did!
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  6. gusrowe
    Thought the red card a little harsh but two bookings so fair enough. Bearing in mind it was his Premiership debut and WH are wind up merchants I thought he did ok, plenty of aggression and pace. Just needs more experience tactically of the Premiership and he will grow into a class full back.....could end up being a bargain buy compared to Walkers transfer fee.
  7. Dharmabum
    His first yellow card was a joke - as it didn't even warrant a free kick.
    But he knew he was on a yellow card so should NOT have launched into that unnecessary tackle. But I hope he's learned his lesson.
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  8. Jamturk
    Poch is just protecting Aurier and getting him onside, he is still fairly young and has good ingredients. Needs to work on his positioning, decisions and to stay on his feet.
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  9. yid-down-under
    First yellow was harsh but second was dead set. A few dodgy moments but made a great tackle in the box when at 0-0.

    Jury's still out in him imo
  10. TheChosenOne
    Carroll mugged him off for the 2nd yellow, put his body between the ball and Aurier knowingly drawing the tackle and getting him sent off.

    It was Carrolls leg that came into contact with Aurier first, Aurier should not have gone in for the challenge the way he did.
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  11. WalkerboyUK
    First yellow wasn't for that specific challenge. The ref clearly indicated it was for persistent fouling.
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  12. jamesinashby
    For me, this incident is beginning to ring warning bells as he is showing to much of a tendency to tackle from behind. I don't watch enough of purely European games to know how it is viewed in the French leagues, but I watch a lot of EPL non Spurs games and sense that the one of the easiest ways to pick up a yellow card is when going into a tackle from behind.

    I realise that the more sensible managers should not criticise to the press when talking about incidents that occur. However, I hope that behind the scenes he pointed out some of the facts posted on here regarding rash tackles on when on a yellow card. Especially, when 3 - 0 up and not protecting a 1 - 0 lead or chasing for an equaliser.

    All that said, he is young, making his debut in the EPL and probably desperate to impress so it was simply a mistake made in the heat of the moment which now he is regretting. I'm sure he will have learned a lessen, albeit harshly.

    COYS :)
  13. UbeAstard
    I think it would have been sensible from the manager to bring him off after the first yellow seeing as he made a lot of lounging and challenges off his feet. Was always running a risk after that.
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  14. Dharmabum
    Yes, I know but it was Carroll who fouled Aurier - by running into him. I know the ref was right in front of that incident, which makes his decision worse.
    I think the Spurs fans should stop cheering Aurier on until he learns to "control" hjimself ;)
  15. Japhet

    He might have learned a lesson from his red card. If he'd been taken off I don't think he'd have learned anything. Needs to rein in his enthusiasm and I think Poch is the man to help him do it.
  16. ostrov
    He's got good and bad features in his playing portrait. Surely Poch is going to improve his game, he is a master of it. Aurier just needs to chill a bit.
  17. Sweetsman
    He is getting used to a new league and what is acceptable in it, so there's nothing to see here. He didn't undertake any career-ending challenge, which had he been English would have been filed under the not-that-sort-of-player category. I guess that when some people find they have underwear, they feel they must twist them.
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  18. Archibald Leitch
    There is plenty to like about Aurier, and once he has settled and Poch has worked his magic, he will be Spurs legend. Love his commitment.
  19. DanielCHillier
    Oh no he didn't!

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