Aurier pledges to turn his career around at Spurs

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Tottenham Hotspur right-back Serge Aurier wants to be remembered for what he did on the pitch rather than his poor behaviour and outbursts and hopes to reinvent himself in England.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. wolff
    Good player but needs to cut out his reckless tackles
  2. jenko
    And reckless passes.

    He will, because its Poch.
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  3. Dennism
    He needs to cut out the mistakes. Would also like to see him take on players in advanced positions (not in his own half!) but do not know whether he has the game to do this.
  4. whitesocks
    He surely doesn't want to remembered for what he did on the pitch Sunday.
    Much improvement needed.
  5. tcyrus
    He played the two best passes in the game on Sunday,
    Unfortunately it was to the opposition.
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  6. Gaz_Gammon

    Nor should any of the outfield players.
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  7. jolsnogross
    I think he played poorly against Palace and the signs of recklessness have been there for all to see in his early appearances. He'll benefit from Poch bootcamp, but if we're operating in a meritocracy then his current role should be defined as back-up to Trippier until he demonstrates in training and matches that he can be a smarter and more productive wing-back.
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  8. ginola007
    He is currently very like an early Walker, circa 2012.
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  9. jolsnogross
    I think he'll improve if his attitude is right. And I want to be constructively critical rather than being dismissed as "slating" him. But I'd say the comparisons with Walker are wishful thinking at the moment. Walker was prone to an epic mess-up when he lost his head because of pressure being applied. Aurier so far has been making big errors (turnovers and diving in) largely without pressure being applied. And he's in no way as brave and forthright in attack as Walker has always been keen to show.

    So I think the ingredients are there, his touch isn't bad, but he's doing things backward at the moment: showing no restraint in his defending and far too much restraint in his attacking. Poch is probably going to be able to switch those.
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  10. gusrowe
    I think he is still learning the game in the Premiership. We pick on the negatives but forget how well he has played at times. He has made mistakes this season including other Spurs players like Lloris but we have short memories. I am sure Poch will iron out his reckless and sloppy play at times and he will turn into a quality player. Great poker and pace he just needs time to settle.
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  11. TutanKlinsmann
    If he's still learning I'd rather put on Trip on every league games. He's positioning is also in question. He tends to be caught off side easily and it cost us the Manure goal.
  12. Shadydan
    You've clearly forgotten about some of Walkers basic errors.
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  13. chavkev
    We might have to look at getting Walker-Peters ahead of him next season if he doesn't improve. We can't keep him as 3rd choice indefinitely. I was surprised that we went for a permanent signing at rb. A years loan might have been a better strategy for keeping KWP.
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  14. slartibartfast
    Christ some over reacting in here. This guy is new to PL, knows he's been brought in to replace Walker after a huge media build up and is just trying too hard to impress imo and making mistakes because of it.
    He played for one of the richest clubs in the world so he's obviously a good player.
    Be a bit more patient ffs before writing him off or putting youth academy players in front of him.
    He's got a good attitude judging by this headline so with Poch guiding him I'd bet my left plum he ends up being mustard and some people ready to throw him under the bus are going to look very silly in 6 months.
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  15. Donki
    Don't be so fucking sensible, do you not realize where you are? :rolleyes:
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  16. Maske2g
    Another thread showcasing how clueless the majority of you are.

    In general you can see that he is absolutely class which was known anyway if you've ever watched champions league football.

    BUT, you can see with half na eye, that he is absolutely not fit enough to play a the kind of tempo that he is clearly trying to play at.

    What's the first thing that goes when you are blowing out your arsehole? Technique.

    2 woefully misplaced, but unpunished passes, will not define his Spurs career.

    Another 5-6 games under his belt and Rose's, and Rose, Davies, Aurier, TRippier, will be as good a 4 full back selection as any club have on the planet.
  17. ginola007
    He played a bad game on Sunday. But he WILL improve. Notice how Yedlin had some very good games with Newcastle lately. Wish we had loaned him out instead of selling him outright.
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  18. Shadydan
    Out of interest who are you referring to when you say that?
  19. TottenhamMattSpur
    Its gonna take Poch a year to make him as good as he can be.
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