Beckham to lead Stratford bid


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May 14, 2007
TwoSaints, there really was no need for that last sentence.


Dec 10, 2006
How is that funny?

You know full well I currently want him to play as an AM and not a deep seated playmaker. It just proves if he is played elsewhere with a less defensive role, he can score goals. Back then he was playing on the left and scoring.

What else is funny? That in a random thread I was praising Modric?

Kinda proves a point eh that I was right that certain members don't read anything I post about Modric apart from zooming in on a 3 year old dated claim.

If you want to laugh at me, I never thought Modric would do well on the left and HR proved me wrong. Mega Bale evolved and took Modrics place, and I still think Modders should be unleashed further forward, and leave the dirty work to the grunts.

It also proves another thing: I am constantly trolled by 12 people on here that ALWAYS bring up Modric, Spice Boys etc, and then start to piss their pants that I have hijacked another thread.
I'm sure your not really neurotic, but my advice is stay off the narcotics