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  1. Zapsta

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    Please take time to scroll down the first page or two of the forum to see if anyone else has started the same or a similar thread that you can contribute to instead, and maybe do a quick search. Thanks.
  2. Teemo

    Teemo New Member

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    What's with the moderators?

    I don't understand that whenever someone wants to discuss a certain aspect of the game, the moderators get really annoyed and lock it, saying it has to be in the official match thread! Frankly the match thread is always way too long to read, and full of reactions as the game happens. Sometimes it is better to have a thread on a particular talking point related to the match. Above all, I don't understand why they get so annoyed: if it's so annoying to keep locking threads, then why don't you just leave them? If their is no interest in them then they can sink down the page anyway. I realise people don't like to have 15 different versions of the same thing but I think the moderators are getting really pedantic. I am sorry if my point of view annoys the moderators, I just hate starting to read a thread that I am interested in, only to see a moderator lock it off and redirect everyone to the rather boring match thread.
  3. MrWoolley

    MrWoolley Moderator Staff

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    Re: What's with the moderators?

    Repreated threads are a problem, but also poor quality opening threads are too.

    Stupid 5 words threads just aren't worth the time, and little comments which are a sentance long can go into a Match reaction thread. If somebody makes the effort of making a good thread, putting the point across effectively it's got more chance of being precieved well.
  4. Rob

    Rob The Boss Admin

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    Moved this here as I think everyone should see Teemu's comments and Wolley's reply.
  5. CaptainCat

    CaptainCat Well-Known Member

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    I agree with you Teemo.

    I personally don't understand why any thread needs to be locked, unless it's a carbon copy of another one already in existence, or if it gets completely out of hand with insults. Every thread, however badly it starts, has the potential to turn into something worthwhile and surely shouldn't be terminated straight away. Some of the best threads have started with only a few words in the first post.

    While I'm at it, I have to say that repeated threads don't annoy me that much. I don't know, maybe I'm a freak of nature, but what REALLY annoys me is when wannabe mods post something like "for fuck's sake, lock it!!" in a repeated thread. These people only create a negative atmosphere, and mods should deliberately not lock these threads just to annoy them.

    EDIT: Just so that nobody missunderstands, I'm very grateful to all the mods around here.
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  6. morriss

    morriss Well-Known Member

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    I am a member of a couple of other forums. The forumites there use the search function before they start a thread.

    Let's say someone has just seen Defoe's goal against Boro for the first time and wanted to talk about it. Why not do a search, see if there's been a thread about it and bump that thread why and post your own two cents?

    The thing is, it's a bad habit if you don't, because if you just don't look, and I mean don't even scroll down the front page, then you get four Kuyt threads at once on the front page discussing the same thing.

    Just click "Search" the "Defoe Goal Boro" or "Kuyt Transfer Feyenoord" and hit enter. It isn't that hard, is it?
  7. SpursGuru

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    Can't we merge threads so if someone makes a duplicate thread it can just be chucked in with the better one?
  8. dannythomas

    dannythomas Well-Known Member

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    It seems that threads which are closely linked to others get locked on here more than those which contain unnecessary obscenities and insults to other members. Those still proliferate on here .
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