Barcelona monitoring Toby Alderweireld

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 27, 2018.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Locotoro
    I'm fairly sure this is bullshit. My understanding is that the hold up with Toby's contract is that his advisors are trying to insert a min release clause. His contract runs out in 2019 but there is an option to extend for another year
  2. thebenjamin
    Yeah at which point he can leave for £25M. So not this summer but next summer.

    Interesting point is going to be that he may well want to hang on with us for another season to leave for the £25M, while we'll need to push him out this summer so we can sell for market value.
  3. Lilbaz
    Unless the agreement is like suarez at liverpools.
  4. thebenjamin
    I would've thought post-that any agent who didn't get it water tight in writing wouldn't be in their job very long.
  5. littlemandefoe
    im a little bit nervous about this one for some reason!
  6. Lilbaz
  7. Lilbaz
    He has to get back to full fitness first.
    No problem worrying about it. See what happens in the summer.
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  8. mawspurs
    Ally Gold covered this in one of his updates. Apparently there is a clause for £25.4M but that clause is only active for a two week period if we activate the extension to his current contract. We do not want such a clause in the new contract, which is more than likely what the delay is.

    I'd like to know where we stand if we rebuff those offers in that 2 week window and say we do not want to sell.

    Ally's latest update video on this
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  9. JC-Rule
    If Toby and his agent want to mandate that a clause such as that remains in the new contract then they are not fully committed to the club.

    As good as Toby is, if he can’t fully commit to what we are about then he has to be allowed to leave.

    The club will continue with or without him.

    Offer him a decent salary and a good contract to finish his playing career with us, if he signs great, if not, then with regret, sell him. Preferably abroad and not to league rival.

    This is ain’t that club down the road where they lack strong administration to manage the affairs of the club.

    Players holding them to ransom and the club becoming a laughingstock, selling to their rivals because they have no choice.

    This is Spurs where the club is bigger than the player.

    Ever since Judas ran his contract down and left, we’ve learnt our lesson.
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  10. thebenjamin
    Then he would still only have a year left, and we won't let it get that far anyway. If he doesn't sign by this summer, we'll obviously sell.
  11. mawspurs
    If you watch the first part of Ally's video, link above, he says that all contracts are waiting until we sort out a new contract for Kane. That will raise the ceiling and all other contracts will fall in line behind that.

    That makes sense to me, Kane should be the highest player at the club, once his contract is sorted we can then offer more to other players, but less than Kane will earn.

    If any player at the club thinks they will get a bigger contract than Harry then they must be barking mad.
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  12. tiger666
    Which makes sense and is absolutely the right way to go about it. Not simply "Just pay Toby what he wants". I'm sure he'll be offered a good contract below Kane, if he wants more, he's free to leave.
  13. Shadydan
    Have always said people need to wait until the summer when they sort Kane's contract out then everyone else will follow suit, people just need to chill Daniel will sort it.
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  14. Japhet
    We also need that time to assess his recovery from a bad hamstring injury. Can't go throwing money at a new contract until he's proved he can stay fit.
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  15. Dr Know
    I’m sure they mean the physios. Didn’t Lamela go to Roma for treatment? :whistle:
  16. ralvy
    Ehmm... I think Jan and a fit Toby are worth almost as much as Harry. Our success of the past two seasons was built as much on Kane's goal scoring ability as on the Jan-Toby partnership that gave us one of the strongest defenses we've ever enjoyed.

    So I think a point could be made that they probably should be earning as much as Harry.
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  17. mawspurs
    Strikers will always be more highly valued than centre backs, that’s just a fact of life. Kane has shown he is one of if not THE best striker in the world, I don’t think there’s much contest there for the most valuable player at the club.
  18. Shadydan
    Strikers and forward players normally earn the most because they have the hardest job in football, besides Kane by rights should be the highest paid player at our club.
  19. Rocksuperstar
    I think we have to accept that, regardless of any contract stipulations, Toby is going to attract the attention of the biggest clubs eventually. The only thing is the fact we might lose him for as little as 25m is the actual talking point, but even Levy's shrewd contract negotiations contain an element of risk and eventually we're going to see players attracting interest from bigger clubs (who will tap them up in as much as revealing possible contracts available to their agent *spit* - we probably do it too) and a situation like this might happen.

    We may well lose Toby but will it be at the end of this season to make sure we get the 70m+ that he's worth, or will his contribution next term be worth more than 50m+ to the club and he goes the summer after? Who knows, I guess it all boils down to if he wants to go to Spain or not and how much we want to recoup on his value.

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