Bentaleb: I want big money like Eriksen and Kane to sign new deal

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 7, 2015.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, May 7, 2015.

  1. chinaman
    I think he signed a 3-year contract in Oct 2013, so if we don't hurry with an agreement, he'll easily run down his current contract and all Levy will get is compensation money for developing him; whereas his real worth is around 15 million right now.
  2. Chris_D
    I'm hoping this just the negotiating process running its course. He's well worth 40k a week but we all know Levy will try to get him for less. We need this kid, don't push too hard Danny.
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  3. Shadydan
    Nobody would rate him because he's not a star name and the media barely focus on him. That is different from no-one rates him because he doesn't match up ability wise.

    Still ill await his top 10 before I judge.
  4. WhiteHeartLowe
  5. guiltyparty
    Don't blame him, to be honest, if it's true. Based on form this season, he deserves the big bucks more than many others in our team. I'd do the same in his position if I saw the likes of Paulinho getting five/six times my salary for 5-10 min cameos, while I held the team together game after game. Wonder what Stambouli is on for never playing?
  6. UbeAstard
    I think most people apart from you and Tim Sherwood would be naming these guys in front of him


    Not saying he doesnt have his values as our results certainly improved after he became a regular. I just wouldnt include him in a list of 'best young midfielders' as in my opinion what he does is easier than being creative and coming to the fore.
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  7. guiltyparty
    Maybe best young central midfielders? Half of these are wingers/no 10s/forwards. Hardly a fair comparison

    Bentaleb is going to be another Carrick, isn't he? He'll leave, not enough people will be arsed, and he'll rip it up somewhere else while we look at what we could have won
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  8. UbeAstard
    Yes lets just change the criteria till it suits our arguement. Maybe best midfielder with squad number 42?
  9. Blake Griffin
    trying to decide which of ibe, januzaj or rodwell made me laugh the most. probably rodwell.
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  10. guiltyparty
    It's hardly that is it? Saying that we shouldn't compare Bentaleb to Hazard in the glamour stakes is hardly controversial

    Attacking players scoring goals stand out instantly to the MOTD masses. More subtle but integral players to a team take longer to establish themselves, certainly in the minds of the fans of other teams who don't watch them every week. It's why so many grafters are declared 'cult' or 'fan' favourites.

    I'm no Bentaleb fanboy but it just seems fairly obvious to me that the argument is flawed
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  11. UbeAstard
    Well I'm just sooo sorry, I'm mistaken as I thought this was the criteria...

    I must then also be careful when discussing 'best football players', its a false and inacurate question then.
  12. Everlasting Seconds
    His contract has far more left. Three years I believe. It's not that long ago last he signed one.
  13. Shadydan
    That list was hilarious, Jordan Ibe and Jack rodwell you know, most of those players are recognised forwards and Ramsey and Henderson are 24 FGS :D
  14. guiltyparty
    It was later said, as justification for him not being best, that 'most people' wouldn't name him. And I'm saying that as justification has inherent issues. That's all
  15. Block D Spurs
    IMO...Nabil has to show he is consistently a world class player in Premier League.. be outstanding when compared to others in top 7 teams. Then he can say he deserves top money wages. By world class I mean compared to players from Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain. Argentina...even England. Algeria are not in that level yet...
  16. Block D Spurs
    Add France to that list...
  17. UbeAstard
    Justification for what his pay rise or naming him as 'the best' or 'one of the best?'
  18. chinaman

    But if he plays consistently at world class level, he should be making 80-90k/week.
  19. Block D Spurs
    Yes.. IF he does consistently play to the European / South Americian world class standard as I mentioned... in spurs PL games, and wins MoM a few times in a season, scores goals. Then he can claim top wages. Playing in an Algeria team that does not win ACN for example, is not really world class acceptable level... IMO.

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