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Discussion in 'Spurs Chat' started by Armstrong_11, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. npearl4spurs

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    If Ben Davies had Danny Rose's pace, he'd be the best fucking left wing back in the world.
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  2. SEANSPURS1975

    SEANSPURS1975 Well-Known Member

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    Probably his best performance in a Tottenham shirt. Outstanding today.
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  3. agrdavidsfan

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    Was sensational in both Wales is games in the break.

    Watched the Austria game in the stadium where he played as part of a back 3 and I quickly noticed he seems to have gained a yard, may just be fitness from playing regularly but he's also added these weird runs into his box or central into his game a few of my mates were actually saying they think he could be an option for Wales in cm!.

    Not sure if poch has been doing a lot of work with him behind the scenes or if maybe he's just developing his own game but it's great to see him get bette and better wee forget he's still quite young.

    Very solid defensively also
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  4. tippspur59

    tippspur59 Well-Known Member

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    Excellent game from Ben today.
  5. Guntz

    Guntz Well-Known Member

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    As I said in the adopt a player thread, he's criminally underrated. I personally think there's not many better defensive fullbacks in the league, and it seems like he's growing into the wingback role aswell.

    Rose definitely has a tough task to get back into the team, and it will hopefully will push both of them onto another level .
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  6. Basil Brush

    Basil Brush Active Member

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    He is a very good left back/wing back.

    So good to have both him and Rose.
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  7. Kiedis

    Kiedis Well-Known Member

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    If you don't rate Davies by this point, you just don't know your shit. It's really that simple.
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  8. Col_M

    Col_M Pointing out the Obvious

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    Some great crossing and he constantly found acres of space.
  9. guy

    guy SC Supporter

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    MOTM performance from him yesterday, absolutely fantastic.

    Long may it continue
  10. TropicalYid

    TropicalYid Active Member

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    Ben was great yesterday.
  11. BringBack_leGin

    BringBack_leGin I BELIEVE

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    He's always been a strong passer and generally a half decent reader of the game defensively, plus he has a bit of bite, but he's always up to now lacked that mental bravery to really join an attack, it always seemed unnatural. If this is going to be his ongoing approach to our attacks then Rose has some very serious competition for his place from a player with less pace but probably more brain and technique.
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  12. JimmyG2

    JimmyG2 SC Supporter

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    Much more positive Danny Rose-like approach yesterday.
    Didn't keep checking and passing back into the back 3/4 .
    had space ahead and made for it.
    The set up suited him.
    Good performance almost MOM.
  13. Japhet

    Japhet Well-Known Member

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    I think having Sanchez pace at the back will give Davies a bit more confidence going forward as well. Rose has his work cut out to get back in the team when he's fit.
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  14. THFC_SWE

    THFC_SWE Active Member

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    I think he has been our best player so far this season. If he keep playing like this, Rose will not get back in to the starting eleven.

    He has improved in so many different areas. His passing is better, he reads the game better, he seems to be quicker and his crossing has improved. Sometimes he does a normal cross and sometimes he cut it back.

    I know that we have only played four games and that this stat will probably drop, but so far Davies has 3.3 key passes/game, as a left back (ranked 3rd in the league). That's insane.
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  15. Clark28

    Clark28 Well-Known Member

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    definitely stepped up his game, Rose is gonna have to google how to displace him from the team.
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  16. thePessimist

    thePessimist Active Member

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    Noticed him getting more shots from inside the box this year. Great to see him pushing forward and getting assists and chances. Very solid player
  17. Vincent30

    Vincent30 Well-Known Member

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    He's like the polar opposite to Kyle Walker when he gets into a crossing position, low and behold, he gets into a position and crosses the bloody ball in, rather than stop, go back, beat the player again then pass it backwards.

    What i really like about Davies is that he doesn't really massively excel at anything, but he really gets the basics right. The more balls you put into the area, the more chance of scoring. Really pleased with his consistency levels these days and a great squad player to have he is versatile. Fair play to Poch with his development, much improved player over the last few years.
  18. ohtottenham!

    ohtottenham! Well-Known Member

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    Things I saw yesterday, was Davies looking far more attacking, far more movement and link-up play with the intent to attack as opposed to just laying the ball back. He'd get wide and seemed far more focused on whipping the ball into threatening areas. If he couldn't do that, he was more aggressive in driving infield into open spaces and quickly distribute to push attacks in other areas. Poch's definitely been working with him in making him more of an attacking threat, and it's bearing fruit.

    Things that helped him were the way Everton set up so narrow and gave us so much space, and the fact that Sanchez at the back meant we had pace and cover with Sanchez and Verts to cover down the left defensive flank.
  19. King of Otters

    King of Otters Well-Known Member

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    He was excellent against Everton, who just happen to be one of the slowest teams in the league, but I still think he's very vulnerable against pace. I wouldn't be confident at all with him at left back against rapid attacks like City or Liverpool.
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  20. am_yisrael_chai

    am_yisrael_chai Well-Known Member

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    I agree he is playing better and making more of a contribution offensively but anyone suggesting that a fully fit Rose shouldn't be in the team ahead of him is having amnesia as to just how good Rose was last season before his injury and how much of an impact he has in our offensive pattern.

    In any event with the importance of WBs in our system we need to rotate, so the closer in performance our 2 WBs on each side are the better for overall team performance.
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