Ben Davies

Discussion in 'The January 2017 Transfer Rumour archive' started by THFCSPURS19, Dec 13, 2016.

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  2. spursfan77

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    I wouldn't sell him to Man City. Why help out a rival, it makes no sense to.
  3. danielneeds

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    No way will City be buying Davies. I'd expect them, United and Chelsea to be fighting over that Monaco LB Mendy in the summer.
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  4. Hakkz

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    If City buy Davies my guess it is to play him at CB. Like Guardiola tries to do with Kolarov.
  5. Shadydan

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    Think they'd probably want more quality, they'll probably go for someone like Tiago Silva.
  6. Hoopspur

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    If we were looking for a replacement for Davies, and if he went somewhere else, then wouldn't we want a player that would replicate Rose's athleticism? The current system(s) that our dear leader plays at the moment needs those 2 wing/full backs to cover loads of ground whilst also being super attacking with loads of pace. Defending is of course important but it only seems to be half of the requirement and is decreasing every match. Even a few of our rivals are playing wingers (Rose's original position) as full backs.

    This is all down to how frustrated Davies is getting at the moment at Spurs also. Imo he would be silly to be angling for a move right now, but we don't know the discussions or whispers that are going on behind the scenes. He might well also be getting left behind in the wages stakes.
  7. Japhet

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    Wouldn't have minded Schlupp before CP nabbed him. Think he would have been good back up for Rose but I'm quite happy with Davies.
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  8. bubble07

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    8m is an absolute joke of a bid. 20m is a fair price allround
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  9. knowlespurs

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    palace are bidding for everyone and getting no one
    no way Davies is going this window
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