Bentaleb: I want big money like Eriksen and Kane to sign new deal

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 7, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 7, 2015.

  1. Everlasting Seconds
    A young employee enters a department full of people able to do the same job. One year later, the young guy is the boss's favourite, he is far more important than colleagues, some of which are about to be fired, he knows that hiring new guys in his position is a risky and expensive process, and now salary negotiations are coming up...
  2. robbiedee
    Absolutely...not saying its incorrect...stories based on stories...the main point gets diluted or embellished to be more read-worthy...Chinese whispers doubt the Daily Star will run a story based on the Express, saying "Bentalab considers Spurs future as negotiation talks break down"...silly season is about to start and I'm all strapped in and ready for the ride!
  3. Block D Spurs
    The young employee's boss is under the control of the chairman of the company, and purse strings holder. So what the top man says the manager has to follow...
  4. Japhet

    I think you're confusing football with the real world. There is no common ground.
  5. Shadydan
    We can't wait around for that though, because by the time his potential is starting to get realised his contract will run down and that's when the bigger clubs will come circling ala Raheem Sterling.

    I just think with a player like him yuo need to tie him down to a long contract now and put him on a decent wage, £40k a week is fair if he is indeed asking for it.
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  6. Japhet

    I think he should be offered a contract which builds steadily over 5 years or whatever based on the return we get from him. Tying him down to a big contract now wouldn't work any better than it did with Modric or Bale if he's anywhere near as good as so many people think he is. Personally, I'm a bit more sceptical.
  7. Block D Spurs

    I am not confusing the real world with football.. although you make an interesting comparison... The way football is run, (Clubs, agents FIFA etc..) and amounts of money spent, has indeed no comparison to the real world..

    I was just making an explanation as to Everlasting Seconds post based upon my previous entry.
  8. Black
    He definitely should be on that big money, he's been putting in good performances while being played out of position.
  9. SPURSFANfrance
  10. UbeAstard
    Ask any of your mates who are the 5 best young midfeilders in the prem and see who names Benteleb. Extend it to 10 if you wish.
  11. UbeAstard
    What should be his position?
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  12. @Bobby__Lucky
    Most of my mates are Arsenal, but saying that they all would like him at the emirates, Kane too. They also rate Mason highly after his performance in the most recent win. I watched it together with them all on TV and they were like "who the fuck is this mason dude..he's taking the piss" so there you go.. My Man U supporting mate also wants Bentaleb.

    Tell you what why don't you name some of the midfielders in the prem of the same age that are better?
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  13. WhiteHeartLowe
    Please, someone, offer me £25,000 a week! :rolleyes:
  14. Japhet

    Not until you're 19.
  15. @Bobby__Lucky
    Just to put things in a bit of perspective I knew a player playing at a London club when he and I were both 19. One of the smaller London clubs to be accurate. He was on a 900 a week without being anywhere near the first team. When he broke through and renewed. His contract he was on then was 9k a week at 21 in 1994.. Before all the sky money..

    Edit *1996 not 94
  16. Everlasting Seconds
    I'd be 4th striker for a season for 2,500 a week to be honest. Cheapest back up to the back up in the league.
  17. Shadydan
    I think you should name the best 10 young midfielders in the prem.
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  18. double0
    He deserves the going rate...I'm Sure Lamela is,getting a good wage ws well Soldado Adebayor Paulinho. Bentaleb should be paid
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  19. mattbrakeuk
    As much as I think you have a point, he is right. Outside of spurs fans nobody rates him. I'm happy with him steadily progressing under the radar though.
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  20. Dr.Givengo
    I think a lot of clubs rate him( World Cup starter and mainstay for us) and at only 20 yrs old...this is why we should pay him
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